Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you!

I am so humbled and grateful by the outpouring of comments that you have so kindly left on the bungalow Blog.
Thank you!
My heart feels full and I honoured to be among friends.

Perhaps I just needed some encouragement and the personal feedback has definitely helped me decide on the direction that I need to take here on the blog.

I pay attention to the signposts for fear of getting lost.

I got lost in this neighbourhood and for 20 minutes my passenger and I drove around
 in circles looking for Lucas Avenue!
We were in hysterics by the time we finally found the address that we were looking for...
I wonder if a GPS would have helped us.

I don't think there will be any radical changes here on The Humble Bungalow Blog,
I am planning to get out and about more in the community and I'll try to bring some of the sights and experiences back here for you to see.

There will be some coverage on our basement renovation which we are getting started on...
we will be doing most of the work ourselves other than hiring an electrician, plumber and tiler.

Renovating is dirty and dusty work!

There will be lots of hot baths with time spent soaking in the tub.

Thankfully soap is on the job.

"Anyone's life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, 
plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit. "

Lillie Langtry


  1. That sign post - I know it well, from the day that I was well and truly lost at that very corner, looking for an address on Lucas. What a hoot!

  2. Signposts can be confusing at times. Especially when streets change name without warning.

    So glad that you will continue blogging in the same vein.

  3. I look forward to seeing how your renovation progresses! Just watch out for Miss Exploration herself, Pepper, so she doesn't drive you folks crazy...

  4. Good, very good. You are right, I think, that we all need approval and encouragement from time to time.
    And as you noticed, you are amongst friends - a lot of friends. Among friends, who approve you just the way you are.
    Whatever you decide to do/ or not to do, concerning your blog, is up to you. We are right behind you : )

  5. Have been reading and lurking for a while but this is the very first time I have EVER commented on a blog :)

    Please don't change to suit anyone but yourself....I so enjoy reading your eclectic mix of posts, especially about life in Canada and your work. Your warmth just shines through!

    Libretto in Australia (a retired Library Manager)

  6. Best of luck with your renovation project! I'm glad you'll continue sharing your life in the humble bungalow with us.

  7. I don't envy you starting a renovation project!

  8. I was away for your post about your moment of blog angst! I agree with the other commenters, your blog is refreshing and I like how you change it up from day to day. I'm looking forward to whatever direction your blog takes!

  9. That was like one big group hug from all your friends. Happy weekend. Ida

  10. I can't believe I never left a comment on your previous post...many times i will read a post and come back after I've given it some time...this was a post that caused me to do just that. What I love about your blog is that I never know what will be in store for us...a recipe, a how to tip, information on cashmere, gardening, home projects...I love it all. Wow, 500 posts...that's something to feel proud of for sure...keep up the excellent work.