Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspired by....

Inspiration comes from many sources and of late I have directed my attention to Independent Fashion Bloggers.
There are so many creative and clever women out there who are showing us what they are wearing and most post daily.
Artsy, colourful, and edgy mixes of thrifted vintage and designer garments and accessories are popular.  I like the energy and attention to detail that these gals put into their everyday ensembles.

I bought a hat after seeing Claire's post here.

Felt man's hat with a gross grain ribbon band.

the oldest hat company in America.

I wore this hat while I typed this post
and I am loving it!

I'd like to share a few blogs that I have discovered, 
there are many fabulous blogs to follow
 you can read my blog list for more inspiring blogs.

Here's a few that focus on fashion...

Take a look at Sheila...she has fun with fashion.
I really enjoy Fashion and Frank, Claire could be a model. Her clothes are fun and she has a firm grasp on style.
Patti at Not Dead Yet Style has a bright smile that she wears with everything.
My Edit is young and adorable and she looks good in anything!
Vickie from Adventures in Fashion is a classic beauty and boy does she has a great knack with accessories...
Natalie from I Heart This Blog is very dear to my heart...
Deja Pseu of une femme d'un certain age = Parisian chic and knows how to really pack a suitcase, as well as tie a fabulous scarf check out her tutorials.
Lisa from privilege knows how to dress well for any occasion and I love her polyvores.
What I wore 2Day posts everyday and shows us that fashion is in the details...

Keeping up with these blogs takes a bit of time but it's worth it when you see how much fun these gals are having by simply getting dressed. I have paid more attention and am switching up my accessories more as a result... and then there's the new hat!

What fashion blogs do you enjoy?
Have blogs changed the way that you view fashion or have you become more mindful of your appearance as a result?

Hope you enjoy visiting these fashion blogs.


  1. Cute! And thank you for reading and mentioning me. Love your new side photo with the glasses.

  2. Wow you do look good in the hat..cheeky and chic.Ida

  3. There are so many fashion blogs that inspire me I don't know where to start! I see your comments on several of the blogs I read, so I guess great minds think alike :).

  4. Hostess, what a great hat! We have a hat store here in Wichita. I have been thinking about taking my camera with me and photographing the shop. It is a great shop with lots and lots of hats. I don't look too good in hats, but Hatman Jack always helps by modifying the hats to the individual.
    It is good to see your lovely face.

  5. I have not really visited very many " fashion blogs ". I don like the daily outfit ones,which are going on and on. For whom are they meant? Fashion blogs have not increased my interest in fashion. Seeing so much, has actually made me want to declutter my own wardrobe.
    I enjoy blogs with a wider range of topics.

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for linking to my blog! :) I really appreciate it.

    To metscan, above, I love doing a daily fashion blog - it serves to record my life, but with the focus on fashion, which is my creative outlet. I enjoy reading back over some of my early entries and seeing clothes I used to have, and reading about where my life was.

  7. Thanks for the link, hostess! Love the picture of you in the hat. I agree with ida: you look cheeky and sassy.

  8. That hat is wonderful! You look great, what a find.

  9. I enjoy the fashion blog, along with yours I follow I Heart this Blog and Adventures in Fashion. I will be checking out the blogs you make reference to. These blogs are not just about fashion, they are a story in a picture. I love to see how a vintage piece is brought back to life with a modern touch and fabulous use of accessories.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend Hostess!

  10. Oh my how very flattering i am so excited that i inspired you to go out and get a hat - that is sooo fab - i was in mount street this weekend and i saw a girl who looked amazing she had on trsrs tucked into a loose fit over the knee boot, a vintage looking cross body bag and large cardi which the bag pulled in - i so have a mental image of her now and this evening i tried a pair of boots i love that just dont work in anyway with skinny jeans or skirt yet tucked in trsrs like hers - well they just came out of the ebay pile - thats what it is all about inspiring and sharing - thank you again and have a fab week xx

  11. Thank you for the link! I'm checking out some of the other blogs you mention. I've been reading Sheila for AGES!