Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogging and thoughts...

Gosh things have gotten busy here!
So many blogs have captured my fancy.
I feel like I am torn now, between reading and writing.
I am searching for a balance and some clarity.

I feel a bit like I have been falling down on the job here on the blog and wonder what I need to do to kick start some improvements.
I have noticed that some followers have opted out and that my traffic is down. Not that I focus on these stats but they do provide feedback.
I have read that some bloggers are returning to work and others have family issues that require their attention so it might be that we are all busy living life and spending less time online. Taking care of family, working and home keeping leaves little time for personal pursuits and fatigue is often a factor.

Pepper enjoying a nap in the sun...
her job is to purr and be petted and pampered
and not much more is expected.

Sounds good to me!

Perhaps it is time for a blog make over?
At almost 500 posts over almost 2 years have I said all that I have to say?
The focus is a bit eclectic...
gardening, shopping, cooking, thrifting,
reading, decorating and de-cluttering
and whatever else might be on my mind.

So dear readers I am asking for your opinion...
Please tell me what you think and don't be shy.

What would you like to see here on The Humble Bungalow Blog?
Would you prefer to have fewer posts?
I welcome your suggestions, comments and critiques.

Fire away!

Sending thoughts of gratitude and thanks to those of you who take the time to stop by and spend a few minutes with me here on The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Hugs from the Hostess


  1. Hello: I am one of those people that gets a thrill when I see your blog highlighted on Google Reader, and read you faithfully.
    I do not always comment, but I do love your blog, your lifestyle and, of course, Pepper.
    Keep on blogging, please, as you are part of my day and my circle of blogisphere friends. Peg - across the water on Vanc. Island

  2. I find the same thing...and I am currently thinking about cleaning out my blogroll, there are too many I skip over and end up never reading. I find I need to limit my reading to under 40 a day - not that I comment on all of them every day!

    How about you show us some of your day to day life. The most popular blogs are ones people can relate to, ones that tells us we all go grocery shopping, see funny things, have off moments. Why not take us outside of your house and into the rest of your world?

  3. I can't think of one thing I would change here at the bungalow. I always come away from your posts happy that I stopped by. Your thoughtful insights, your great recipes, your classic outfits and, of course, Pepper! If YOU need a change and want to try something new, I say do it. But don't change for me because I like it the way it is. I am and always will be a loyal reader and follower. The blog world wouldn't be the same without HHB. xo, Adrienne

  4. I know how you feel. Traffic goes up and down on my blog and so does my own time for it. I think the best thing about blogging hands down is the friendship that develops between a writer and the readers. It is really inspiring!
    I love your blog and I wouldn't change a thing.

  5. I adore your blog, and wouldn't change anything about it. I have, however, stopped following many blogs as I found that I was spending way too much time on the computer. And, I found following some blogs made me want things I don't need. Covetousness. So, I follow your blog & only a handful of others. Original photos and honest,basic topics about daily life attract me to the few blogs I follow now. Blogs with ads, blogs with new "crafts" every day, too much use of Polyvore and unoriginal photos have all been dropped from my reading list...Becky

  6. Growing pains! I feel them too. Kudos to you and the handful of blogs I regularly visit for blessing my day. I am perfectly content here at the Bungalow and look forward to sharing in your new endeavors. Life lived, is a thing of beauty. Resinating at a magnetic pitch. :)

  7. Fab pic of Pepper!
    I really enjoy your blog, I love it for its honesty and eclecticism so I wouldn't change a thing. I think mine's a bit stale too, I think we bloggers all go through this, I'm coming back on Monday but on a 3 day week, it's been taking up far too much of my time and it's not my job!

  8. Becky - you are so right, reading blogs can make us all want to much - it's not right. Life is not about buying stuff.

  9. I like that your blog is eclectic, so don't change that. I think you have a nice "voice" as a blogger and enjoy what you have to say.

  10. There's no way to know what to do from outside data, with this blogging bit. You just have to do what feels right. And so much of traffic and following has nothing to do with you, but with the varying lives of your readers...Hang in there, if you like. Persevering is half the battle:). If you'd really like a few more readers, and who wouldn't, I recommend that you ask other bloggers who are very similar to you, if you could write a guest post tailored to their blog.

  11. I am faithful reader and a rare to never commenter. Your blog has a charming quality, a realism not found in many other blogs, your writing has a lovely cadence that I enjoy; that's why when I recently cleared out my blog list yours remained on my list.
    Carry on. Please. Thanx.

  12. Hi, am rather new to your blog and love it. I would not change a thing, but I am a newbie : )

    Am a little confused, maybe I misunderstood, reading blogs does not make me want to shop or spend, but rather make what I have better.

    Yours is in my top 10 blogs, thank you so very much!


  13. Hi Hostess, I'm a relatively new reader and don't find your blog at all stale, in fact you inspired my last post on waldorf salad and bungalow living :).

  14. Dear Hostess,
    I understand you so well! If you have followed the hustle and bustle with my new Dynamic blog template, you might have noticed that for a second I also was feeling "free" - no counting of followers possible; comments : yes, but no blog-list with popping up windows, that call "read me! read me! Comment on me!" But that was only for a second. I missed you all dearly - and as long as the good we get from all those lovely blogs is more than the effort to make a comment: it is good. And then: as my best friend Stephen, Barefoot Doctor, says so well: "To try to make all things perfect - is a game - for fools."
    I love your blog as it is!! Britta

  15. hi leslie,

    i would not begin to be able to tell you what to do with your blog b/c i struggle with my own. i don't have the time to comment like i used to. i don't have the time to even comment on comments left on my blog. i always try and keep up with yours though b/c we've formed a friendship and i like what you have to say. i guess i fall in the category of bad blogger, meaning my manners are lapsing. it is impossible to keep up with it all though. i just don't have the time. i try not to pay too much attention to the stats b/c they just stress me out. maybe we should both just stop worrying and just have fun with it!

  16. hostess, I love the little glimpses of your world. Write about whatever you fancy; I find I most enjoy blogs that feel like the writer is passionate about the subject matter, whatever it is.

    (And an aside, I don't comment as much as I'd like as I sometimes have trouble, don't know if the issue is Blogger or browser.)

  17. Hostess

    I love your blog just the way it is. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes wonders what direction to take next with blogging.

    I've found that writing about what grabs you on the day is often the best answer. You might not thing it's your 'best' post but your readers often disagree.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  18. I find that blogging mojo waxes and wanes. I like the mix of fashion, food, and everyday life on your blog. It's comfortable and easy to read.

  19. Dear Hostess, I may have commented onc before on your blog, but I love reading it! As others mentioned your do have a charming and authentic voice that brings a pleasure to my blog reading. I don't write a blog of my own so I don't have the perspective of some others, but I find I enjoy reading of the similarities and differences of other women around my age or demographic. Adrienne from The Rich Life said it best... the blog world would not be the same without The Hostess!

  20. please keep blogging.i live in Greece and your blog is the one i read drinking my morning coffee.i like your thoughts and your insights about everyday things and your comments introduced me to ideas books films etc.please stay as you are.efi.

  21. What a coincidence, I too have had similar thoughts about blogging, and then I clicked to your blog.
    I think, that your blog looks like you. And that is an important thing. It is important to keep your own style.
    You seem to worry much about the amount of followers and comments on your blog. I find it strange, as you already have so much followers, and as you mentioned yourself, " the herd of followers " are on a constant move; there are times, when people have other activities too.
    I think, that your blog covers a range of interesting topics.
    Personally I like interactive blogs. I see that you have cut down your replies too. Perhaps you are a bit tired yourself per moment, perhaps you need a small rest to gather your thoughts?
    Being a downshifter myself, I have a feeling that you are trying perhaps a bit too hard. There is a lot going on in your blog, the sidebar has a lot going on as well.
    Maybe you could do some decluttering on your blog ?
    These are only my personal ideas, written down, since you asked for advice : )
    Wishing you a peaceful week!

  22. I understand where you are coming from - I took the month of August off and have had my comments turned off until today. I was judging each post's worth by the amount of comments it generated. I hopefully have things in better perspective now - we'll see! That being said, I LOVE your blog - your voice is authentic and unique. Perhaps taking us out and about with you a bit more, as one commenter suggested. Other than that, hang in there :)

  23. I find that my energy for blogging rises and falls, but the more I write, the more I enjoy writing. I like the mix on your blog - too much 'how to' on other sites, too many twee decorating tips. Just keep on pleasing yourself and readers will be attracted.

  24. I think you should continue to write what takes your fancy, as the electicism is entertaining. All the blogs I really like are from women in thier 50s as that is me, and you are an inspiring blogger. I would be also be interested in age issues, health issues, being older in the workplace....

  25. I know exactly where you are coming from - it does take too much time and there is so much out there that you just cant always keep up with everyone all the time - i think your blog is about you and therefore i really would not change it at all and i love seeing Pepper - as Tabitha said it is not our job but we do often put far too much into it - I almost long for the early days when there was less traffic and i could really interact with everyone as often as i liked yet i dont like it when the stats go down - fickle huh?? xx

  26. I like the variety of your posts. I like the posted authentic photos of your life and I like that its real life! not some fantasy but interesting snippets of your reality which may or may not parallel my own.

  27. Dear Leslie....your blog is simply perfect just the way it is!! My apologies for
    being lax in commenting. The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. That is one element of your blog that amazes always make the time to write a meaningful post regardless of the subject. Thank you
    for your wisdom from the bungalow.
    xx. Michelle

  28. Dear Hostess, I'm sure you know how I love your blog and that HHB was an inspiration for me attempting my own. Snaps to you for continuing so regularly and the content of each post fills me with joy. I only started blogging in Aug and already Im taking a little break this week to concentrate on tasks I've sorely neglected. Im having trouble balancing commenting on the blogs I follow and truly there's not enough hours in the day. As for stats I still don't fully understand them so I don't fret about the figures. Like others have mentioned stay true to yourself and don't try to please anyone but yourself and the rest will fall into place. Blogging is a balancing act that's for sure! Hugs Annie xx

  29. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been noted by others, so I'll merely say your voice is refreshingly quiet, in a world of loud yammering and self-importance. I love the very fact you share what you make for dinners, your joy in the garden, on the boat, watching Pepper and Isla grow, what you read, what you fret about. I know I visit because I consider you the type of friend I'd invite into my life if we lived close by, and your posts are like what your letters or phone calls would be. Thank you for them.

  30. I have read your blog for some time and just recently subscribed. I appreciate everything you share and find your content very applicable to my life. Unlike another commenter, I thoroughly enjoy your sidebar; it helps immerse me in your world. But different readers are looking for different things. I just sorted through the blogs I follow, limiting them to just the 10 that are most meaningful to me. Your blog made the cut because with its focus and variety, its just what I'm looking for.

    Maybe consider why you are blogging. Is it important to have a large following? I tend to prefer a smaller group of treasured friends to a large group of acquaintances... and just like Gretchen said, your blog/you are the type of friend I'd invite into my life. Just know, that your blog is a sweet spot in my day.

  31. Must say I am with Gretchen/Kari on the friends bit,always feel if I met you we would just chat as per your blog.

    As I have no blog not sure if my comments are appropriate.

    I find your posts fluent,sharing,open minded and enjoy my daily visits.

    Maybe you need time and space to mull over things and see what the mind comes up with?

    Whatever you decide I will continue to follow along. Ida