Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cabin Fever!

I've been housebound with a cold and now I am suffering from a case of cabin fever.
(my grandmother called it cabin fever when I was a young mom at home with 2 sick children, and it's stuck)
I did go for my walks but I was bundled up like I was traveling to the North Pole on an Arctic expedition!
Down jacket, boots, gloves, and a scarf.

The kettle has been constantly boiling and the fluids are flowing as fast as I can consume them...this is war!

In the meantime I am reading some light chick lit...

it's just what I need to read...

Why not take advantage of the situation and have a moisturizing facial?
Slather on this emollient rich mask and sit back and bask 
knowing that a dewier softer skin will emerge
refreshed and rejuvenated.

Hey why not tidy up and de-clutter the bathroom while I'm at it?
I must be on a roll
or bordering on delirious.

I cannot stand to see mess
I prefer to hide it
sweep it under the carpet or put a lid on it.

Take this simple enamel lidded tray
and hide things inside it.

What would you hide inside?

Make up and brushes!

While I am on this tangent I might as well expose the bathroom medicine cabinet
no medicine here
skin care
and lippy's.

Have I mentioned that I have found a new skin care line?
Avene from France.

The sensitive skin line is really helping my rosacea settle down.
The no rinse cleanser removes all traces of make up
and I do not need eye make up remover anymore.
I do use several cotton pads swiping gently several times until all make up has been removed.

Post cleanse I mist with Avene water 
be careful not to shake it or it will not spray.

Moisturize with the rich cream for dry skin
and that's it.
Easy Peasy

This little geranium made my day by blooming
what a lovely gift.

Must get back to my juicy novel...
the women from Hunting Hills are out to help the new wife get started on the country club "rules"
and they are taking her shopping for some high end clothes,
A tweedy Chanel suit for starters
and there's more dirt just waiting to reveal itself...

Thanks for dropping by
you're always welcome here in The Humble Bungalow.


  1. I loved this post, Hostess.

    I also use Avene spray.

    Get well soon,

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Ah, Hostess, you have found the secrets to surviving a cold - a little tidying, a stoic little walk for fresh air, a little pampering and then a long rest with a juicy novel. Get well soon!

  3. Sometimes having a cold is worth the pampering of oneself that can result. You're doing a great job of knowing how to get well. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hostess..firstly, I hope you are feeling lots better very soon and ..your make-up tray is so tidy, puts mine to shame!
    Annie xx

  5. Oh I haven't had a cold for years and years, touch wood.
    Get well soon and at least everything is tidy and order now.

  6. Oh you put me to shame when I have a cold I am bone idle,fluids,soups,log fire + a good thriller.

    No housework for me...hope you feel better soon.Ida

  7. You almost make being sick sound fun---feel better!

  8. SSG - As a newcomer to Avene I was very impressed to learn all the uses that water is good for...even sore throats are eased by a spray throughout the day! It's great for hot flashes too but you are far too young to think about that yet!

    Pondside- Thank you for your kind words. I am not very good at sitting still for long periods of time and I make a bad patient!

    Lorrie- I think I saw your picture on Tish Jett's blog a few minutes ago, well done!

    Red Roses and Crystal- The reason I tidied my make up is that I read an article in Elle Canada that told of all the harmful bacteria that grows on our brushes and products if we do not keep them clean and fresh.

    Bourbon and Pearls- Lucky you it must be your sturdy Scottish genes.
    I get one or two a year. The school kids pass on colds via books and computer keyboards, and no amount of hand washing keeps me 100% protected.

    ida- I wish I could be more like you ida but I get too antsy!

    Sue- I guess I try to keep things on a positive note!

  9. I really hope, that you are feeling better by now.
    Your " things " are in such good order, gee. Wonderful brushes!
    Remember to rest.

  10. Oh have made me so ashamed of my messy make-up containers and bathroom cabinets. Yours looks so beautifully arranged and stored.

    Sorry about the cold, but the book sounds fun. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hope you feel better soon! But, it sounds like you have the right outlook. You've done a great job of organizing everything. Now, enjoy a warm cup a tea and take a nap so you can kick that cold!

  12. I hope your cold doesn't last long :(.

    What a great idea storing make up in an enamel tray with a lid.

  13. Hostess, where did you buy your Avene products, are they at London Drugs or Shoppers? Online?

    I am all about getting a nice facial done! I'm already planning my next one! :)

    Hopefully this comment gets posted, I've had trouble posting to your blog and few others lately!

  14. Take it easy: keep balancing that de-cluttering and cleaning with some pampering and reading. Don't let that cold settle in! I'd add a good long nap to your day's schedule -- the perfect medicine.

  15. I love your pretty geranium. I hope you get well soon! I hope to have a long-term case of the good kind of cabin fever as I'm planning on building a small log cabin in a couple of years.

  16. You are doing a lot for a person with a cold! Love Avene, excellent line and well priced. Here (Quebec) sold at Pharmaprix (Shopper's Drug) so I get the points too. The unfathomably high price of skin lines is one of my pet peeves. Nivea, Dove and Avene are right for me. Like you, clutter goes!

  17. metscan- I am still down for the count...but never fear I'll rally.

    La Vie Quotidienne- If you knew just how weedy my garden is right now, I'm the one who should feel bad!

    JMW- I am putting the kettle on right now!

    Susan Tiner- I think it was a surgeon's tray in a former life. It's fun to repurpose items...hope that you are well.

  18. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious- I buy them at Pharmasave. They should not be too difficult to find as they are quite popular. Facials are divine and worth every penny...hope that you enjoy being pampered.

    materfamilias- Thank you! and such good advice. I've been off to bed before 9 for the last 4 days.

    Victoria- Real cabin fever! That's so exciting!

    Duchesse- The last time I picked up Avene it was 30% off so I felt good about switching. I love how gentle it is yet it benefits the skin and doesn't break the bank. WIN WIN!
    I recently read that Nivea is as good as Creme de la Mer...iI have forgotten which blogger mentioned that perhaps? Apologies in's the stuffy head.