Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking is my first step...

OK I had a serious talk with myself after reading the Dr. Dukan diet book and decided to start walking more.

Every site on weight loss, every book says walking is the number one step to getting fit.
If you need to start with baby steps they say to start with 20 minutes a day.

There are so many great places to walk in my city and I do walk, now I know that I need to walk for 30 minutes or more each and every day.
Walking briskly, walking with purpose and wearing proper walking shoes, to avoid injury.

So today I walked down and met Mother and sister in the Village for a late breakfast. I ordered a decaf Americano and an egg scramble with veggies. I ate half of what was on the plate and did not eat the toast that accompanied the breakfast. Next time I'll say hold the sister, who wears size 6, ate the toast for me so it didn't go to waist! (waste)
She stays in shape riding her horses, she has never had children and while I have hypothyroid she has hyperthyroid...
oh the luck of those hereditary genetics.

After breakfast we went to a women's shop, Mercedes Lane. They sell a wide variety of "cheap and cheerful" clothes. The European imports are not cheap, but they need a tall and willowy body to handle all the extra ruffles and ribbons so no temptation here!

Mother tried on a few things and then got tired of changing her clothes...
she's going back tomorrow!
My sister bought an amazing LBD in size 6 of course...
figure hugging and she looked as chic as could be with her blonde locks and her tiny frame and will look fabulous on her next trip to Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs.

I bought a Papillion Company designed tunic out of Vancouver and Los Angeles
to wear with my leggings...

I will layer this with a longer sleeved or 3/4 sleeved Tee when the weather gets colder.

I'll be wearing the Debra Kay necklace that I bought to wear at our son's wedding several years ago.
The $350 sticker price when new was a bit steep 
but now
considering the CPW (cost per wearing) 
it's down to a dollar or less
it as been a super fun piece which I will wear to my grave.

I need to give up bread
all the diet books say so,
at least in the initial stages.

This will be difficult,
I'll be drooling while watching Mr. HB enjoying artisan bread 
with his Scottish Marmalade on toast...
(when will the technologists develop virtual tasting?)
I need an app for that!

I bought this mug for my tea at work...
loving the black and white theme is now transfering to the work place.
Hydration is a dieter's best friend.

I am on the second bottle of Perrier (500ml) of the day
so I am up to half my daily requirement of water and it is easy so far.

The other serious challenge that I will have is the reduction of my consumption of potatoes.
I can tell you that I honestly love potatoes more than any food I have ever eaten.
It must be my Irish heritage!

I feel that I am ready to make some changes 
I know that I am going to be challenged more than I have in many years
I see other women bloggers my age who have succeeded at reducing their weight
and I have no thoughts of becoming stick insect thin...
I would be happy to shed 20 pounds.
My joints would be happier too.

I am embarking on a journey.

Fear not,
there will be lots of other things going on in The Humble Bungalow.

Menopause seems like a time for redefining and reinventing
seeing life through the eyes of a wise woman
using life experiences to guide one into the next decade 
with humility, grace, and purpose.

Paying attention and being receptive to change 
addressing flaws and shortcomings
which honestly
makes me feel uncomfortable
as they are at my very core
 so personal in nature
that I feel vulnerable.


 at this stage of life anything can happen...
standing on a precipice 
waiting to see 
what is possible...
the unattainable, perhaps.

All these serious thoughts are weaving their way
through my mind as I walk home.
The sun is shining
the streets are covered in leaves
children are playing in the playground
parents are sitting on the benches enjoying their Starbucks coffee

To all intents and purposes I am invisible...
a woman strolling along the street
happy and smiling 
putting one determined step in front of another 
and giving myself the pep talk of my life.

I've got a long way to go...
starting with a few baby steps and when I get those "under my belt"
I'll tackle some more.

I have emailed Sheila
who is a WW leader
(Independent Fashion Blogger)
I am hoping to get some weight loss information from her years of experience as a WW leader.

You are never too old to turn your life around!


  1. Thanks for the invigorating 'pep talk'---I'm doing the same thing with walking. I somehow fell off the exercise bandwagon a couple of months ago so I'm starting with a daily walk around the block.

  2. You ARE never too old to turn your life around. I have a client who creates unbelievable bronze and clay sculptures - we're talking museum/high end art gallery quality - and she's 94. She started sculpting when she was 80. Never took a class, no instruction whatsoever. She said she only used her head, her heart and her hands. And did you read about that man who is 100 and just ran a marathon last weekend? He started running at 70! Age is just a number, I am beginning to finally understand that.

    As far as carbs go, I could write to you forever. But I won't. I will briefly say that I never felt or looked so great as when I was on a low carb diet. You will be pleasantly surprised with the unexpected benefits of a life without bread and sugar. I slept like a baby, had energy to spare, great skin, and high spirits. It does require discipline, planning, and motivation - but it really does work. I have been thinking about trying it again myself. The first couple of weeks aren't fun, but it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

    Such a pretty necklace- the way you calculate its cost is clever. I will have to test drive that theory on my husband. It makes me think of one of my own expensive purchases - a LV tote bag/purse that I have carried consistently for the last eight or nine years. I swear I must be down to a nickel CPW by now!

    Loving your new sassy attitude, Leslie! xo, A

  3. Oops! I was wrong about marathon man. He started serious running at 89, not 70. 89!! That is so crazy.

    here is an article about him if you are interested and I am going to send you a link to my client/friend, the sculptress.

    xo, A

  4. I just purchased a book "Healthy at any size" I will have to let you know what I think about it after I read it.
    I spent one whole summer walking for an hour every night and never lost a pound. I was healthier, but did not weigh any less.
    I hope it works for you, but please don't beat yourself up. I know from experience that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else. What we perceive as flaws, others might not even notice.

  5. Good for you! Soon you'll be anxious to get out every day for your walk, as you start to notice changes in your energy level and your shape. You're fortunate to live in a neighbourhood with sidewalks and lots of interesting places to walk. Out where we are it's all about walking in the woods, and one can't get up enough speed to do much good! That's why I join my friend for walks in the various 'villages' in town.

  6. Sue- It would be easier to maintain with a supportive walking buddy do you have someone that could join you? My legs are so short that I hold others back!

    Adrienne- I'd love to see some of that clever woman's sculptures, I'll keep an eye out for your email. I can't imagine running a marathon at that fellow's ripe age.

    Debbie- Healthy at Any Size sounds interesting. I think I'd better add your blog to my list!

  7. Pondside- Maybe when I get up to speed we could meet for a walk!

  8. Lots of resolve here, and you sound much happier with it. Walking is wonderful for so much more than weight control -- de-stresses, energizes, and gets you outside where there's so much for your observant and appreciative eyes to notice -- and then bring back to your readers! Enjoy!

  9. Hostess you will achieve your goal because you are a strong woman. Before you know it the changes you make concerning diet will be second nature. Once feelings of better health and comfort creep in it will be easier. Plus Mr HB might just get on board too.
    Annie xx

  10. Mostly we just want you to feel better in your heart and soul.

  11. I am so pleased that you decided to start off this new adventure with I think it is the basis for good health and an activity that can take you though the rest of your life.

    I might add that as far as bread is concerned... as someone who has recently been though a rather horrible illness with diverticulitus, whole grained breads are are so healthy that I wouldn't give them up altogether. As in all things moderation is important.

    Bravo, I think that these goals are sensational! Love your new tunic.(-:

  12. Oh I really won't walk the length of myself, I'm terrible I have walking. and bread and potatoes, oh big loves of mine, I eat both every single day without fail, good luck n your regime!

  13. Oops I hate walking.

  14. Oh, serious envy over your beautiful necklace! And the new tunic looks very funky. I am sure that you are already quite wonderful, whatever weight goal you aspire to, but walking is so good for the both the body and the brain - not so sure about giving up bread and spuds, however!

  15. Walking briskly - it is brilliant. My canine chum is my excuse, and I hate it if I miss my daily walk now! Swimming is the other fantastically health giving thing if you can cope with all the bother of it! They give so many benifits, but as a pilates teacher once told me, when it comes to losing weight there is no getting away from the fact that it is what we eat that makes the difference. Wishing you all success and happiness. x

  16. My mother also gained weight during menopause. Is it because you eat more or does the metabolism decrease that much during that time? My impression was my mother was eating more, mainly snacking sweets. Maybe she was feeling down and needed the sweets to cheer her up. Her explanation was the metabolism, that she ate the same as before.

    I am leaving to Carinthia this saturday, it is a province in the south of Austria. It always amazes me, how many walking women I meet when I am exploring the fields and woods down there. No matter how bad the weather, they are walking, and glowing, contrary to people up here in Vienna, who are very often very grumpy.

    Do you think you can take a photo at work? I would like to see the library from the outside and from the inside!

  17. mater- I think a series on walking and what I see might be a good idea, thanks !

    red roses and crystal- I like your positivity!

    LPC- Things like this are never just about weight are they? They go much deeper....I appreciate your thoughts.

    La Vie Quotidienne- I'll need to get fiber somewhere so bread might be back on the table at some point!

    Bourbon and Pearls- You say you hate walking but I know that you work out 5 days a week so you obviously are doing something active.

    Share My garden- I am wearing the tunic today and there will be spuds and bread at some point...just not now!

    Belinda at Wild Acre- Pilates is how our gorgeous DIL stays trim and fit.
    I am wishing that I had a dog...Pepper doesn't do well on a leash!

    Paula- I think menopause brings with it a hormone issue and the metabolism slows down. I don't think I eat more I think our bodies need less fuel as we age.

    I'll try to take a few photos at work someday soon.

  18. Ah, walking works wonders! I hope you feel better about yourself as you start making some of these changes. It's important to enjoy yourself too.

  19. Yay you! You're an inspiration. I need to get off my duff and move more, too.

    Love the tunic and LOVE the necklace!

  20. All my best wishes for success. You have to be happy with your self. It sounds like a great plan- I may adopt it too, except I'll have to use my treadmill, cause outside it can be a bit dangerous- snakes, heat, semi trailer trucks! Funny how owning the equipment doesn't magically melt weight away, but you actually have to use it!!

  21. Yes! That's the ticket. And yes,menopause is a time of change - can be for the good. And you have support from all over the globe(I'm from Sydney)

  22. Walking is such an enjoyable way to get the weight off. l'm sure you will soon begin to see changes which is so encouraging !
    l love the necklace, and the tunic

  23. You have made a good start...agree with your words to LPC ---so true!!

    When you crack that the 'light bulb' moment arrives,then it becomes what is right for YOURSELF...body,exercising,eating well,emotional well being all begins to fall into place..certainly does not happen immediately.

    I found it easier when I no longer compared myself to others'.

    I wish you well on your journey and your honesty in sharing this with us.

    I like your quirky tunic so easy to accessories for your work.
    Happy weekend Hostess. Ida x

  24. Leslie, I know! I felt sad when my doctor suggested I could lose 10 pounds. I'm 68 now, and weight was relatively stable for many years. So now it's one year later and I've lost about 13 pounds, am wearing a size 4-6 petite, feel wonderful and never really dieted at all. I did the 50% portion thing, but included all foods. I walked faithfully every single day (no excuses) two miles. One glass of wine, maybe two on one weekend night. 2 litres of water. No snacks, 3 little and lovely meals. And this is from a formerly eating disordered young lady!
    You already have a beautiful life and your aura glows.

  25. Swissy- Oh you are a star! Great tips and congratulations!

  26. Walking daily makes me feel alive and I also meet my neighbours and take time to observe the seasons.

  27. You are a wonderful writer...and there's determination in your "voice." You are on the right track! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  28. Well done you - it is not easy changing your eating habits it takes an iron will but you can do it and the walking is such a pleasure - i love it - i had a back injury a while back so had to stop yoga and now i just walk even if i am exhausted i feel so much better after a walk - i love a country walk for the fresh air but i walk miles in London - those shops just spur me on particularly when shut and i cant actually spend any money nothing like windows of a night - such a dreamy what if or when feeling - have a great weekend and well done you xx

  29. Good Luck, Hostess! I gave up bread, potatoes, beans and all other grains last January. I have only lost about 3 lbs, which is very discouraging ( am also a size 12). However, I feel good, my clothes fit a bit better and I am now sleeping straight thru the night. I am following a paleo/primal plan.