Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cashmere sweater research and my OOTD.

Thank you to all those who took the time to share their thoughts about where I might find a new cashmere sweater.

I went to all the sites suggested and was very impressed with what I saw.
I methodically went through and perused the options....
considered the styles, sizing, cost, value, quality and return policies.

One site in particular that was very informative was Pure Cashmere, if you have a few moments you might like to see their great site.
 Pure Cashmere UK

I prefer to buy Petite sizes when I can because they fit better. I am short and I do not like rolling up the cuffs several times and if the length of the garment is too long it looks oddly sloppy on my frame.
Land's End offers a Petite size in cashmere and as was  pointed out by frugal scholar they had a 30% off and free shipping offer on their site.
I took the plunge and ordered a cardigan in....
you might have guessed...

you can see the classic style here.

I am not a fashionista, simply a grown woman who likes to dress in an understated manner. One that suits my no nonsense personality, a look that has taken me years to figure out. Mother nailed her look back in her mid 20's, she has a serious fashion gene, which BTW my lovely daughter inherited.
I, on the other hand, have blundered through life trying to figure this out and in the past few years I can say that I have finally found it!
I am more content with fewer clothes, opting for classics in a basic palette that revolves around black.

Grey has wormed it's way into the closet, and in a big way.
It works so well with my pared down wardrobe and seems to have added a touch of elegance.

I already have one of Land's End's crew neck sweaters
the cashmere is sturdy, warm, and I am happy with the quality.

Mind you, it is a few years old and Land's End may have changed the mill or the source of their cashmere so I am hoping for the best.

Made in Madagascar!
I never noticed that until now.
It has a few pills...
I'll need to find my sweater comb and de pill this one.

Here's what I am wearing on this grey day...

Mee Too silver flats
Joe jeans
Joe white tank top
Land's End grey cardigan

 necklace made by me

It's a chilly Fall day and I have finally given in and put the furnace on...
how's the weather where you live?


  1. Gorgeous necklace - i cant believe you made it - loved your comment today btw - and so glad you got your cashmere - sticking with your own style always the best - and that red is really rather fab xx


  2. You look lovely, so put together. I love the necklace it is beautiful. Good luck with the sweater, I love cashmere but it never really gets cold enough here to wear it, although today it is a bit overcast.(-:

  3. That is a beautiful necklace, and I'm usually not a bead person. I like the layering of same shades/different textures that you have going on here.

  4. I didn't realize you make jewelry. The necklace is beautiful!

  5. Love the flats and the whole outfit. I need to check out those flats as it seems most of the ballet flats I try are uncomfortable. Isn't it nice to have some cooler weather!

  6. I have a couple Lands End cashmere sweaters, and have been very happy with the quality. The cut, not so much, as they are pretty boxy, wihich doesn't do me any favors as a pear shape. I love your outfit (greasy, blues,a dash of white are what I'm wearing, too!)... It's finally sunny here and quite nice, about 60F. Time to make stews and soups again. And that quinoa recipe of yours. Annapolis has been all over the weather map for the past few weeks. You've reminded me i need to call the furnace guys for my fall inspection!

  7. What if you decided, that your style is an ever-changing, experimental and a curly haired one. How about that?
    You are way too modest by what you have and wear. You create lovely outfits.
    I think that your strength is your openness towards everything new : ) Please enjoy !
    As for weather today, +12°C, cloudy. The sun made a quick peep, but decided to rest this day.

  8. Pleased you have found the cashmere that is right for you and the colder weather is making its appearance back here after a week of hot sunny days...just lit our wood burner for the 2nd time this Autumn.Ida

  9. Somehow I missed your asking for cashmere suggestions...I buy it on sale whenever I can, and Marshall's has some very inexpensive cashmere sweaters about this time of year.
    My two all time favorites, though, are from J Jill and J Crew. They never pilled.

  10. The boy's department at Brook's Brothers (largest size) or their men's department (smallest size) at 50% end-of-season clearance. The colors are basic navy, black, ivory...a wee bit boxy but a great price.

  11. Hostess,

    Thank you for introducing me to Lands End!

    I love your purchases.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  12. Dear Hostess, you are so lovely, please show us a full picture of yourself. I would love to see you in all your glory.

  13. Glad you found some cashmere that works for you. I've had LE cashmere in the past and was quite pleased with it. Your necklace is lovely!

  14. Hostess I don't agree. I think you are an expert on fashion because you have found precisely the garments that suit you and make you feel comfortable and pretty.
    Annie xx

  15. I've been happy with the LE cashmere I've bought, too. (Their new catalog makes it look very appealing!) Also, if you're not happy, excellent return policy. Ordered one thing from Pure and returned- fit was bizarre. front of sweater seemed to be two sizes larger than the back. J. Crew, cutting for the young market, has tighter, higher armholes and is quite narrow.

    You are bound to get loads of wear from a black cardi.

  16. love your outfit, it is so you!

    i don't own v much cashmere. only 2 sweaters, both rl. no surprise there. both super soft. they seem to wear well.