Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling for beginnings.

The weather was glorious today and perfect for walking, please join me and I'll take you on a scenic tour.
We are not going too far from The Humble Bungalow, and we are going to wander through a historic heritage cemetery...

Heritage trees create a lovely canopy
their leaves are turning autumnal shades and leaves crunch underfoot.

mushrooms growing in the flower holder of a grave

The cemetery is quiet and there are benches dotted along the paths for sitting
people walk through here often
and some bring their picnic lunches.

It has a parklike feel despite the fact that it is a graveyard.

Many squirrels scampered about 
and there was a symphonic cacophony of song from the birds.

Days with little wind are few and far between here 
because of the proximity to the ocean.
The seafront is across the road from the cemetery.

After a snowfall this place is hushed in quiet and is pure magic.
I'll try to come back in the snow and show you how lovely the trees look wearing a coat of white.
The headstones and crosses look frothy with the snow swirling and licking at their feet.

But I am rushing the season when speaking of winter
fall has arrived with it's multi-coloured coat 
with hues of umber, ochre, russet and mustard.

I am enjoying these new shades
and will show you in upcoming posts some garments that I will be wearing.

Where do you like to walk?
Do you prefer city streets or country lanes?

(it's free)
they help you track your progress
keep a food and exercise journal
monitor your water consumption
offer tips and it's so easy to use
it's a fabulous site.

Perhaps you'll join me on my journey...

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. That's such a lovely place to walk. Yesterday my walk took me from near that cemetery, up to the Vice-regal mansion and along the streets of that neighbourhood for a full hour - then into the car for the quick trip to Ottavio's for the best coffee and brioche!
    I'll have to check out that link - sounds like good support.

  2. What a wonderful way to start my morning!! Such beautiful images and you are so lucky to have a quiet haven like that so close to you!
    As a gal who enjoys a walk like nothing else, I will take it whereever I can get it but truth be told I love to take a walk out in the country, just me and a little solitude!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  3. Beautiful photos. love walking in cemeteries.

    Thank you for the link, I'll check it out.

  4. Thanks for the autumn and all its colours.

  5. That walk is one I have not yet done, but hope to one day. Drives past it intrigue me.

    Enjoy the glorious autumn!

  6. Beautiful! You will be very lovely in those autumnal shades. Your chic black, white and grey are classic. But it's interesting when embarking on a new journey to make various changes in the routine. Maybe apricot and soft rose brown too?

  7. I'm thrilled to see snap shots of your town Hostess as it bring me closer to you from across the ocean and these photos from your walk are so pretty. A blog friend Patricia is visiting family in Canada so this morning I awoke to gorgeous fall scenes from you both. Perfect start to the day!
    Walking is my preferred exercise but once summer hits one must head out very early or late otherwise one runs the risk of keeling over from the heat, which really is a bother.
    Best wishes with My Daily Plate.
    Annie xx

  8. Joined you at My Daily Plate!

    10lbs to lose, hoping this will help -we can do it!!:)


  9. oh leslie i've enjoyed this lovely virtual walk.
    now i better be off for the real one.
    i walk out my door and through a botanical park and then through historic neighborhoods. i pinch myself everyday.

  10. Pondside- I'm envious of you post walk nosh!

    Lily- Enjoy your weekend, perhaps a country walk is in the cards.

    Susan- Oh I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who appreciates the beautiful grounds of a cemetery.

    Victoria- The colours are so vibrant and one cannot help but love the change in season.

    Lorrie- It's worth stopping by for a stroll someday if you have the time to spare.

    Swissy- It feel like a great time to add some autumnal shades to the basic black and white.

    Red roses- Keep hydrated in that heat! It's rainy here today.

    Belinda- Welcome aboard! It's always easier to accomplish change if one has a support team. Good luck!

    Janet- The train station and your recent post photos were lovely.
    Your dedication to walking inspires me no end!

  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. How long did your walk take? Walking on country roads would be my choice.
    The same roads, different times of the day, different seasons. I always walk clockwise, wondering why..

  12. This is my idea of fall...the colors are so beautiful. I can't wait to see it covered in snow. I love to walk in the city, but my favorite is Central Park. Whenever I'm in NY I love to walk for miles. Plenty of people watching, but nothing to slow my pace. I'm so glad to hear you are liking The Daily Plate...Isn't it great and motivating?

  13. metscan- This walk was about 45 minutes in total with stoops to take photos. Clockwise you say? That's curious.

    Annie- The Daily Plate might be what my former attempts at losing were missing...I love the site! Sounds like Central Park would be magical at any time of year...I have only seen pictures and of course when it is shown in movies...perhaps when you next visit you'll take us along vicariously!

  14. This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing all those great fall images. What a lovely area for you to walk in. This is my favorite time of the year and like you I try to savor all the sweet moments it has to offer.

  15. Lovely!

    I love graveyards. I guess I've gotten over any queasiness I might feel and just feel the power of the love I see portrayed in stone and plantings.

  16. Dear Hostess,
    thank you for that beautiful walk! Autumn colour shades are wonderful, and I can imagine that they suit you well (in clothing)!

  17. Sunday Taylor- Your lovely blog header makes me want to find out what is around the bend! I would love to walk and explore your neck of the woods.

    Poppy- When I was young I felt strange in cemeteries but now they feel like calm and revered spaces where one can be quiet and reflect...there are lovely tributes carved in stone and they do remind us that life is precious.

    Britta- Thank you! I am gently dipping my toe into some autumnal shades...I'll post and bring you up to speed.