Friday, October 14, 2011

What happens when you are Mother's chauffeur.

Mother drives her convertible BMW (and she's 84!) in a close proximity to her condo. She prefers roads and boulevards that she is accustomed to driving so there are no surprises and she doesn't have any fear of getting lost.
Her beat is familiar and local but limiting, so that's where I come in.
She will often suggest that we make a pilgrimage to a larger store miles beyond the city limits and she prefaces this with "Oh and I'd like to buy you lunch while we are out!"

We lunch about once a week and I am the chauffeur, we drive in my older Volvo wagon, which is easy for her to get in and out of plus it has heated seats which she quite likes. I have noticed lately that she is not dressing for the cooler weather, she wears silk camisoles under a tweed jacket and a summer weight skirt. I have not said anything but if it continues I am going to suggest that we do a seasonal closet change up. She has many closets and many more clothes than she needs but she does love to dress well and shopping is a weekly event for her.
She is lonely and misses my Father and has not made a lot of new friends since he passed away. Sadly many of her friends are now deceased and some are in senior care facilities, which she cannot abide.

Today she told me that it was too rainy to go out for her walk the other day so she strolled through the mall and shopped and got her walk in there!
Talk about creative multi tasking...well done Mom!

We found ourselves at Home Sense which is a large store that specializes in everything that you might need to feather the nest. Candles, cookbooks, cushions, towels, bedding, pots and paraphernalia.

Mother bought a new down pillow that she needed.  I bought two!
We both like to buy new pillows every few years for health reasons.
I love down because it squishes and conforms to my head and suits my sleeping habits perfectly.

Mother bought some pretty patterned padded hangers for her silk blouses.

I bought a set of sheets, and two shams and a new coverlet for the Bungalow Bed.

(oops this is a rather dark image)

I like the quilted detail.

The light was playing havoc while I was trying to capture these shots.

So was Miss Pepper
stay away from my Cashmere and Pearls Pepper!

I am happy to report that the Land's Ends cashmere arrived
and I think they have made a fabulous sweater of good quality and it feels so soft and cozy.

If you are looking for a cashmere sweater I would recommend that you check them out.
They have a great return policy and the garments that I have purchased from their on line shop have been better than I had expected.
(no remuneration has been given to me from Land's End!)

You are a great community of followers.
I am still mulling over all your comments
and I have had a few emails as well.
I'm putting the kettle on to brew a pot of tea
and I hope you'll join me in a virtual tea party.

Hope that your weekend will have a few pleasant surprises in store...


  1. I'm so glad to hear you and your Mother had a lovely day out. The texture of the quilt is lovely; it has the look of something handmade. Good to hear the Lands End cashmere is to your liking!

  2. Lots of upbeat notes to this post, and the underlying rhythm is your quiet joy in being with our mother.

  3. hmmmmm - as lovely as I'm sure your mother is, we all know she's not OUR mother!

  4. Pondside- no she's not but you've made me grin from ear to ear!

  5. Your mum sounds so cool, mine has never driven or worn trousers.

    I haven't been ill, just 22 months of trauma taking its toll on me. Feeling ok now.

  6. Your outings sound like such fun...I miss my mom so much. I can tell the Land's End sweater is super soft, just from the photo! I just ordered two sweater dresses from them, and I didn't realize they had such a great return policy.

  7. I love your new sweater and it's true there are great deals at Lands End.

    Your Mother sounds like someone I would like very much. I wish I knew her and Tabitha's Mum too!
    Have a great weekend. I'll join you for a nice tea. :)

  8. What a nice trip and lunch too.

    It tickles me how Pepper always wants to be in the pictures. Why is it that any time you set something out cats want to lie on it? (-:

    You new sweater is lovely, especially with the pearls.

  9. Bourbon and Pearls- I wish we lived closer...we could get our moms together. I'm happy to hear that you are on the mend. I think I'll send you an email.

    Sue- I hope you'll like the quality as much as I do.

    Dani- Your new green dress looks fabulous.

  10. Your mother sounds like the kind of woman I want to be at 84! With a daughter just like you.

    The cashmere and pearl photo is just lovely.

  11. That sounds very nice, a day out with your Mom. It is good of you to take her to stores further away.

    The cashmere sweater looks tempting.

    Pepper is a cutie one.

  12. How great to have time with your Mother. She sounds very fashionable and wants to take care of herself! Good for her and for you to be such a good daughter.

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway, I hope you will join!


    Art by Karena

  13. Everything you have written about your mother, everything I have read about you, tells me, that you have had a good childhood.
    And you are a good mother and a good grown-up daughter.
    What else could one wish for : )

  14. Hostess, you sound like the loveliest daughter to have. Your Mum reminds me of my Nana - she was very thin in later years and would wear fine knit tops when it was cooler and then throw on a silky little scarf thinking that would keep her warm. Your weekly lunch dates sound delightful.


  15. Love the thought of your mum in her BMW convertible swishing into the mall car park hope I will be like her at that age...lucky you with such a mother.....lucky her with such a thoughtful,caring daughter. Ida

  16. I didn't comment on the earlier post, but I just want to say that I enjoy your blog with all its eclecticness. Treasure your shopping time with your mother; my mother's shopping days are over:(