Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hermes...and the Hostess dips her toes into new territory.

What I am not wearing this Fall...

This lampshade is wearing Hermes....
because my waist needs to be whittled
and until I shed a few inches 
this belt will stay here and remind me to tow the line.
It's good to have a tangible goal.

to keep striving and sticking to those new eating and walking routines
(so far so good but it's early days!)

 want to fit into this belt.
This will be the prize if and when I make my weight loss goal.

In the meantime...
I am wearing something of colour
you might be shocked
it's not black!

Windsmoor jacket 
heavily discounted...
in shades of brown, golds, and specks of blush pink
and yes a wee bit of black.

and these...

"can you say giddy up?"

with a pair of jeans
taking to the roads that wind their way around my neighbourhood
exploring opportunities for photography
while getting some restorative fresh salty air
and enjoying the feel of the cool temperature as it meets my face...
gloves are not far off the radar.

soaking in the shades of autumn

 in sepia...

this jacket with it's shredded edging makes me feel fabulous...
and I am not sure why because it is not black

perhaps there is a movement afoot
as I tentatively dip my toe in foreign country
like a pupa emerging from the bonds of a silky cocoon
I am fully awake and open to change...

The season has brought with it new energy and spirit
and I am breathing deeply
thankful for each living breath.

Are you enjoying the change of season ?

Hope that you find some time to stop and smell the flowers 
life has much to offer and much of it is free
and all you need to do is take the time to observe what is right in front of your eyes
you'll be richer for it.


  1. I am really enjoying the change of season and the little jolt it gives to renew, revise, and get creative :) Love the jacket and what a wonderful reward that lovely belt will be. I need to whittle a bit myself... then all the great blue jeans I bought a couple years ago after a diet will fit again. Maybe I should take a pair out of my closet and hang them on the bedroom door! xo

  2. That's a great H belt, very different from the run of the mill black or tan ones, good catch there. I love autumn, I'm all curled up by candlelight just now.

  3. Your photos are a treat, as is your new jacket and the soon-to-be-worn belt. I hope you're believing that this new eating and walking pattern is a reward as well, not drudgery, because each new meal and each day's walk will bring new sensations and fulfillments, joys to experience. We're rooting for you! Now....what's up with the renovation?!

  4. I love your Hermes belt; what a great incentive to keep your new routine to promote the best HB ever! I also love your boots.

    I am relishing the change in season. After spending 14 years in Seattle, it is a shock to my system that Autumn in Texas means temps only reach the mid-80s during the day. Still, it's nice to eat outdoors and not have to bundle up or open an umbrella.

  5. That's a good idea, having a visual reminder of your goal.

    I wish gloves weren't far off the radar here, but alas we're having yet another day reaching 81 F. I long for cooler weather.

  6. Your writing has such positive and happy energy to it...I love that. and I love your jacket, it's perfect for fall. I keep checking back because I'm so thrilled that you are liking the Daily's what keeps me from eating the last quarter of my sons buttered bagel...there's no way I want to add that in the "morning snack" section. Have a lovely evening!

  7. one more thing...that Hermes belt is great motivation!

  8. I need to lose some too - tho I have been working on it inadvertently. I am on the busy mom diet lol! I dont have time to eat between son, business, charity, social life, renovations etc etc etc. Oh and I have been drinking lots of good teas and keep the carbs to a minimum :O)

  9. Excellent idea to have a goal to strive towards! And that belt is awesomely lovely. I love Winsdmoor (I find it in the thrift shops quite a lot) - great grab on the jacket!

    Lovely pictures of the graveyard!

  10. The sepia pics are beautiful Hostess and I've no doubt you will be wearing the belt again!
    Annie xx

  11. sparrows and sparkles- We could be onto something!

    Bourbon and Pearls- Keeping warm under your lovely Hermes?

    Gretchen- Mr HB has been doing some framing and painting a French door.
    I have been cooking to keep him motivated!

    Rebekah- It must be like summer all the time. How are you adjusting?

    Susan Tiner- You must be still wearing your summer clothes. Will it cool down much?

    Annie- My plate is like someone looking over my shoulder as it offers those visual reminders which are very hard to avoid! Good work not eating that bagel.

    Suburban Princess- I remember those days fondly. The little prince is young and active and you've got a lot on the go which keeps life interesting.

    Sheila- You are a savvy shopper, have you ever thought of how much your wardrobe would cost if you bought everything at full retail price?

    Red roses and crystal- Thanks for your encouragement! You must be on holidays by now. Have fun!

    LPC- Cheerleaders are welcome here :)

  12. Love, love, love that jacket! And I'm hoping that you'll be wearing that belt soon...

  13. You had me at Hermès! Wow, what a wonderful belt--well worth the whittling!

  14. Trying out a new look and feeling fabulous in it is wonderfully energizing. The jacket is great and I love the outfit you've described.

  15. The weather here is changing to summer and like you, I love the change in season.

    Fabulous belt too. Great motivator.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  16. I love the jacket - it's one of those three season items that you will wear and wear. I love the thought of kicking through the leaves in those new boots!

  17. deja pseu- You have inspired me to branch out a bit with your autumnal choices lately.

    Poppy- I wonder if it fits in with your recent belt post? I must go back and re read it!

  18. Lorrie- Your Mosaic Monday looks like fun. I have never figured out how to do those collages.

    SSG- I read that you were breakfasting on Bondi Beach today!

    Podside- How astute of you to notice that it is a jacket for all seasons!
    Kicking leaves must come from childhood, harkens from those days we loved splashing in puddles in our Wellies too!

  19. Yes, it's the simple pleasures that we need to remember to enjoy, especially this time of the year which gets so busy! Like you, I love Fall, though in Los Angeles we don't get all the leaves on the ground for walking through in our fall boots. I used to live on the East coast and really miss that. But we get subtle changes and it's now cooler and there are pumpkins on everyone's door steps. Which makes me very happy! Good luck with your walking program, you will be so proud of yourself when you reach your goal!

  20. I'm going to try the belt/lampshade trick, it's brilliant!

  21. Your jacket looks different, you are surely on a different track too, on the track for a change. Wearing clothes a bit too tight, is a constant and uncomfortable way of reminding you about your mission too. But, oh the joy, when you start feeling, that your pants are loose once again!
    I like three seasons, and the change of them. Winter is something, I could live without.

  22. Sunday Taylor- I must join you in decorating the front porch, yours looks so inviting.

    Sue- I have heard that some women put a flattering swimsuit picture of themselves on the fridge to keep them motivated :)

    Metscan- I should try that trick with the pants...well actually that's what got me to start paying more attention. Uncomfortable pants!!

  23. I am loving the change of season and boy am i loving your jacket and that belt is absolutely stunning - now that is motivation - keep it up - well done you xx

  24. Gorgeous autumn images and your new jacket is fabulous. Go for it hostess - you will be wearing that belt v. soon I am sure!!XX

  25. The jacket is a real Autumn colour can just imagine the belt peeking out from it.Yes the tight pants/skirts is a real keep going reminder...go girl go! Ida x

  26. I love autumn! Actually most of the leaves are still on our trees here, usually by now they are bare. Love the colours!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious