Tuesday, October 25, 2011

De-cluttering, domestics and simple joys.

It's a home day...
a day for domestics and general tidying up.

Don't think that makes me want to cry
because I am more than happy when I get stuff put away
and I am able to stand back and see what has been accomplished.

Does this Kleenex box look a bit like a Missoni print to you or is it just me?

Homemade chicken soup is on the burner
I have a few sniffles and swear by this soup
 it's a cure all.

You've heard of those books Chicken Soup for the Soul
well for me it's Chicken Soup for the Bowl.

Bird sculpture made by a local artisan
crafted from rocks and wire.

Can you see the dents on the ledge?
Pepper had a hand in those...
she keeps knocking this bird over and it lands on it's sharp beak and pits a hole each time.

I de-cluttered the filing cabinet 
several years of bills and papers which I shredded
and it took several hours
the shredder overheated once during this operation
but I did have the satisfaction of filling 3 garbage bags,
yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full!

I cannot tell you how great this makes me feel
procrastination is my downfall
the worst habit one can have when it comes to getting things done!

Can you see the pin?
It blends in quite well on the Windsmoor jacket.

Sherman vintage circa 1950 rhinestone pin in shades for the season.

This pin was a gift a few Christmas's ago.
I used to wear pins every day but now I seem to wear them only on jackets.
I have about 5 or 6 pins and they are all vintage.

I watched a PBS special with Alan Titmarsh and The Prince of Wales on TV
the focus of the program was the garden at Highgrove that the Prince has created over the past 30 years.
It's an amazing garden, 
organic and vast and full of surprises.

has a few cameos where she discusses the early days of the garden
 about the design process involved 
and the planting of the yews.
She has been referred to as "The Grande Dame of Green."

I could not take my eyes of her diamonds and large gum ball pearls.
They were an opera length strand which she had layered with some smaller strands of pearls.
She obviously is a wonderful gardener
superior plantswoman
she most definitely gardens in pearls!

The Garry Oak trees have got me all a flutter
perhaps it's their gnarly branches 
autumnal palette.

I can't quite decide...
never mind
what's not to love about an infusion of joy?

bubbles of happiness
from the leaves  ~  to the skies

rays of sun
flicker and flash

the gentle breeze picks up and tosses
a stand of oaks
whose response is to thrum and shiver
sending forth a cascade of leaves
swirling to the ground.

life is really so much richer
when one can harness joy and gratitude in the simple things

Nature weaves it's way into the hearts of the pedestrian and the pedigreed.
As it should do...
keeping us grounded and content.


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    The rhinestone pin is beautiful, and goes perfectly with the Windsmoor jacket. I learn a lot reading style/fashion blogs and seeing how people combine clothing and jewelry.

  2. I laughed at your shredder overheating...I'm such a procrastinator that when I finally get to cleaning out files, mine overheats every few minutes...but nothing feels better than getting things done...good for you!

  3. There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing things on our to do list (besides blogging) and the simple joy it brings. The PBS documentary on Highgrove sounds so interesting...I would love to book a tea and champagne garden tour this spring, wouldn't you? I hope your chicken soup makes you feel all better!

  4. Ha!I have been procrastinating my shredding as well...Think I would rather make soup too!

  5. You put me to shame - all that worthy work, and I know that my clutter waits under drifts of dust, for when I finally get home. The Fraser Valley has its own beauty, but there is really nothing like a Gary Oak against an Island sky!

  6. Susan- Bloggers are a great source of information and those who are fashion savvy do influence me too.

    Sue- Are the shredders are trying to tell us something?

    Annie- A tour would be lovely!

    mimi- Soup is definitely more fun.

    Pondside- Please show us some images of your walks in the valley...and there's always tomorrow to catch up on mundane chores!

  7. Oh yes, I would love to have a bowl of your soup! And that box does look like Missoni- the boxes are looking better these days. It's clear you find such joy and inspiration from gardening... in pearls of course!

  8. Duchesse- I must add that I am living joyfully and vicariously through you on your Paris holidays!