Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hostess tips on how to handle stress...

Stress comes and goes..
it can tiptoe in slowly or smack us right in the face.

None of us are immune to stress, there is good stress and bad stress. Stress is often there to nudge us into doing something that we know we "should do"
Other times it comes from things far beyond our control and is shocking in it's persistence and intensity.
While I try to avoid stress, it has crept into my life often and I have had to find ways to minimize it's effect on my mind and body.
Strategies that I use may or may not appeal to you dear readers,
I'd like to share what works for me.

Turn off the TV, radio and telephone...sit in silence.
Soak in a hot tub with scented bath salts.
Sip sparkling mineral water with a wedge of lemon or lime in a pretty glass.
Go to your bedroom climb into bed and cocoon in the warmth of your duvet.
Slowly let a square of good chocolate melt on your tongue, savour the flavour.
Look at some beautiful books, the kind that inspire serenity and calm.
Breathe deeply and focus on the inhalations and the exhalations.
(I do this during Yoga practice.)
Practice Yoga or a similar form of stretching and relaxation.
Dim the lights or light a candle.
Slather some body butter on your feet and put on some cotton socks for a mini spa treatment.
Write in a journal, make note of the positives that occurred in your day, aim for 5 gratitude entires.
If all else fails have a weeping session, blow your nose and move on...often we need to cry to release tension.
If there is someone that you are close with, a friend or partner, try some good old fashioned hugs.

If you can afford it, go to a spa for an aromatherapy massage.
Healing hands work wonders kneading those tight muscles and troubles away.

                                        Remind yourself that "this too shall pass."

If you know someone who is going through a stressful patch
 try to go out of your way to lend a hand
 or better yet, lend an ear and listen to their troubles without judgement.

Often clarity comes to us when we relate our woes to a receptive soul.

I am reminded of that British quote that is popping up everywhere these days...
"Keep Calm and Carry On"

(easier said than done!)


  1. Those are all very good ways to cope with stress. I find that a brisk walk clears my mind and helps me see things in a whole new and more positive light. Movies are also a good way to escape from it all.

    I hope your stress - be it good stress or bad - melts away soon. Hugs, Adrienne

  2. If I really think, I'd say spending time in the gardening, a brisk walk, or a massage are the best stress-relievers. Or, of course, a brisk cuddle. I hope your stress eases soon. I love your new bedspread...

  3. Great stress-reliever lift. I find that time outside helps me, and losing myself in a good book.

  4. Thanks for this thought provoking post Hostess. I find losing myself in a repetitive task like ironing while enjoying a DVD is helpful likewise painting my nails or reading gets me focused. And I'm also a firm believer in shedding a tear to release pent up feelings.
    Annie xx

  5. These are wonderful strategies and great reminders. Thank you, hostess!

  6. Most of my stress comes from work - the knowledge of a project that is due, a paper that is waiting etc - the best de-stresser for me is to get things done and put away so that I can relax and enjoy all the lovely things that you've highlighted.

  7. I couldn't agree more, Hostess, tuning out the TV, opting for music instead, self-reflective quietude, a brisk walk or hike- reuniting with nature, yoga all work toward our groundedness and ability to deal better with the ups and downs hurled our way. Wonderful post!

  8. I wish I could get into yoga, I have tried but Iam so impatient, I think it's a wonderful way of keeping young and calming the mind.

  9. Ooh stress - i have soooo much in my life - and it is so not good for you - a 10 minute cuddle with frank or a stroke of my cats or a cuddle from the man but yoga - i really love yoga - damaged my spine a couple of years back and cant do it the way i used to miss it - i went back last week and my back is just killing again - so i think i will just carry on breathing and trying to relax instead - fab comment btw - very flattered xx

  10. Stress is everywhere- a little bit is good. Different people react in different ways to situations, I think stress reactions can also indicate lots of other things going on with a person, some people have a full cup and can take NO more. I believe its important to not add to another person's bad stress load and try to ask for tasks in the nicest way possible, life is all about building relationships and stressing people out doesn't achieve anything. I find spending a bit more time with my older animals does the trick for me, just putting them to sleep and watching it is sooo calming, my young boistrous ones can rev me up too much.

  11. Thank you for this, it is a wonderful post! All these things are helpful for stress, and I esp love the square of chocolate! Also "this too shall pass."

  12. You have gathered a whole lot of ways to handle stress. I would love to have that massage, be there stress or not..

  13. Great tips! We're doing crafts today to de-stress, but I have to admit, watching inane tv is a good stress-buster for me.

  14. All great tips! I find that taking baths (with candles) and movies are two ways I de-stress. "This too shall pass" is something my mother always told me growing up :)

  15. Excellent suggestions, especially the massage. I find that a good cry helps a lot.

  16. Kicking the Autumn leaves,walking calmly,breathing deeply of the fresh,cold, pine smells in our forest helps to clear my stress.

    I shall be trying some of your wonderful tips,minus the chocolate in its place an apple. Ida