Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bungalow memories...The Plant family.

The Humble Bungalow has many faces and the one that it is showing right now is sunny yellow.
Happily the sun is shining and the light is streaming in the windows.
The plants are putting on a performance as well.

White Christmas Cactus 

This Asian planter was a gift from the son of Mrs. Plant 
she was the longest resident of the Bungalow.

She was a widow and earned her living by taking in sewing 
and working as a seamstress at one of the better shops in the city.
She raised 3 children single handedly which back in the 30's and 40's would have been a struggle.
She had a small Victory Garden in the back yard, a King apple tree and black berry bushes.
Most of the garden had grown wild by the time we came to buy it and it took us several years to "tame it."

She had passed away a few years before we bought the house.
I researched the previous owners using the city's archives and found her son listed in the local directory.
I sent him a note and asked if he had any photo's which he did and would bring a few along for us to peruse when we got together.
We had Mr. and Mrs. Plant over for tea 
they also brought this lovely planter which had been a favourite of Mrs. Plant.

They provided us with the addresses of the two daughters who had married and moved to the United States. We corresponded for a few years until such time that they were in town and they popped by for a cup of tea and a tour.
I wish that I had taken pictures of all of us together but I was so excited to meet them that I completely was lost in the conversation and their impressions and memories of their childhood home.

The planter had a healthy plant in it at the time of their visit which unfortunately I managed to kill after a few months!
 I have much better luck with Christmas cactus plants.

Outside the garden is fading and the last flush of the roses are blooming.

Pretty in Pink
Nerine Bowdenii
a fall favourite.

Mrs. Plant
in front of The Humble Bungalow
which will be 100 years old in 2012.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
What are your plans?

I'll be walking outside in the crisp salty air
cleaning in and around the Bungalow
The Beach House
 by Jane Green.


  1. Interesting to hear about the previous owner of your home. We too collected information about our old house from the previous owner, and got to know the history of the house.
    I am super selective about the plants and flowers, I choose.
    The xmas cactus is acceptable, when it starts blooming. I don´t like it after the flowers have opened.
    Your pot looks nice!

  2. Oh that is wonderful= a photo of Mrs Plant out side your humble bungalow. And I love your Christmas cactus. Beautiful. Happy weekend to you. x

  3. I do love hearing about your house/garden..what a great name Mrs Plant and meeting her family so interesting.

    I am off to London later tomorrow (Sunday) for a few days for some retail shopping personal, and for our new home + a visit to the theatre.

    Our clocks go back 1hr tonight so the dark evenings are upon us! Do you alter clocks in your part of the World?

    Hope your cold is better. Ida

  4. Hello Hostess,
    I love the story and photo about Mrs Plant too.

    The plants at SSG Manor are not flourishing at the moment. I need to post photos and take advice from all you green thumbs, I think.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. Your Christmas cacti are beautiful. Haven't seen many white one's around. Mine isn't blooming yet. I've been busy this weekend bringing in all my geraniums.


  6. Do those blasted things ever actually bloom at Christmas? Mine always bloomed in the summer.

  7. Happy happy birthday in advance to the Bungalow:).

  8. How fun to know the story of your home. Our house was built in 1927 my husband and I were only the third owners and like you I know it's history.

    The planter is so pretty and the cactus suits it perfectly. You asked about my weekend activities...lots of gardening including planting more annuals.(-:

  9. Dear Hostess,
    it is so interesting to know who was living formerly in a place where we live now! And forgetting to take a picture is sometimes a very good sign for having real fun and being in the 'Here and Now'.

  10. How wonderful to have a photograph of the house in its infancy.
    All of the houses in my area are registered with the history of who they were built for/by, I love reading up on it all.