Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I wore to school...OOTD

Working in a school library requires lots of reaching and bending, it is more active than a desk job.
I dress for comfort and ease of movement.
Work appropriate clothing means washable and dressing in layers helps when I get hot...
which has been happening a lot more often lately...
and I thought I was so over that!

Roberto Vianni ballet flats
Gloria Vanderbilt dark wash denim jeans
Symplii black tank top in a jersey knit
Eddie Bauer jacket

An inexpensive ensemble, perfect for my pedestrian life.

Detailing here means no neck adornments.

everyday diamond studs
(a gift from Mr. HB)

wedding rings

a wavy do for the day
I am ready for school.

Sadly my brown cashmere sweater which has given me 6 years of cozy service
emerged from the sealed plastic storage container  
with two small holes 
(which I will mend)

I might need to seek out a suitable replacement,
after 6 years I suppose it's time...

Can anyone recommend a good line of cashmere sweaters?
I have looked at Eric Bompard so far...


  1. Benetton actually sells nice cashmere sweaters! men's department for the taller women and women's department for the perfect, not so tall women.

    I had no idea you work in a school?!

  2. Not pedestrian, simple:). And J. Crew makes its sweaters in the Loro Piano mills. Good quality.

  3. Lovely. I have been happy with Lands' End cashmere. And in their Overstock section you can find some great deals... I have one on the way as we speak :) xo

  4. Love the jacket. Cashmere is gorgeous but makes me itch, so I stick with silks, cottons and synthetics, which never last as long.

  5. Tres chic ensemble :) Love the jacket.

  6. Great outfit - especially the sweater!

  7. Your outfit would suit my workday, which requires a lot of getting in and out of cars, modesty and comfort.

  8. Garnet Hill has terrific sweaters, and they carry some exclusive Eileen Fisher pieces as well. I hope those students are visiting your library to borer reading books, along with their school project research!

  9. love love your wedding rings, fabulous diamonds dahling. Don't know if Pure Cashmere ship over to you - they are online and good quality; Brora is also good but so expensive these days xx

  10. love your outfit leslie. so soft and comfy looking. love that sweater! i too have to dress at work for comfort (everywhere really) and spills. my work outfit consists of a pair of black yoga pants and an aveda t shirt. i feel like i'm in my jammies all day long.

  11. Oh goodie sites to look for cashmere....I'm putting the kettle on and I'll keep you posted!

  12. Gee I love this work combo Hostess.
    Sorry I'm utterly useless for recommending cashmere, it's not something I wear in our climate.
    Good luck with the search

  13. I'm so jealous of your wavy hair! Seems like every company changes their cashmere supplier so it seems one year I can buy something and next year the same store has changed it up and I'm not nearly as happy. Let us know what you come up with...I always need more cashmere sweaters!

  14. I bought my first Eric Bompard jumper (sweater to Americans!) in their last sale and I love it to death. I'm planning to buy more in different colours ... I was going to try Pure, the UK site, but some of the reviews were a bit iffy. I teach also, so totally understand the need for simple, but stylish, outfits.

  15. I must say, your work wardrobe is very smart and stylish. My teacher 'wardrobe' looks no where near as tasteful. I had to go and buy new work clothes recently, as everything I had was looking very sad. Do you have to do any teaching in your role? Fifi

  16. Teaching library skills is the main focus. Introducing kids to new books is paramount and fostering a love of reading...facilitating book exchange basically sums it up.

  17. Leslie, what a delicate post. I like the way you showed the details.
    The EB jacket is so pretty, that no nothing around the neck is just right.
    We have a shop here with imported Italian cashmeres of the highest quality, but there is no online shop, as it is only a smallish shop.
    Their cashmere does not even pill!

  18. I've read good reviews about the Land's End cashmere, which currently has 25% off the Overstock items. BTW... I worked at the Main UBC library while going to university. :)

  19. Dear Hostess,
    that's a fine outfit for work!
    It's always so sad to find a garment one loves dearly suddenly 'out of order' - yours must have been attacked by moths, and I find that they often choose a place for their holes that is prominent - but a good darning might heal that. I wish you luck!

  20. Eric Bonpard are fabulous, and i know this is going to sound mad but when it comes to cashmere Zara do a very mean job - the buttons could sometimes do with an upgrade but i can honestly say if you want a fine cashmere you really cannot do better. I do favour N Peal too - and outnet recently did some fab pieces with rather a nice discount which is always a plus. Enjoy your weekend x

  21. metscan- I have a great old Johnson cashmere made in Scotland and it has been a warrior. My husband bought it for me and it cost the is fading now but it's been giving me at least 10 years of wear so the CPW is probably pennies by now.

    Rose- I worked at the UBC Computer Sciences Building back in the mid 70's! Did you go to The Bus Stop Cafe for their huge cinnamon buns? Great campus memories! We should talk :)

    Fashion and Frank- I'll check out N Peal and Zara, thanks!

    I love all this help from everyone It feels like an online coffee party.

  22. Brora are fab, I've had some of mine for 15 years! I just sent one back from N Peale last week, next to the Brora it felt really scratchy, I was quite surprised. Johnson cashmere is great too.

    J Crew's efforts bobble after about three wears.

    I love that wave in your hair, I have to tong mine to death to achieve that look.

  23. Oh, it's so disappointing to discover a hole (or holes) in a favorite cashmere top or sweater!

    Your wavy hair is pretty and the jewelry is just beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  24. So very glamorous. I love this look, and your wedding rings are beautiful. I hope you find some lovely cashmere soon, a girl can't go without cashmere!

    Girl about Town XxX

  25. Bora and Johnson as B&P said are great and improve with age worth the money!
    The jacket is lovely.Ida

  26. I agree with Lands End--they are having 30% any item today. It seems they have some special or other all the time.

    I have some Harrods cashmere my parents bought in London over 30 years ago!

  27. Your wedding rings are so simple and pretty, right in line with your style.

    Eric Bompard cashmere is quite nice. I don't know what other brands I'd recommend at the moment, as I haven't purchased any new cashmere in the last couple of years other than EB.

  28. I love that you added no extra jewellery with the ruffled cardigan. I'd do (or not do) the same.)