Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to do with a Little BS?

I have a little BS...
no I am not being rude it's hanging in the closet.
Rubbing up to my LBD's...

Spanner retail originally $120
on sale for $25

This little Black Skirt will be the basis of many an outfit
I could tell immediately when I put it on that it was coming home with me.
I had the cash in my wallet and had party on the brain.
In fact I thought of a bohemian cameleon when I twirled in this flirty skirt.

Yes, Mother was there egging me on...
"birds of a feather flock together"

I can see this paired with my white tank top and black cashmere sweater
with three strands of pearl necklaces wrapped and roped about the neck.
My hair in a messy up do
dangly earrings.

A denim jacket would be fun 
would add a casual feel 
especially if worn with some boots.

I've got several black jersey knit tops too which would be 
oh so after 5
another up do and some bling.

I have a sequined black tee top and some Swarovski crystal encrusted mules
a shantung silk jacket
I'm ready for the theatre.

I own a crisp white shirt too which might be fun to play around with...
business meets pleasure
a camisole beneath
shirt cuffs rolled up
collar points up
hair worn down
simple pearl studs
and an armful of bangles
bow toed Stuart Weitzman shoes.

I have some netted mesh hose in black
a man's felt hat
a drawer full of scarves

Can you tell that I am having fun?
I have only just begun!

What would you choose to wear with this LBS?
(how curious LBS = pounds)

Lost so far...4 LBS
My Plate at Livestrong is really helping!

What have you been up to?
I don't even want to mention my health
I'm so bored of Kleenex
and cough drops...

Tell me about YOU!
please embellish and do not spare any detail!
You have the power to heal...
I'm ready...
fire away!


  1. What a cute post! And I think your future plans for this skirt sound wonderful. The best clothes always give us ideas.

  2. LPC- If they do not inspire then why buy them?

  3. If I buy a LBS do you think you could teach it how to dress up?

  4. Your skirt is a genius purchase, you can do anything with it! I refuse to count the number of LBS' in my closet. Vow not to buy another, then do, as these are the pieces that actually get worn.

    Is there really anything you cannot pair with this skirt?

  5. Oh i like the sound of your future plans for the LBS - i do love a skirt - so many possibilities - not liking the sound of the cold - oreganol works wonders for me xx

  6. Fabulous skirt!! I can picture every ensemble you've described. I'm a big fan of the LBS. Great find!!

  7. Hostess, you have such good taste. :)


  8. Pondside- This skirt is already dressed up just waiting for an event to go to! Show me your skirt and I'll see what I can do!

    Duchesse- I have several LBS's but they are all "business". One can never have too many basic blacks. I'll bet that your new chartreuse sweater will look lovely with a LBS.

    Fashion and Frank- Oreganol is most likely what is sold as oil of oregano here...I've tried it but the taste is ghastly! You are a stronger woman than I am.

    Sheree- Welcome to the Humble Bungalow!
    I know what I like, whether it's tasteful or not it's just what works on my body.

  9. Now that's one versatile LBS. Love all these ideas!
    I think it's time for me to spiffy up a little. A fun and flirty LBS sounds like a great place to begin.

    I hope you feel better VERY soon.

  10. Congratulations on losing 4 lbs, that's impressive!

  11. Susan has beaten me to it...well done you so quick your stopping you now (smile) Ida x

  12. You are having so much fun. My mind is whirling picturing all those great outfits you have put together! The best part is the wonderful progress you are making with your new healthy program. Congratulations! I think it is bringing you a lot of joy, the best medicine of all!

  13. Hi, beautiful skirt, thank you for sharing!

    Hope you feel better very soon : )


  14. I've always been a fan of Susan's brand; although I don't have this skirt you scored at an amazing deal!
    I would wear it with a black, cowl-neck, cashmere sweater, knee high, suede boots, with an Hermes scarf accenting the inside of the cowl.

    If I felt my hips looked too wide, I would opt for a v-neck fine gauge, cashmere, cotton, or silk sweater, and pair it with a long cardigan. I would add an Hermes scarf, black Tahitian pearls, or yellow gold chains.

    Congratulations on losing four pounds. I found them!


    D ; )

  15. Congratulations for loosing the pounds!
    As I only have one skirt, which I have not even worn yet ( will I ever? ), I can´t but admire all the different combinations you have thought about with your new skirt : )

  16. Lorrie- Happy shopping!

    Susan, ida and Sunday Taylor- Thank you all for your kind words, it is very encouraging to see the scale move down after the effort that it took to get there so far!

    Leslie- How nice to meet another Leslie...I actually know two other Leslie's one is English and she spells her name Lesley the other one I went to school with from elementary through high school and we are still friends to this day!

    Duchess- Hello! Hope that you are well. Tahitian pearls would be loverly!
    A girl can dream...

    metscan- I thought that you'd wear skirts often especially on your trips to Helsinki. Boots tights and skirts can be just as warm as pants in cold weather.