Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silver and porcelain...a happy coupling.

Harumi Ota is the clever artist that created this divine bowl.
His work in porcelain makes me swoon.
His use of the traditional blue and white touch on perfection.

This bowl has been used for many salads and pasta dishes.
It sits in the middle of the Humble Bungalow dining room table.
Inside sit a pair of silver salad servers made in Vancouver, BC
by the Acme Company.

They look very simplistic in form and design
but there was something that caught my fancy when I purchased these a few years ago.

 Harumi Ota bowl
this one is shallow and a great vessel for fruit.

It looks lovely with a colourful tomato basil and goat cheese salad too.

Pepper was a kitten about a year ago when she came 
to take up residence in The Humble Bungalow
I remember she could curl up in the larger bowl and have a snooze!

Using lovely things adds so much richness to everyday life.

Do you have something that you love to use everyday?
Does it make you happy each time that you set eyes on it?

(that's why I do not hide the Harumi Ota bowls in a cupboard)


  1. I actually use my wedding silver flatware every day, and have added to it with another Baltimore pattern collected through estate sales and antique shops. I've always loved it and when my stainless needed to be replaced, I figured, why? I do love those bowls of yours. Simply lovely.

  2. Oh, gosh! I just noticed your new photo at the top sidebar!! Beautiful!

  3. Oh the picture of Pepper in the bowl made me laugh (which I needed this week!). That bowl is so beautiful, and your silver serving spoons so unique!

  4. Blue and white is a classic combination, and these bowls are so beautifully done. I like using my china a lot - especially for drinking tea.

  5. This bowl is divine Hostess and I certainly would not hide it in a cupboard either.
    Is Pepper one year old already!
    Since moving and sorting through our possessions I now have too many favourites to pick only one. Taking the plunge to liberate precious pretties and actually put them to use has brought me immense joy.
    Annie xx

  6. All my kitchenware comes from Alessi. Particularly much I like the bone china by Ettore Sottsass, which is in everyday use./m

  7. Dear Hostess,
    blue and white porcelain: so beautiful! (I love the sight of pumpkin soup in my Spode 'Blue Italian').
    The photograph of you is phantastic!

  8. Lovely new photograph,
    I like all of your bits and bobs, I really just have what we use most days, I don't really have anything stashed away.

  9. Dear Hostess, I was very lucky in that I received several silver serving pieces from the Acme Company when I got married. I enjoy pulling them out when having people over -- they remind me of "home". They are a also conversation piece being in Australia now. When my mother downsized several years ago, she gave me all her china. While I don't use the full-set often, I do use the tea and coffee cups on a daily basis. I have been blessed with many nice things. Gorgeous new photo by the way.

  10. Love your blue and white bowl. Blue and white ceramic pieces are my favorite accessories in a house, they really go with everything. I have some blue and white Spode pieces, Italian village (?) design, that are all around my dining room and include a huge tea pot. Like you, I get so much happiness from seeing them each day!

  11. I love that new picture of you with the glasses. You look slightly mischievous.

    The silver spoons are so beautiful and unique. And the shot pepper napping in the bowl made me smile.

    Our colorful Italian ceramic dishes from Deruta Italy bring us joy every day.

  12. The bowl and the serving spoons are very nice. Don't you love pieces that add to your home in such a way? (Your cat clearly loves it, too!)

  13. Not a cat in the hat... but a tabby in an Ota! Just wonderful!

  14. Like your new look as if you are talking to an interesting person.

    I enjoy using my silver cutlery everyday.The figures on the handles of your salad servers are unusual is it the maker's signature? Ida

  15. ida- I believe they are meant to be First Nations figures, the stamp on the reverse is Acme,

  16. Red Roses and Crystal- Yes Pepper has had her birthday! She is still very much a kitten in spirit and rules the roost here!

  17. Lovely new photo!
    The bowls are beautiful - there is nothing, in my opinion, like blue and white porcelain. I keep three sets of precious china in my 'Welsh-ish' cupboard in the kitchen and rotate them regularly. I'm very happy when I use a Bjorn Windblat plate or a Zell coffee mug - so many memories.

  18. Your blue and white serving pieces are beautiful. I have always loved blue and white porcelain...other color combination come and go, but blue and white in any design is always striking paired with anything.

    Lately I have been loving all my little treasure from thrift stores around the house.