Monday, February 28, 2011

Yoga, walking, and fatty talking...

After my morning Yoga session at the studio
I decided to take advantage of the sun
and I put on my new walking shoes and I took to the streets.
I wove my way past melting snowmen with their carrot noses and eyes made of stones...
I dodged puddles and was snug and warm in my down jacket
I forgot to wear my sunglasses so squinting was actioned when facing into the rays.

Lots of folks were out too...
it might be a result of cabin fever
after all that ice and snow kept us huddled by the home fires.
I wandered without a route in mind and just let my feet guide me on..
I happened upon a nearby shop which beckoned...
magazines, books and an assortment of cosmetics and potions...

I have many friends who are using this on their hair and giving it rave reviews...
not to be left behind I am on the band wagon.
Wispy hairs and curly frizzies can be tamed
sheen and glossy locks are the other perks.

With the snow almost a distant memory and the sunny sky today
I felt a sense of lightness
maybe it was the invigorating walk,
maybe it was the vitamin D.

 I attribute the bounce in my step to my new and not worn out walking shoes.

It could be also because I have lost a few pounds
and don't go thinking that I am looking for them
far from it
good riddance
I want them gone for good
stay away and don't come back!

I pulled out my old scale awhile ago and was stunned to read the number
I did a double take
I mean, after the winter a few pounds might creep up, but not this many.
I am a hopeless dieter
hampers weight loss 
so I get very discouraged...

Look at this sentence...
it seduced me into buying this book!

while I do not want to be a stick insect 

I would like to reduce
I hope that there are a few gems inside...
10 stone?
I'll have to find out how much that is....
20 pounds?
I'd love to lose 20 pounds...

Idiot proof
could they be talking to me?
Perhaps I am the target audience!

My jeans are not fitting well anymore
the spandex has gone on strike
overworked and not a holiday in sight..
it's lost it's oomph
probably weakened because I stretched it beyond it's limits
and it's exhausted...

How long are jeans meant to last anyhow?
do they have a shelf life?
a best before date?

 I want new jeans
with spandex that works
jeans that flatter
and don't make me look fatter
than I am...

I'll treat myself to a pair when I lose at least 10 pounds
that could be my reward....
I wonder how many pounds I need to shed to go from a size 12 to a size 10...

I ask you
is it possible
 for an hourglass figure 
who is counting the hours 'til turning 56
who is seriously height challenged 
find a pair of stylish jeans
that rock her world?

I hope so...

What kind of jeans should I buy
and do you have any weight loss strategies or tips for me?

I know there are some savvy slimmers out there
come hither...
the Hostess needs your advice.


  1. Good for you! I would say, eat from smaller plates and bowls. I never eat off of a standard dinner plate. And I use little French onion soup crocks for my entree if it's pasta or some kind of casserole, then I do a big salad on the side with oil/vinegar dressing.

    As far as jeans go, I am not an expert. I'm sure your other readers can help you in that department! I've yet to find my perfect pair.

    I been using Moroccanoil for several weeks now - it has argan oil in it - and has changed my hair. I feel like I have my hair back from when I was a kid. I can't stop playing with my silky ends! You can also use argan on your skin - it's a fabulous moisturizer, too bad it's a bit pricey!

    Love hearing you have a skip in your step!



  2. Hey Hostess! I have a post this week that will tell all my secrets. Kind of tongue in cheek but kind of serious... Good timing. So glad you have a skip in your step. Spring it is a-cumen in!

  3. I noticed that issue of Elle at the book store last week. I was drawn to the colors in Katy's outfit.

    Yesterday I was looking at catalogs, trying to plan some spring purchases, looking for things to suit my figure... and then I decided it would be easier (or at least simpler) to change my figure. So I have some pounds to shed, too.

  4. Sounds like you're on the right track. They say weight loss is 90% diet...
    So improve your diet and keep moving. Me? I thought I was finally losing weight the right way. Nope. Just diagnosed as being Hyperthyroid. Lost the weight due to my newly acquired fast metabolism!

  5. I love Moroccan oil which contains argan oil

    Re jeans the best I've ever had have been my maternity black skinny jeans!!!!!! I will miss them, they are flattering and comfy.

    I don't believ in diets, but I do believe in portion control, less carbs, low GI foods and walking. I believe that you CANNOT out exercise a bad diet. I feel genes play a huge role- you see thin families and fat families and I think activity is important (you cannot eat while gardening).

    Can't wait to get thin again once baby arrives!

  6. It sounds to me like you are doing a good job since you are already loosing weight. The only tip I know is that weight training and building muscle mass increases your ability to burn calories and it is also good for your bones. I wear Macy's brand of jeans from their petite department...I find the straight legged ones the most flattering for my age and shape.

  7. Low impact exercise like walking and yoga are my favs along with smaller portions using healthy ingredients. I used to be a gym junkie many years ago and honestly did not enjoy the experience but forced myself to attend classes.

    I have decluttered my wardrobe to only two pairs of jeans but don't reach for either pair very often. My salvation is tights or leggings purely for comfort as my tummy now has a mind of its own. Some days it behaves, others not so.
    Best wishes in your crusade Hostess but have fun in the process.

  8. The only way I've managed to keep 45 lbs off is by semi starving myself! I'm always hungry. It's getting much harder though, I don't know if I'll be able to keep this body into my 50's which is a shame as I'm so much happier. Obesity comes with being in my family, my sisters are huge.

  9. Argan oil is amazing Hostess - a very, very little drop rubbed into your palms and then over your hair tames the frizzies... And you don't want to get rid of 10 stone (think was that between them!!) it = 140 pounds! But you'll enjoy the book, India Knight is a fantastic writer. I have NO diet tips (waiting for yours) - know just what you mean - I need to shed 7 lbs that has crept up since menopause - and ALL AROUND MY MIDDLE... hateful!! XXXX

  10. I have lost over ten pounds on Weight Watchers online since Jan 1. It's the only thing that's worked for me in some time and the point system encourages healthy eating (and I don't even feel terribly deprived). I totally hear you on the subject of jeans. Not Your Daughter's jeans are the best I've found but they are pricey--around US$100. Good luck sister!

  11. My experience is that our sedentary lifestyle makes it difficult to burn off any extra calories we consume, so try to keep moving. Maybe get a pedometer to keep track. Also, portion control is important. Be wary of processed food as there is often a lot of hidden sugar. And of course, avoid junk food. Try to eat foods as close to nature as possible - fruit rather than pie, for instance. Now all I have to do is follow my own advice and I can lose those 10 pesky pounds...

  12. My downfall is chocolate! other than that eat masses of fruit & veggies,plus daily hill walking,well some days!! Still everything goes straight to the hips!
    Looking forward to LPC's tips.

    Lovely sunny day here in the UK but a cold wind,the lambs are skipping around the fields must have caught it from you Hostess. Ida

  13. The best jeans I have found for me are also the Not Your Daughter's jeans. I don't really love jeans though, they are not my best look. I too am trying to lose the weight I have gained over the years. It's not fun :-(. I was always thin and could eat anything I wanted, but not anymore....

  14. hi leslie,

    one of the benefits of eating vegan has been that i lost 10 lbs. i never thought that would happen as my diet was what is considered quite healthy. but 10 lbs dropped off me faster than you can say chicken caccitorre. no kidding.


  15. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    I think you are on the right way - walking (quickly) is a very good start. This week-end I will have a 'Highly Important British Guest' - after that I will write what I think works - though these are no miracle tips, sorry to say. And: you look good!

  16. I´d need to get some kilos off as well, from the middle section naturally. It is tricky at this certain age to get it off balanced. Loosing some, but not from the face ; )!

  17. For me, cutting carbs has worked best. I can still go out to eat, have a glass of wine, and experience minimal hunger, and a calmer state of mind.

    I love my new "7 for All Mankind" jeans!

  18. Hello Hostess

    Oh, I do hope the Argan oil delivers. I am using MoroccanOil and hair care by Aesop at the moment.

    Apologies re lack of photo of new hair. Still trying to find the time to get a decent snap. I think I'm going to stay short for a while so the day will come...

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  19. To all of you wonderful commenters I thank you for your helpful advice and I am making notes...the book was a diet based on Atkins and South Beach with many great ideas to help reduce weight while slimming...written well and had personal journal entries by both authors.

  20. Before the UK went decimal/metric, all British kids leant that "16 ounces in a pound, 14 pounds in a stone". It's kilos I have problems calculating!

  21. Yoga and a brisk walk...sounds like it's working!!

  22. the veg artist- I'd love to lose 2 stones...that would be my dream...but I'll settle for I stone and thank you for the information....I have trouble with metric too...i grew up with the standard scale...

    annie- Slowly but surely....and the sun came out again today!