Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day!

Look at the white winter wonderland
I awoke to this magical scene...

We have 6 inches so far and it's still snowing!

How would you like to sit in the Adirondack chairs
soft puffy white cushions?

Arbutus tree 
view from living room window.

The Humble Bungalow 
pergola in front
where Constance Spry hangs out.

Bird bath and raised beds

Clematis Montana reubens
wearing a cloak of white.
The native Dogwood tree back and beyond.

I plan to keep warm and cozy
I have a great book
many of my favourite blogs are yet to be read...
Later I will put my down jacket, scarf, gloves and Sperry boots on 
and venture forth on a winter walk.


  1. How absolutely gorgeous!

    I hear rumors that we may be getting snow at 500 feet this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm sure it won't be 6 inches, but I'll take any right now.

    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.



  2. Oh my goodness! You are really still having winter!

  3. hi leslie,

    i adore walking in the snow. skiing is fun too but i really enjoy our evening walks in the snow when we are in utah.


  4. Have a wonderful winter wonderland day. New snow is so soft ...

  5. Hostess love the photos of your snow garden but I will let you keep it(smile)
    Tomorrow the forecast is for sun!! can't wait we have had none for what seems weeks..happy walking.Ida

  6. How I adore these pics of snow in your part of the world Hostess. To read you are planning on cozying up with a book then a leisurely stroll in the snow makes me want to hop on a plane and join you!
    I often pine for the beautiful seasonal contrasts you folk in the northern hemisphere experience.

  7. How lovely. The snow looks beautiful. I love the image of sitting by a fireplace in the snow with a cup of tea and a good book...sounds so cozy.

  8. The pictures are like pretty postcards! We have had more than our share of it here in Finland, so I won´t say anything more ;)!

  9. So pretty, I really hope we get more snow.

  10. Adrienne- I heard that SF is expecting snow...apparently the first time in 35 years!

    LPC- The cashmere is getting a work out as is the down coat!

    the gardener's cottage- It is refreshing isn't it? The crisp air and the quiet with few cars on the roads.

    Paula- It's soft until someone makes it into a snowball and targets you!

  11. Anne Marie- I wish you had a are so poetic.

    La Vie Quotidienne- It is the warmest place in our Bungalow...all the old windows are so draughty!....brr!

    metscan- you are the real trooper here...I don't know how you manage so well.

    Tabitha- Careful what you wish for!

    Faux Fuschia- Keeping cool is difficult during pregnancy...drink lots of water and stay in the shade! You are looking wonderful these days.

  12. The snow is sure is hanging on this year, and I can't believe how cold and windy it's been.
    The porta potty for the construction workers even blew over here last week!

    Luckily no one was inside. lol

    Here in Ontario we call those chairs Muskoka chairs.

  13. theduchessofH- Muskoka is cottage country and being a proud Canadian I should have referred to them as such...the porta potty incident could have been disasterous...hearing this now it seems funny.