Wednesday, March 2, 2011 police on patrol....

Here she is back by popular demand!
Pepper the Pampurred Puss
and then pouncing...

Greige Paws

Grey walking shoes
and engineering
they are none other than
Josef Seibel

The J. Peterman Tees that I ordered a few weeks back arrived.
When the postman rang the bell Pepper ran to greet him at the front door
I had to scoop her up so she would not escape when I signed for the parcel.

She's on the prowl
her favourite "toys" are bags, boxes and tissue paper.

I opened the bag and removed the contents
and she crawled right in!

She's quite nosy
and sniffs anything new or different.

Tissue makes such crunchy sounds before she shreds it into a zillion pieces.

She looks quite smug sitting here
anyone would think that she was in charge...

I actually think she might be!

I was on my knees picking up the shredded scraps of paper
and trying to put away the "toys" while she looked on. 

I have test driven these walking shoes and they are so comfy and amazing...
I bounce a bit when I walk...
and I'm off to the races
only a little faster than a stroll...

Northmoon where are you?
You won the pearls!
Email me....please!


  1. Dear Leslie, What a very handsome pair of shoes! It is nice being outside in super comfy shoes. I love the piccies of Pepper in the box and envelope. She looks like such excellent company. Any signs of Spring in your neck of the woods? Lindaxxx

  2. PEPPER!!! She is SO CUTE!! Let us know how you like the tees. My white tees are due for the annual replacement.

  3. Pepper is adorable--still a kitten?

  4. Pepper is one precocious, playful, precious, pert, pampered puss who is so full of pep and personality....sorry, am I overdoing it? Just love that kitty!

    Your shoes are cute! I have been considering a pair of traditional converse, but these are more ladylike and stylish, in my opinion. I'll have to see if they come in my size!

    Have a great Wednesday!


  5. Greige paws! hahaha! Cracked me up!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. The new walking shoes are very stylish Hostess and theres nothing better than a brand new white tee.
    Of course adorable Pepper is in charge and one can see how comfortable she is as boss of the humble bungalow.
    By the way, many times I've meant to comment on how much I like your beautiful bedcover!

  7. Linda in Chile- Since my children have flown the coop I really appreciate having Pepper here, she's great company and entertains my husband and I by the many things that she does.

    Deja Pseu- The tees are basic cotton and will be great as a layering top...if you wanted to spend more I'd go with Tahari or Eilleen Fisher and you'd get a bit nicer fabric.

    Nancy DaQ- Pepper is almost 7 months now...still feisty and very mischevious!

    Adrienne- I just found out that they come in red! I might have chosen red if I knew that at the time I purchased these...good luck!

    Bringing Pretty Back- Welcome to the Bungalow...and happy that you took the time to comment.

    Anne Marie- Thank you...the bedcover and shams were quite reasonably priced and durable cotton...the only downside is that I need to send them out for cleaning as they are too heavy for my washing machine.
    Pepper's personality is very large and she makes her presence known!

  8. Love these pictures of Pepper, she looks like she is already planning her next bit of mischief.

  9. Pepper is adorable! I want to reach out and give her a hug!

  10. I like pepper a lot. He looks so young. How old is he? Does he scratch your furniture?

  11. Your new shoes look fine and well made. Pepper is as lovely as ever!

  12. La Vie Quotidienne- You know Pepper pretty well Adrienne!

    Paula- Pepper is a she although the name might sound a bit masculine, and so far no scratching just leaping, jumping and general kitten stuff.

    metscan- I haven't seen your dogs or Hampel in awhile mette...hope they are well.

  13. Pepper is darling and has tons of character. I am happy she brings you so much joy. Cats are good like that.

    Peeking past her though I can't help but admire your white waffle bedspread. Lovely.

  14. I love photos of Pepper and I adore your new shoes!