Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colour and textures...let's talk tulips

Coach scarf
look at the watery silky swirls of pattern and the riotous use of colours

this scarf is very versatile
and can be worn folded and draped in a variety of ways

to show off different aspects of the pattern.
and expose and focus on different colours.

I wear this scarf when I need a spring tonic...

I seek a shot of colour every now and again
and I adore items with texture
texture and weave

Textures inside the Bungalow 
muted tones

a silver picture frame

 a woven lamp base

 organic browns in a pottery jug

no more humdrum shades
let's bring on the brights

Spring flowers...
such a delight
 bunches and punches of colour

in a simple vase

heavy frosted glass vase
(garage sale find)

The language of flowers...

  Red tulips symbolize love, 
purple... royalty 
yellow tulips... cheer 

White tulips....forgiveness.

varigated tulips...beautiful eyes

enchanting beauty
simplicity of form

 flowers today 
flowers tomorrow

Visit a local flower market
see if there are any blooms that beg to be bought
and brought 

If you are fortunate enough to have a flowering quince like Janet 
you can ignore all this tulip talk

go outside with your secateurs and snip snip snip...

almost any flowering tree branches can be cut and brought indoors to "force" blooms
happy foraging...

from the Hostess


  1. Oh, I love brightly colored tulips this time of year. The scarf echoes some of those colors, very pretty!

  2. hi leslie,

    thank you for the message and i love all the textures and colors throughout the bungalow. it is spring-like here in southern california. lots of blue sky and sunshine. i must say i like the way the white text appears on the deep gray background of your blog. talk about a shot of color. v easy on the eyes.


  3. This scarf has such wonderful colors, I can see why you like it. I enjoyed you post on textures and all of the colors in your home. I have quince blooming outside now, funny...I never think to cut it and bring it in.(-:

  4. A scarf that mixes colour combos in surprising ways is such an inspiration to the average outfit. It elevates and allows you to further accentuate a colour you'd never have thought of. I mean the belts, shoes, bracelets that could be thrown at an outfit with this scarf could make just about anything more interesting. It's a beauty!

  5. The flowering red currant are ready to bring indoors for forcing, although their sharp scent is not to everyone's liking. . . still, anything to cheer us against the February days, right?
    Gorgeous scarf!

  6. Deja Pseu- You are observant, until you commented it never occured to me!

    the gardener's cottage- Happy to help Janet! I saw that you were out working in the garden today...our spring will be a few months away...they are warning of another cold snap.

    La Vie Quotidienne- Adrienne, the quince would look so lovely with your decor...maybe you'll bring some inside now.

    L'age moyen- I can tell that you have an eye for fashion...your blog is full of great ideas.

    materfamilias- Yes please give us some February flowers...if you force the red currant maybe you will share it with us.

  7. Lovely lovely scarf a good tonic and as refreshing as a Gin and I expect!! And your photos are lovely - very arty Hostess - such lovely tulips. X

  8. I love the tulips, one of my favourite flowers.

    Great scarf! I've been rediscovering mine.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  9. Dear Ms Leslie, Thank you for another exquisite post - tulips make me feel happy too. Whenever I wear my Hermes scarf I think of you! We do need colour and texture in our lives. In Argentina and in Chile there is such a profusion of wild flowers by the sides of the road and I feel as happy as a dog in an open window of a car to see them, the astonishingly beautiful Andes and so many soaring condors. I do love a road trip!

  10. Semi Expat- Cheers!

    SSG- Sounds like you are shopping your closet!

    Linda in Chile- Sounds picturesque Linda... flowers and condors sound poetic...and would you please email me a photo of your scarf? I'd love to see it.

  11. Lovely post, such gorgeous pictures, and I love that scarf xx

  12. Hullo Hostess your beautiful colours have cheered up moi on a grey,drizzler day here in the UK,must treat myself to some tulips....have a small 'peace & war' mug filled with white snowdrops on the kitchen table,but feel in the need for a shot of brightness...thanks for the post. Ida

  13. A colorful scarf, so you! The tulips so matchy!
    I like an armful of fresh tulips. Sadly they open up all too quickly!

  14. Beautiful colours! And you can sit near them and read Anna Pavord's "The Tulip"(cover text: "Written by a scholar, reads like a thriller!") By the way: have finished your recommended 'A Vintage Affair' - and we ate the tasty BBC - thank you!

  15. Blighty- Are you having fun snapping photos for your blog?

    ida- Snowdrops are one of my favourites...I'd love for you to send me a picture of them!

    metscan- They do, but there are intricate patterns to be seen inside...

    Britta- Anna Pavord came here and promoted her book years ago...oh I am happy that you enjoyed the BBC...I leant the Vintage Affair to my mother and she couldn't put it down!