Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cashmere weather....

Bon Chic Bon Genre
good taste good class

it's a wee bit of bling on my cashmere top
this logo  is subtle
and resides at the bottom of the top
I normally eschew logos
but the cashmere won me over
there are days when I would like to stay in bed 
this frosty morning is one of them...

the top has a cowl neck
has long sleeves
with 2 pockets near the hem
it's cozy and warm
 my go-to top when it is cold

today there is frost on the ground
and I am wearing grey leggings
cashmere socks
and boots

We had some bubbly last evening...

it tickled my tongue...
the dinner of ribs and coleslaw was simple and tasty

Happy Post Valentine's Day!

Tell me all about your day...


  1. Ooh! Your champy looks so Frenchy French! I'm glad you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  2. I never knew what BCBG stood for, now I know. It's gray and rainy here, seems like it would be a perfect day to stay inside under a blanket, too bad I can't. Love your boots.

  3. Hostess I'm longing for our winter so I can rug up in cosy attire. A bit of bling is perfect!

  4. I am so happy that you had a tongue tickling Valentine's day!xo

  5. Love the sweater! It sounds like you had a cozy valentine evening. We ate moules, frites with GI ales while enjoying the sunset over False Creek. Afterwards we went to see Barney's Version and thought it was great. Enjoy The King's Speech, it is a wonderful film.

  6. Your cosy outfit looks so chic and warm (those two things are hard to put together sometimes). Your Valentines day sounds beautifully low key. As low key as French bubbles can be.

  7. Adrienne- Bubbly must be made in Napa...I know thay can't call any bubbly champagne unless it comes from the champagne region in France but after watching Bottle Shock...I need to try some Napa bruts.

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress- I hope that you made the best of your day in the rain...boots are the footwear for us both!

    Anne Marie- You are longing for winter and I am longing for spring!

    La Belette Rouge- Do you like bubbly? I can't be the only one that enjoys the effervescence!

    Cheryl Fortier- Hi Cheryl! Your Valentine's sounds wonderful...The King's Speech was fabulous...in every way...especially Colin Firth!

    Fiona- Low key is often what I need and crave....French bubbly makes it a bit more festive!

  8. Woke up to flowers - mad dash to make something better than the normal Monday fair for dinner - started to feel queasy about 4 pm-ish - could barely look at the flourless chocolate cake by 7:30 - full on stomach flu by 8 pm. Memorable - but not in a good way.

    I envy your champagne and lovely evening. Congrats on a very successful V Day!