Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Fashion Police set up shop...but I fear they are undercover....incognito

It's getting more and more difficult taking photographs of clothing on the bed...
I think it's because the fashion police have arrived!

Pepper holding court atop our bed.
Her favourite toy is a clump of feathers attached to a wand
which I shake and move as she attacks

She looks right at home here
her recent surgery seems a distant memory
she has healed nicely and now we are waiting for the fur on her belly to grow back.

I hope that she approves of this outfit
it was chosen by my lovely daughter
It is for Miss Isla superior grand daughter!
(who is nearly 8 months old)

Just for the record, she is the cutest little girl anywhere
and I am not biased in the least!

I am feeling rather thick in the middle
so I purchased a looser top which drapes and skims
it is not the fix I need
merely a temporary solution
my weights are gathering dust in the room where I used to work out 
as it has become Peppers play room.
(excuses excuses!)

I didn't risk laying this soft knit top on the bed as I imagined shreds and  tatters before I got to wear it!

I am looking very tired
and very puffy
and having a bad hair day

what's going on?
I've been
burning the candle at both ends
so many people are sick
and I have been fighting something

and look at that unsightly spot...
now quickly look away

it showed up after my hygenist cleaned my teeth
I wonder if it had something to do with the latex gloves?

I am planning to use these sloughing potions to sandblast my winter weary skin

less expensive
 than a scrub at the Spa
but just as effective
just not as luxe

Hope that you are enjoying good health
and feeling fabulous...
and looking better than me!


  1. The little outfit for your granddaughter is adorable. So cute! Cats really seem to be attracted any time fabric is layed out...they find it very irresistable. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hostess you look lovely. Our kindnesses should extend to ourselves, right? The v-neck is nice on you.

  3. Hostess, you are underestimating yourself roughly. You look lovely and so happy and are one of the few, who can wear whites.
    Miss Isla´s outfit is super cute and Pepper makes this post perfect!

  4. I think you look just lovely, Hostess. Such a pretty top in a colour that really illuminates you! Or does that light just come from thinking about your cuddly little girl? eight months is such a lovely age, and I can hardly believe how quickly our little girl moved through and past it. Enjoy! She'll be moving all over the place before you know it!

  5. First, there's nothing tired or puffy looking about you! You look great. Second, I love me some Pepper posts...I bet playing with her is a real kick. I have one of those wands, but my kitty is too old to be bothered playing with it.
    Lastly, I have a latex sensitivity and discovered it through dental work. The more contact I have with latex, the worse my sensitivity gets. If I wear a latex bandaid, I'll have a blister in 1/2 an hour. Those yellow cleaning gloves you have, are those latex?


  6. Pepper is adorable. Animals bring such joy, don't they? I hope you are able to find some time to rest and relax. It sounds like you are quite busy.

    Thank you very much for your kind comment about the newsletter and blog. I am so happy to hear you are enjoying it. Your words mean a lot. :)

  7. You look very pretty..and your hair looks nice at that length. I am toying with the idea of growing mine longer too.

  8. La Vie Quotidienne- Isn't being a grandmother such fun?

    LPC- Thank for for that sweet comment :)

    metscan- Pepper is back to her kitten antics! I must be feeling a littl low with this bug...I'll rest up a bit more.

    materfamilias- Miss Isla does make me happy...happier than I expected to be just being in her company!

    Adrienne- I think the gloves are latex...and you might be onto something...I'll need to find some non latex gloves.

    The Simply Luxurious Life- Pepper has captured our hearts...I am going to go to bed early. You are right, I have been far too busy lately.
    Your blog is chock full of great posts...you could write a book!

    jenndon- I have had short hair for about 6 years and decided that I wanted to be a rebel and grow it...I have been told that "women of a certain age should have short cuts!" It was a Red Flag Moment!

  9. Don't be hard on yourself Hostess - loking good... thoughI know though just how you feel about feeling 'bleugh' ...... tell me about it!
    Gorgeous outfit for Isla and your Pepper is an adorable fashion critique! XX

  10. You are absolutely lovely. You clearly aren't seeing what we all do. I love seeing your gorgeous face. And that Pepper is adorable.

  11. Semi Expat- I am under the weather and it would appear that my words echoed my feelings...I hope that you are feeling well soon...nice gifts that you sent FF!

    La Belette Rouge- Thank you...and from Pepper too!

  12. Hostess what a great photo you are so young & no lines and that is on a 'bad day' You are beautiful.

    I am allergic to latex,GP'S,nurses etc have to run around looking for non latex gloves....found this out from gloves I use to wear for housework,broke out in rashes took months to heal!! If you suspect it is the latex maybe you should get it checked out. Ida x

  13. You look maahhvellous! I bet you're having so much fun shopping and choosing outfits for your sweet granddaughter.

  14. ida- I have a theory about the lines...I have a few but I never worshipped the sun and I also am on the plump side so my face has fat to fill it out and I think that smooths the wrinkles !!!
    No rash on my hands but will be on alert.

    theduchessofH- I love spending time with her and she is quite the fashionista...skinny leggings, striped Breton tops and cable knit sweaters...oh and UGG's!
    Her mother has the most amazing sense of style so she is in good hands...do they make Hermes scarves in a small size?...hmm I wonder!