Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pepper + Snow + Paint + Share Show and Tell = PS....PSST

We thought that Pepper might like to check out the snow...
she was watching the snowflakes with much interest at the French door to the sundeck/snowdeck...
so we put her harness and leash on and took her out.

Pepper at the back basement door where there was a clear patch
Pepper is part Bengal
and they love to play in water 
and enjoy walks.

Pussy footing around...

Pepper's paw prints on the deck

you can see how deep the snow is

it's also very cold and wet

her sense of adventure took over

she didn't mind it  too much
we didn't want her to get too cold and wet so we brought her inside
where she enjoyed the warmth from the fire while we read our books.
I finished mine,
Jane Austen's memoirs by Syrie James
I really enjoyed it...
I am a big Jane Austen fan.

After dinner and some TV watching I got inspired to paint.
When the inspiration strikes I listen and act.

I have a dear friend who asked me to paint her a picture with Poppies in it.

I am not an artist
merely a hobbyist...
so when I was asked to create something it was very flattering
 but also came with the thoughts of self doubt
 Could I or couldn't I do it...

I flirt with paint
play as one might making mud pies
I don't overthink it I just do

well for better or for worse I have done it...
here I found some inspiration

Poppies in the Bungalow Garden 
circa 2010

now cover your eyes and peek only if you dare....

a small portion of the larger canvas

abstract in nature
loose and suggestive
can you see the Poppies?

I wonder how the Poppies came to look like these
the brush has a mind of it's own

it's rather scary for me to share these images
I might regret doing so
I feel decidedly vulnerable

Don't forget about the Majorica pearl giveaway
I am drawing a name on Sunday
Good Luck!


  1. The painting is just lovely! To have any artistic talent is nothing you should ever, ever belittle...feed it, and enjoy the bliss it provides you as you create. And, then, just as we do your garden, we'll get to see the wonderful results of your creativity! Oh, and BTW, Pepper's still about the cutest kitty around. Brave, blob wouldn't brave the snow for all the world.

  2. hey leslie, if i can show what's in my drawers you can show your poppies! i love them, v beautiful.


  3. Oh your poppy painting is wonderful! It reminds me of Monet's Water Lilies in the way that it captures the essence of the poppies.

  4. Gretchen- I know that I should feel less tentative about painting but it feels like I am taking a risk! Thank you for your kind words...

    the gardener's cottage- Janet- I could take that comment about what's in your drawers two ways!!!

    Deja Pseu- Oh my goodness....I don't even have words to respond to your comment.

  5. Bold strokes and colour -- a convincing interpretation of poppies. Bravo! Your friend will love her new painting, I'm usre.

  6. Pepper's paw prints are the cutest thing I have seen today ( and the day is almost over).And I agree with Deja, I definitely see some Monet in your incredible poppies.xo

  7. First Pepper in the snow very cute. Second your painting is wonderful...very impressionist, wonderful colors with a lot of warmth and livliness. It is a pleasure to see.

  8. Beautiful Poppies, Hostess and with a daughter named Poppy, trust me, I have seen many photos and pictures of them over the years. It's really lovely. And great pics of Pepper in the snow. Amazing you can get her to wear a harness - our Puss cat went mad when we tried one on her!! XX

  9. That your friend requested your art I hope gives you the confirmation to keep painting, and to post your work.

  10. Absolutely post your paintings. Art has such a large component of personal taste, some will like your work, some will not, but all will admire the work and the courage.

  11. So much color, so strong strokes. I am amazed by your painting.
    And I love the paw marks :)

  12. Leslie, how wonderful of you to share your art with us. You may be reluctant to share it because you will have so many people wanting an original Humble Bungalow.

    I've just noticed your scenic shot of BC on your sidebar. It looks so much like New Zealand.

  13. materfamilias- I feel better just reading your comment!

    La Belette Rouge- She leaves pawprints on the granite kitchen counters too...if there is any similarity to Monet I can assure you it is purely accidental...or a great stroke of luck!

    La Vie Quotidienne- Adrienne...your words are so encouraging, I appreciate them so much.

    Semi Expat- Poppy is a great name! Our kitten lay down when we first put it on and tried to bite it...but when we added the leash she seemed to realize she had more freedom to move about....maybe you could try it again.

    Duchesse- You might be right Duchess...I'll work with that thought in mind.

  14. LPC- I know what you mean about art appreciation...
    "admire the work and the courage" love those words they validate and support, thank you.

    metscan- My artist friend Cheryl Fortier looks at brush strokes too... mette with your art/design background you obviously have a trained eye that seeks out details the average viewer would miss.

    Fiona- I have heard from tourists that NZ is very like BC ... If I thought more people wanted my work I'd be ecstatic!

  15. to me your poppies reveal the dark side of poppies, the drugs inside the poppy seed. boohoooo (scary poppies).
    Have a nice weekend!

  16. Paula- I never considered that Poppies had a dark must be because I grow them for their colour and nothing more!

  17. PS - I almost forgot - the paw prints are so cute!
    about the poppy seeds:
    I totally agree, the colour/s are stunning. Often poppies grow in very harsh surroundings, stones, sand, dry soil. Then the colour really pops out.

  18. I love your painting style it's do wonderfully passionate. Would love to see more

  19. Tabitha- Maybe I'll do a post and have a coming out party for my mothballed canvases!

    Faux Fuchsia- Thank you for the encouraging words!