Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day
February 14th, 2011

It's a day for
and Kisses

Hearts of gold and sprinkled with diamonds

They dangle and jangle from my wrist
on a bracelet of hearts
a circle of

gifts of love
from my sweetheart
Mr. HB

Today might include a movie date...
is a sweet 
romantic comedy
 a feel good
light hearted

as are these...

DVD's for TV 
or the laptop 
perfect for when we are away on the boat
or snug in a cabin by the ocean
away from it all

We'll be celebrating while holidaying 
in a rustic cabin by the sea
and I can hardly wait!

On Valentine's Day
whatever you do 
however you celebrate
I hope that there is someone that you love
someone you can hug
or snuggle up with
someone who enjoys spending time in your company
someone to savour 
 everyday simple moments 

if you do not tell them everyday
how much they mean to you
make a point of
reminding them today...
just how special they are!

 image from  2010

Our plans involve a stay at home evening here in The Humble Bungalow
I'll be preparing a home made dinner

serving it with some wine or bubbly

image from New Years 2011

lovely daughter will be here too
it's her laundry night 
and our routine is to
The Batchelor on TV

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. The movie suggestions are great! Hubby & I plan to go to the theater this afternoon to see The King's Speech. I'm not sure that there is any romance in it, but it comes HIGHLY recommended to us by several friends who have seen it.

    Happy ♥ Day to you.

  2. Dear Hostess, I understand are just an old romantic aren't you? And how lovely that is. Wishing you and Mr HB a wonderful evening and a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Adorable bracelet. I am laughing, however, that your daughter's laundry is included. I completely understand.

  4. Best wishes for a great night certainly have the makings for one. Great movie selection :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Jeanne xx

  5. You are incredible, Hostess. You can make every day a special day: )!

  6. Have a fabulous evening with all those wonderful plans....xv

  7. That sounds like the perfect valentine's day plans...and I love all those movie choices!



  8. All those DVDs look perfect to me Hostess! What a lovely evening you have planned too... enjoy! Happy Vals day to you XX

  9. Hostess you wear gorgeous jewellery and I approve the choice of DVDs.
    Enjoy Valentines Day with the special people in your life.

  10. Rebecca- I am planning to see that movie with my husband this week too...I have heard nothing but rave reviews.

    Edith Hope- Yes Edith it's true!

    LPC- It's really a fun night here, lovely daughter entertains us and she has us watching the Batchelor which we would not normally tune into...truly our kids are the greatest gifts.

    Jeanne- I hope that you are enjoying Valentine's Day as well.

    metscan- Carpe diem...I try to live each day to the fullest...some days are better than others though!

    vickie archer- France must be one of the most romantic places for a Valentine's celebration...I hope that you are enjoying it!

  11. Annie- The image of the heart in the sky on your blog has me curious...I wonder if it was a proposal of marriage!

    Semi Expat- The dinner is in the oven and the buubly is chilling in the fridge...Happy Valentine's to you!

    Anne Marie- Do you weep when you watch romantic films? I cry even if I've seen them before...

    La Vie Quotidienne- Have you had many people come by and see your wooden Valentines ? I am always impressed by seasonal decorating and do so little of it myself.

  12. Dear Ms Leslie, Simply quietly being with one's nearest and dearest and knowing they are happy to be with you is a lovely way to spend V day. I love the photo of you and Mr HB on the sidebar. How lovely that grown up children later you both celebrate each other so warmly. Mr LiC is looking all rugged and far from his usual conservative suit look - and 21 years later I still think what a lucky woman I am! We have been enjoying the scenery as we drive past and occasionally listening to Bill Bryson in another talking book. I did laugh about laundry night- I hope my girls come over when they are grown up - any pretext will do.

  13. Linda in Chile- I would go to the ends of the earth for my family...and laundry night is a great excuse to feed my lovely daughter and share with her with some bubbly....Bill Bryson is very amusing...Mr. LiC, rugged out of his usual sound very much in love!
    21 years too...good on you!

  14. Dear Hostess,Hope your St Val's evening was fun,you are the perfect example of the 'glass is always full' person.. Ida

  15. I love your movie selection too. A fun and enjoyable movie with good feelings is like visiting an old friend.

  16. ida- SVD was fun...the bubbly was good and the glass was refilled several times!

    Fiona- That's a great analogy Fiona...I feel that way about books too.