Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bungalow Bob Arts and Crafts circa 2011...a Pepper Post!

What have we here?
Is it a carpet
or maybe it's sisal...

Pet lovers can be a wee bit indulgent when it comes to their pets.
I've heard of pooches that get coiffed with bows in their hair and matching claw polish.

Well we are teetering on the edge of that precipice...
and Pepper is on the receiving side...

We subscribe to the American Bungalow magazine and have every issue since they started publishing
and I happened upon an ad for pet paraphenalia in the last issue

I emailed 
and asked him if he would be interested
in designing and building Pepper
a scratching post in the arts and crafts style...

he'd never made one before
but rose to the challenge
and he exceeded our expectations!

look at the attention to detail...
and constructed with quarter sawn oak
superior craftmanship
the finish is sheer perfection
it's a lovely solid piece

Pepper gave it the once over...
I think it meets her approval!

she is a pam-purred puss 

 that soft down duvet does beckon...

looking ever so relaxed
and given the fact that she's part Bengal
these moments are interspersed with frenzied activity

(you can see the surgical site where they shaved her tummy)

is that a smug shot?

I have a sneaky feeling that she is ruling the roost
or trying to give that impression!

I'd say she's got me under her spell...

she gives us much happiness
here in the Humble Bungalow.

I have been asked to show more detail of the Humble Bungalow
these are last years images

Humble Bungalow Porch
beam detail

View from the street

Porch details side view

Constance Spry Climber on pergola

side view looking back into garden
deck off of the kitchen top left
the fence shown here has been replaced with a new one
the slate patio is now mostly covered by creeping thyme

clematis and sundeck

and for interior images you can go here too.


  1. I love your garden. Mine is looking so sad right about now.

  2. LPC- Mine looks sad too...these are images from last summer...all I have are snowdrops and hellebores with green bulbs sprouting it's a wee bit of false advertising on my part :-(

  3. That's fantastic, I love how you've taken your design detail and carried it through to an everyday object. Lucky cat!

  4. Oh, your garden is beautifully maintained. You probably spend many (happy but hard-working) hours weeding and pruning and thinning and watering . . . I rather enjoy the rest in the winter, don't you? although I'm ready to get out there soon, ready for the warmth to return.

  5. I love Pepper's scratching post. And I want one. I don't even scratch furniture.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

    PS - deleted previous comment because I accidentally pasted irrelevant text.

  6. Tabitha-When one is married to an architectural fellow one must tow the line!

    materfamilias- I get tired of tending to the weeds by October and adore the winter time "off duty" I am seriously considering scaling back or hiring help...I do so love the cottage garden look.

    SSG- It would make a nice drinks table!

  7. What a work of art for a scratching post. The garden is glorious so well designed and full of wonderful plants. Marvelous.(-:

  8. I am so completely charmed, and terribly envious. Having willfully downsized 2y ago to a less than fabulous abode, I've barely any space to garden and the current soil/shade situation is horrible. Being a life-long dream of mine to own a very small bungalow with the yard almost wholly devoted to gardens, I live vicariously through your posts. Keep showing them--my soul begs for it!

  9. The Dodgy Brothers are so envious of Pepper's Custom designed furniture.
    They just get boring beds and stuff from the pet shop. (Townsville does NOT have designer pet goods either!).

    I've been awol a lot recently (the trip overseas and now the cyclone) so I'm AMAZED at hour big Pepper is getting. She's looking very sophisticated as well.

  10. Thank you for all the bungalow photos. I love the chimney, the plants, the white and grey contrast of the house, the blue skies ... Must have been a good day last year when you took those photos. So many plants. Insects and birds paradise. :-)
    I consider Sisal being a chique fabric for a carpet in the entrance/hallway. Unfortunately it is not friends with Wolford tights.

  11. Hostess your garden reminds me of the quintessential English cottage gardens that we see in the villages around the UK.....beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.Ida

  12. La Vie Quotidienne- I am trying to make some changes this spring and have been perusing many garden blogs...there are so many!

    Gretchen- Welcome ! I always feel that Home is where the heart is...regardless of where you live.
    Our bungalow garden was morning glory, weeds and blackberry canes when we moved in...dismal and bleak to say the least...we have added soil and compost over the years so please do not despair...where there's a will there's a way!

    fromnorthqld- Hi Louise, so glad to hear from you...your weather has been positively beastly...I have been glued to the TV news for updates.This is one splurge for Pepper...from now on it's mainstream and make do!

    Paula- I have heard a lot about Woolford and have never indulged in any of their wares...happy to oblige with the photos, glad you liked them.

    ida- The garden is a bit of a riot in the summer...many of the lovely gardens that I see in books are from the UK and being a fan of Country Living UK the garden must have it's roots from across the sea!

  13. It is nice to see that Pepper is properly adored! As a cat lover I certainly approve!

  14. J.W.- I get so much joy from Pepper...cats are great company aren't they?

  15. That is beautiful. Pepper should be very pleased. Love your pretty flowers.

  16. Victoria-Ozarks Crescent Mural- I just read your post about living in a small place...all I can say is I am in have gumption Victoria!
    Your money philosophy is to be applauded too.