Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prints infusion of colour

I am inviting colour to play a bigger role in my life...

It has been a major player in my diet
Bright Foods make up the bulk of what I choose to eat...

The J. Peterman catalogue arrived in the post
the cover shouted colour
and had me lusting after something bright.

are a smidgen left
of my comfort zone

After a heart to heart with my inner voice
(the conservative one)
why not?

What transpired was an expedition
and excursion
an exercise 

with the assistance of the gorgeous gals at the makeup counter
the savvy and svelte sales clerks at the shops

To get started
2 new eye shadows
a soft mauve-y pink
and a darker accent colour in a taupe- y brown

Dust the lid with the lighter shade using a sable brush
and in the outer 1/3 of the lid and a little above the natural crease
dust with the accent colour 
blend well to soften
it creates depth
and makes the eyes 
stand out


feline photographic assistant
very photogenic 
when she sits still long enough for me to capture her image.

Prints charming
wooed me
but I had to get beyond the colours and put this garment on
I have trouble finding dresses that suit my figure
separates are much friendlier.

 the shape flatters

wrap tops are kind
and very forgiving
and I seek them out 

the fabric has body
 and substance
 more like a knit
skims the middle bits
with a dark navy lining
 no need for a slip

it has a full flirty girl skirt 
feminine and fun

I twirled in the fitting room

 I bought the dress

terra cotta
and splodges of a tealy blue

Shiny black patent belt
came with the dress
I am thinking that I will go a thrifting for a brighter belt
maybe in the amber shade

I can see this with denim jacket and strappy sandals
a pashmina and kitten heels
I visualize this dress going for lunch
for dinner
to the theatre
it's packable too
I'll be taking it away with me!

Pepper on a break

New toothpaste from the Health Food Store

is a Canadian company
with an interesting selection of flavours
this one sounded worth trying
and I LOVE the colour!

 after all this colour chatter
a confession...
the conservative voice spoke loudly...
I ordered 2 WHITE Tees from the J. Peterman catalogue!


  1. Lovely post Hostess.. and what a gorgeous dress... - will take you so many places and will be a winner I bet. Pepper says she doesn't need any make up to enchance her beautiful eyes! And white tees - you can't go wrong! X

  2. Pretty dress and I love the illustration on the catalogue

  3. I ♥ the "prints charming"!

    I could use a little nudging in the direction of colors and brights myself. It's so VERY hard for me to pass up white tees, black skirts & slacks & grey! How I adore combinations of the three.

  4. Love the colours combined in your dress. Plus the full skirt. Just gorgeous! And can you slide a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath when it's chilly?

  5. What a beautiful dress! And thank you for reminding me about the Perlman catalogue...I had forgotten all about it. You are going to look very elegant!

  6. Dear Hostess, The dress looks to me to be perfect for so many occasions. I do think that dresses are so easy to wear and, with the right accessories, can be decorated for the evening or made more casual for daytime. I am sure that it will become a friend and travel with you everywhere.

  7. hi leslie,

    please post pics of you in that dress. i bet it is gorgeous on. and pepper is so cute.


  8. You always have so much interesting bits and pieces in your posts. Your new dress-please put it on and show it for us!

  9. Hostess, that dress is just lovely. Actually it reminds me of the dress I got from Prada. The pattern is so sophisticated, and the blue splodges such a nice touch. I too am thinking about color. Thinking about color and buying khaki shorts:).

  10. I would love to see this gorgeous dress on you also. Hi to Pepper! Your eyeshadow colours sound perfect.

  11. I covet that dress -- it's wonderful! Will you model it for us? I suspect you'll have lots of occasions to get someone to snap a photo of you in it as it's the kind of dress you'll wear often.

  12. Great dress! I love the J. Peterman catalog, especially the cover this time around. When I lived in Lexington in the early 90s, the J. Peterman store still existed and I loved to go there and browse. It was like a boutique and musuem rolled into one. :)

  13. YEP, MEE TOO. Whack it on and give us a good look!

  14. Semi Expat- Pepper looks good at anytime, she has youth on her side :)

    Tabitha- It looks like a mardi gras party ready to happen!

    Rebecca- I am with you on that colour front...such a great backdrop for a punch of colour if you care to be daring!

    L'age moyen- I never considered layering a tee underneath...I'll take a test run and see.

    La Vie Quotidienne- The descriptions of the clothing have a life in and of can view the catalogue online.

    Edith Hope- My lovely daughter agrees with you on the ease of dressing in dresses! I remember you mentioning your classic designer dresses and how they were great basics.

    the gardener's cottage- and metscan-
    I'll need to get my husband involved and I'll wait for a sunny day...

    LPC- I adore the Prada dress on you...and such a lovely compliment.
    Khaki shorts are like cameleons...almost any colour can be a friend.

    Fiona- I'll get Mr. HB to help with the photo...hope we do not need to wait too long for that sunny day...the shadows are fun...Pepper is playing with her toy mouse as I type!

    materfamilias- might come across this dress in me if you want more info!

    JMW- It's has such classic garments and accessories...I can imagine it being more like a fortunate that you got to visit and browse.

    fromnorthqld- Louise...I hope that you are mending swiftly..and I'll try to arrange for the sun to come out and get my hubby to snap a few shots!

  15. What a great dress Hostess,love the colours,and it gives you a great choice in shoe colours also.

    I have no Summer dresses as I have never found one that suits me...or my idea of what I want it to look like...gosh hope that makes sense!!
    Have a restful,happy weekend. Ida

  16. ida- I think that you have identified a challenge and a field trip to some dress shops might be in order!
    It's raining cats and dogs here....hope the weather is better in your patch!