Friday, February 4, 2011

Pottering about the Bungalow...

This is a view of the interior of an arts and crafts bowl...
why have a smooth finish when you can add a flourish?

I am reminded of the hand that created this...
the finger that dragged along as the wheel turned
the smooth wet clay as it gave way to the pressure of the hand...
I can feel it here
even now,
after many decades...
tracing my finger in the grooves

Pottery is HUGE in the arts and crafts is "artfully crafted" and fits in with the philosophy and guidelines that arts and crafts is all about.

"Arts and Crafts"...those words sum it up.

Things made simply
things made,
by hand,
by hand and heart.

William Morris was quoted as saying
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

There's a guiding principle to live by...
all this de-cluttering might be attributed to William Morris~

I bought this piece of pottery in the late 1990's because I fell for the lava glaze
It bears no signature or mark so identification is difficult
attribution might be possible
but I would not know where to begin.

I found this in an antique shop while on holiday
it is a large and heavy vase 
look how the glaze has bubbled and popped in the kiln.

This wee bunny with the wonderful colour treatment
purchased in the late 1980's
before I had even heard of the artist
I just liked the colours of the glaze and the form.

It is an early example of
 the work of 
Artus Van Briggle

A well known potter from Colorado Springs  
the company is still in business
they started in 1899

 Vase (potter unknown)
Van Briggle bowl and bunny.

Harumi Ota porcelain bowl
circa 2009

I use it for pasta, salads, fruit
resides on the Humble Bungalow dining table
to be filled

I just finished reading
Frances Itani's book 
"Remembering the Bones"
she's a very clever story teller

I read her book "Deafening" a few years ago
and was very excited to find this book
and she is at work on another one!
are you reading

I hope that you grab some time for yourself this weekend
Hug your family!


  1. I would love to try pottery making. It looks like so much fun.
    I don't think I have the talent though!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. love the bowls! so hot here am wearing a bikini. Hope no one knocks on the door x

  3. Hi.
    Gosh I agree with you about pottery. Don't you get sick of all the mass produced chinaware that is prevalent these days (and worse still it's from China, but doesn't reflect the Chinese tradition of making exquisite chinaware).
    You are really on the ball about the beauty of hand made pottery. I have a friend who is a potter, and it amazes me how much work is actually involved in making beautiful pieces.
    The glazes are very complicated, finicky and easy to stuff up.
    I'm going to take some photos of some beautiful Australian Pottery for you one day, and post them. (need to do lots more cyclone cleanup first).

  4. I love Van Briggle, I have two pieces but I wish I had is so lovely. They sit in "pride of place" in my frontroom along with some Rosewood pottery. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hostess: The more I have learned to know you ( through your blogs ), the more convinced I am, that the Bungalow Cottage with everything it holds-inside and out, your whole wardrobe ( including all the jewelry, etc. ) is YOU ! Please keep your stuff; don´t rip it apart.
    Decluttering is " in " right now, some people practice it all the time ( me ), but we´re I you, I´d stop editing the stuff right now. You have an enormous amount of things packed in your cottage, and having lots of stuff yourself, is really ok. The combination is perfect. You are supposed to have stuff here and there. It is like part of your identity!

  6. Love your pieces of Pottery hostess and the bunny is so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. x

  7. Lovely post. I always live by that William Morris quote, I hate clutter.

  8. Dear Hostess, I am not an advocate of decluttering. Far from it. I think that it is so interesting for one's possessions to add up over the years and, in my view, makes for an intriguing environment full of happy memories and past experiences. My grandmother's Susie Cooper teaset is rarely now produced at teatime but I love looking at it and fondly remember her every time I do. No, dear Hostess, do not minimalise your pottery is beautiful....maximise it!!

  9. I just love that little bunny! Such a pretty colour and the shape - a really interesting piece.

    Interesting to read Mette and Edith's comments here about not going overboard with the decluttering. I agree, I think it's about finding a comfortable balance for each of us. The William Morris quote sums it up - if you use it and/or love it, then it should stay.

  10. I have been increasingly drawn to art pottery recently, I suppose influenced by so much of it appearing on Antiques Road Show, where I have come to appreciate it more and more. The Met recently unveiled a display of an astonishing collection of it they acquired only several years ago, which stopped me in my tracks. Amazing. Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it. Reggie

  11. Is that book the one that takes place during WWI and the school for the deaf in Deseronto?

  12. I love the volcanic glaze too.

    The memories that art evokes.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  13. Your pottery is so evocative; I'm very fond of the serene, sweet bunny. Am reading "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry right now.

  14. LPC- I wonder how the potter accomplished this effect, if it was planned or it just happened.

    Bringing Pretty Back- I think that any craft takes practise and until you try you'll never know...

    Faux Fuchsia- Oh a bikini and heat...good that you are trying to keep cool...

    fromnorthqld- Louise I will look forward to the Aussie pottery posts...glad to hear that you have survived that horrific cyclone.

    La Vie Quotidienne- I'd love to see your collection...maybe you'll do a post and show us?

    metscan- I appreciate your comments and rest assured that I am only decluttering what is junk and excess to my needs!

    Semi Expat- Thank you! The weekend is flying by far too fast!

    Tabitha- William Morris has some great thoughts on living a simle lifestyle...his quotes and writings are timeless.

    Edith Hope- I am hanging onto what I love...decluttering only what does not excite me! I'd love to see the Susie Cooper teaset...maybe you'll share it with us at some point.

    Northmoon- That balance of which you speak is the key...balance in everything...and moderation.

    Reggie Darling- The Antiques Roadshow is fabulous! I watch it too. Art pottery is something that I have collected for years...and I have a weakness for matte white and matte green arts and crafts pieces. I have been admiring your blog and love the restoration and decoration of your grand home.

    Suburban Princess- Yes, you must have read it too...she is very clever at engaging the might like this book as well.

    SSG- Art has such power, we are so fortunate to be living in a society where artists and art is lauded.

    Duchesse- I loved that Rohinton Mistry book...his life in India with all those characters is described in such rich detail.

    Alicia@eco friendly homemaking- Thanks for popping by...i'm going to your blog now!