Friday, February 18, 2011

A Hostess gift...a milestone birthday...and a pathetic attempt at humour

                                                    Welcome to the Humble Bungalow!

I am looking out onto the front porch and pondering life
while I am actually cleaning my oven.
There's a self clean super hero that does the hard work for me.
I stay close just in case the many roast beef Sunday dinner drippings decide to ignite...
and when Mr. HB comes in the door he'll actually think that we are having a roast!

The Lampe Berger will get some sweet scented time after the cycle has finished.

My wonderful son is celebrating a milestone
he's turning 30
and there will be partying and presents...
celebrations are the order of the day.

Emotions spill forth,
tears woven with memories...

cherished photos
bronzed baby boots
I'm gonna HUG HIM BIG when I get the chance!

I'm in the mood for a party
and what's a party without gifts?
It's time for a gift for a follower...
your comments really rock my world...
In gratitude, I'd like to share something of mine
maybe it'll be yours!

It is snug inside this wooden box
any guesses?

a 20 inch strand of Majorica
faux pearls
considered to be the BEST faux pearls

To be entered in the giveaway
you must be a follower
leave me a comment
Please tell me what Bungalow posts you enjoy the most
or suggest a topic for a post.

I'll keep the contest open until February 27th 
The night that The Oscars will be on TV 
I will draw a winner
and The Pearls go to....
actually I'll ask Mr. HB to draw a winner
it will be low tech
paper pieces with your names on them
put into a bowl or bag
shaken up

Good Luck

Front porch
the Free Plants Sign has been resting here since the Fall
The twiggy branches await budding 
warmer weather and longer sunnier days are required.

Boy that oven takes a long time to clean itself!

 I am content with the snowdrops in the front bed...
although I'd like them to multiply rapidly!

she's got snowdrops too!

 I remember manually cleaning ovens
what a dirty job
stinky too 
 those ammonia aerosol sprays
my gloves got filthy
I perspired
not my favourite thing
afterwards a long soak in the tub was necessary to rid myself of the grime.

did you laugh?

Your recent post reminded me that my pony needed an outing!

 Hope that your weekend is chock full of delights...

I'll be here and there
prepping foods
wrapping gifts
hugging family
recording milestone moments in my heart
snapping a few photos along the way...


  1. Are you kidding, narrow down your posts to one favorite? That's a Sophie's Choice situation, you know, missy...for each of your topics and musings brings joys of their own. Pepper? Garden? teaching me a new stew recipe? Or your poetry in general? No matter...I love them all. My own musing would be to will me that bungalow floor plan so I could reside in something equally lovely.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful family celebration!

    Of course my favorite posts center around style, but I also love seeing photos of your cottage and garden.

  3. Enjoy your son's birthday! I enjoy reading all your posts...and I have found some new favorite authors thanks to you. Thanks for sharing your reading picks. Oh, and anything involving your lovely garden!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son...he is a lucky man to have such a special mother.

    As far as what posts I like the best - I can honestly say I like them all. I am drawn to blogs that have lots of variety because I love surprises. It's like opening a present when I click the link to a blog that doesn't have a narrow focus. When I visit a fashion-only blog, I know I'll see an outfit or a handbag or the like and when I visit a food blog, I'll likely find a recipe - and that's okay. That's the subject matter of that particular blog.

    But there is something exciting about not knowing if I'll find a post about an item you bought while out shopping, a recipe, your home or garden, Pepper, Mr. HB and the rest of your family or just a contemplation. I love, love, love I suggest to just keep doing what you're doing.

    And please enter me in your pearl necklace give away! I would be thrilled to win.

  5. Hostess,
    What a super generous giveaway!

    I love your scarf and clothing posts the most.

    May the birthday celebrations for your son be resoundingly joyous.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Happy birthday to your son! I've peeked out OUR front door, too (we mainly use our back/garage door in the winter). I was kind of shocked at the dirt that had accumulated there. Something MUST be done! Wish that I could just set a button like you can do to clean an oven and get my porch clean!

    I enjoy your posts about the books you've read & any photos of the interior of your home. I'm SO voyeuristic when it comes to this, I know!

    Have a fine weekend! Thanks for hosting the give-away!

  7. Congratulations on your special occasion! And thank you for The Glove. :)

  8. Enjoy your son's birthday. A milestone indeed. What a lovely giveaway. And so perfect to come from you Hostess. Everyone needs their own pearls! I won't be entering, I already have my own pearls. I will wear them today and think of you.

    I need to clean my oven too. I've been thinking aobut doing it for a few weeks now and psyching myself up (the stinky ammonia way). I must check the manual and see if it self cleans. I hope it does.

  9. Yes. I love The Glove! And I want to see what sort of other mischief he/she gets up to! Does he/she garden too? Try to play with your pearls? Thank you!

  10. I enjoy all of your posts and yet I must admit that I am a sucker for Pepper. Love this generous contest. Happy birthday to your son! Happy weekend to you!xo

  11. I enjoy every post Hostess but my favourites...well I love the way you display an outfit on the bed from top to toes, your bungalow and of course darling Pepper. Also I'd like a peek at everything you have purchased in thrift stores and more about your adventures in the Chris Craft with accompanying photos. Gee I don't expect much do I !
    Happy 30th Birthday to your son.

  12. Dear Leslie,

    congrats on the 30th!

    I wish I could grow snowdrops here.

    You need a professional oven cleaner man- I got mine done about 6 months ago and it was worth every penny!

    I wish I could recall how I 1st found your blog x

  13. Your photography of your home and garden is beautiful, and I love to see what you are cooking or wearing, but I'd have to chose Pepper as my favourite blog subject.

    I'm hosting a little lunch for some friends this Sunday. I'll be trying to channel a little of your flair Hostess! Wish me luck.

  14. Hope you had a wonderful celebration for your son's 30th - am sure you did. And what a wonderful giveaway. I love your posts about style - your lingerie posts are especially gorgeous ally but I also really appreciate your fantastic recipes... XX

  15. Sorry, don't know how that 'ally' got into my last sentence - please put a line through it!! Must proof read my comments more thoroughly!X

  16. I´m late in wishing you a wonderful celebration party, which you obviously had. I noticed that your pony is a Steiff toy. I too have saved my daughters Steiff´s, they are great. Keep up your good work. I like your blog as it is: )

  17. hi leslie,

    it's humbling having a son turn 30, no? such a wonderful thing though.

    i love all your posts. i esp love your posts on you and mr hb beloved vintage boat. i would love such a boat. i think it is the ultimate in sophistication. truly i do.


  18. I just want to wish your son a Happy Birthday! (I'm not here for the giveaway. The pearls are lovely, but there's someone who would appreciate them so much more than I would, so please don't enter my name. Thank you, it's a very generous gift, that's for sure.)

  19. Hi Leslie...what a lovely giveaway! I hope your Birthday celebrations went well and your oven made it thru without igniting :)

    I am a follower and it would be to hard to tell you which one is my favourite post as I love them all... I always like to hear about what you are reading or your favourites or what's coming up that you are looking forward to reading :))

    Jeanne xxx

  20. I am going to make up entries for those who are interested and post a few times this week linked with reminders of the giveaway...stay tuned... and good luck!

  21. Pearls are the gem for me as well..they bring "light."
    I follow your blog on my google reader and find it to be a quiet oasis of loveliness.

  22. I love your posts about Pepper; she reminds me of my own cat, Pixel, who is always into everything and also loves water. I wonder if she is also part Bengal? I also enjoy your posts about visiting with your cruising friends, and of course, your garden. I would LOVE the pearl necklace; it's so classically beautiful. Thanks for offering it.

  23. Just found your blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying it...just love your Pepper posts...I have a couple of pups...Zoe and Buddy but our cat just died last week. Animals are good for the soul!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!!

  24. Thoughfully Blended Hearts- Welcome! Happy that you stopped by...two puppies must keep life active and interesting!
    Sorry to hear about your cat...last summer our 18 year old cat passed away, I waited until the fall to get a kitten, and I am so happy that Pepper has come into our lives.

  25. Genuine Lustre- I will add your name to the draw...good luck!

    Gayle- Pixel is a great name for a cat! If you google Bengal cats you'll see a variety of them and you cane read about their temperments...your name is in the draw!

  26. Mine favorite post was the one where you first revealed pictures of Pepper.
    I looked forward to finding our what name you would choose for her.

    I'll enter the givaway,(just because I never win anything) but should I win; please draw another name and let the next contestant receive the pearls.

    Not that I wouldn't be appreciative, it's just that I already enough.

  27. I guess I should proofread? Edit, 'My favourite post', and 'I already have enough'.

    Is it bad to say, I hope I win? lol


  28. theduchessofH- I will enter your name and if you win I'll send you something else if you don't want the would not feel right not to send you something if your name was drawn.

    I have typos all the worries!