Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mirror images....a copy cat post!

Lisa from a mid life of privilege posted a picture of a lovely mirror that she inherited from her grandmama...(run on over and see her mirror and then come back and see mine...)

I'm not usually a copy cat...
no doubt you've heard that expression
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

My grandparents gave me this mirror when I was young.

The wood is Maple 
it is a very heavy piece and requires 2 large hooks in back to hold it's weight.
The bevelled glass mirror is backed with another type of wood
which I cannot identify...

I used to think it looked like the mirror in Disney's Sleeping Beauty...
mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all?

I have no idea where this was made or what style it might be
it is a simple mirror which has moved from my family home 
and accompanied me ever since.

These sit atop the lingerie chest...
in our small bedroom.

Pepper sits stop our queen size bed 
snoopervising my photo shoot
I am blogging from bed
it would appear the flu has become an unwelcome visitor...

I am curious...

do you hand wash many garments?
I have a few favourite things 
like this Elie Tahari Tee

the fabric is soft and silky
I consider it to be delicate in nature
as it was a purchase I thought twice about because of the price point
 it gets a lot of wear 

I find if I treat garments gently and handwash them with TLC
 they outlive garments washed in the machine
(how's that for a frugal tip?)

I wash and rinse in the bathroom sink
using Aveda shampure, of course!

I have been blog reading on my laptop in bed and the battery is running low
my book
is calling my name
yoo hoo Hostess!

written by Anne Giardini
the daughter of the late author Carol Shields

I am halfway through, enjoying it immensely
 it is quite sad
and find her style to be quite similar to that of her late mother
Carol Shields

If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Carol Shields novel you might want to pick one up from your local library.


  1. Thank you hostess. I do not think of it as copycat, only as mutual inspiration:).

  2. Copy cat or not your mirror looks wonderful against that charming printed wallpaper. Very pretty.

  3. It's a beautiful mirror. I like that it's not too ornate. I love your tray with your perfume etc. So civilized. Hope you recover quickly - what a year for flu! My friend swears by cinnamon tea (teaspoon cinnamon, 1 or 2 of honey and hot water) apparently cinnamon is an anti-viral.

  4. Aveda Shampure?! Where did you find get that tip? I only know Shampure for removing residue from/on/off your hair. Fascinating :-)

  5. Leslie..oh dear, the flu? I hope you are well soon. You have the right idea. In bed, with a camera, a laptop, a book and I hope lots of warm tea. The mirror is beautiful. I love posts when we share a little about ourselves. It makes the blogging friendships that much sweeter.

    Take care my friend!!

    Jeanne xx

  6. LPC- Mutual inspiration sounds much more refined than my school girl copy cat...and you do inspire me :)

    La Vie Quotidienne- The mirror seems to go with a lot of things...maybe because of it's simplicity.

    L'age moyen- I have been drinking tea all day...and keeping warm. Your friend's advice sounds good...I think cinnamon raises ones metabolism too...apparently it's good for dieters.

    Paula- I didn't have any Woolite so I used it and love the scent in my hair and thought why not! "Necessity is the mother of invention"

    Jeanne- Oh thank you Jeanne...I know that you were ailing a few weeks it's my turn!
    I am all for making connections too and sharing ourselves is part of that picture.

  7. hi leslie,

    so sad you are under the weather. i'd tell you to take care of yourself but i know you are. there is no reason in the world you cannot use shampure on your t. i bet it smells lovely. pepper is looking so cute these days.


  8. the gardener's cottage- I am behaving myself...I stayed in bed, finished my book and had Pepper to keep me company...the sun even shone in the window...loved your post today!

  9. Hope you are on the mend soon Hostess and having Pepper nearby is nice company while confined to bed.
    The mirror is so pretty and more so for you because of your family connection and memories.
    Oh yes I do handwash my delicate garments. I agree totally about gentle laundering to preserve ones best clothes. My mother was a fan of hand washing and I guess it rubbed off on me.

  10. dear hostess, I just found the photo of your humble bungalow in the right hand menue, only I can not enlarge the photo. Is there a posting where you posted the photo before, where one can zoom in? I would love to see details of your bungalow. Thank you!

  11. So sorry to hear you got the flu that's going around. Hope Pepper shares your bed and keeps you warm and cozy.

    I hand wash bras, wool sweaters and hand knit items. Recently I got a front load washer and I've successfully washed some of my wool socks in it, so I may try a sweater in future. But really, hand washing is not a big deal for me.

  12. Anne Marie- I remember my mother hanging her stockings...
    (the kind one wore with garters) in the bathroom shower rod above the has rubbed off on me too!

    Paula- I'll get back to you on this one later....

    Northmoon- I have used a lingerie bag in my front loader for sweaters and it has been a enjoying Pepper's bedside manner!

  13. I hope you're feeling better Leslie?
    I rarely hand wash a thing. I do use the delicate or hand wash cycle on my front load machine, and either Woolite, Zero, or Tide Complete Care detergent, and line dry my fine, and delicate items. Fabrics have come a long way from what they were in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and even 80's! lol.

  14. theduchessofH- I think that I do this hand washing as a form of meditation if I can call it that! I am feeling better..thank you...and how is that Florida sunshine?

  15. Well it was sunny; but it certainly wasn't typical Marco Island weather. I only walked on the beach once (with Michael Tonello) since it was so chilly, and windy.

    I'm no furniture expert; but I have a feeling your mirror was made by Malcolm Furniture. I have a few Andrew Malcolm suites at my cottage, and although the style is different, there is something familiar, to my eye.