Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrating the Oscars.....and the Pearls go to....

It's Oscar night here in the Humble Bungalow...
the ballots are all in
printed on fuchsia
(Faux Fuchsia is expecting a baby!)

A simple dinner has been prepared to allow the Hostess
full access to the TV
with the fewest distractions possible....
a salad and a vegetable and noodle casserole.

Most of this post has been prepared ahead...

LPC suggested that the glove play with the Majorica Pearls
and I thought
why not?

Here is Pepper getting into the act
I think she bit some holes in the glove
I was trying to cross the fingers of the glove and say good luck 
but she undid my handiwork.

See how a simple strand of pearls,
and these are faux pearls
can elevate even the simplest attire.

First Nations Nootka basket
will be the keeper of the finalists...

and the winner goes to...

my lovely daughter J helped.......

wearing a head dress in beads and sparkles

she is digging deep...

her mine cut diamond and eternity band......

and the Oscar / giveaway 
goes to...Northmoon
please email your mailing address
I'll pop it in the mail asap
well done
you've won!


  1. Congrats Northmoon.
    A fun post Hostess with Glove in the starring role and beautifully assisted by Pepper and J. Love J's rings...sublime.

  2. Hah Hah LOVE the glove!! and congratulations to Northmoon - what a lucky little blogger!! XX

  3. Dear Hostess, Your yellow 'Marigold' [as we call such rubber gloves in England] is becoming something of a Hostess trademark....especially when bedecked with pearls!!

    A good night was had by the UK at the real Oscars......the King's Speech flying the flag for the British film industry!

  4. The pearls go the the right address, congratulations Northmoon!
    As for the Oscars, I have never followed them : )!

  5. Congratulations Northmoon! This giveaway was way more interesting than last nights Oscar ceremony.

  6. I love the glove. It has such a spritely personality! And beautiful ring on your daughter:).

  7. What fun! And nearly everyone in the family making a guest appearance!

  8. Sounds like fun!

    Your daughter's ring is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! I love it.

    Sad that I didn't win, but I can see your pearls are going to a good home.

  9. Dear Ms Leslie, I love the cheery rubber glove impersonating the Queen doing a regal wave. Lindaxxx

  10. I go through so many rubber gloves that I buy them a dozen at time.

    Your daughter's rings are just beautiful.

  11. Anne Marie- I love her rings too...she has inherited the bling gene!

    Semi Expat- The glove is very silly...and funny....glad that you find it amusing!

    Edith Hope- I do adore Colin Firth...and rah rah to the Royals for allowing this book to be made into a film.

    metscan- Do you go to the movies mette? You've never mentioned that on your blog that I can remember.

    theDuchessofH- I like the Oscar fashions and the bling...and Colin Firth...not necessarily in that order :)

    LPC-It is you who encouraged me to bring the glove back!

    Duchesse- Mr HB did the last draw so I am spreading it around...

    Adrienne- That's the thing about a draw...only one can win...but I'll do another one in the future.

    Linda in Chile- I am pretty sure that the Queen does not wear rubber fact Buckingham Palace has an ad for a washer woman on it's site right now!

    Fiona- J will be so happy with all these comments on her rings...and are the gloves cheaper by the dozen?