Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snowdrops, greed, magnification and...magazines

I wandered out in the garden for a spell today
in a sliver of sunlight I spied a small patch of snowdrops under a rhodo
they looked so pretty and dainty
and with only a few clumps I considered carefully but
I could not resist picking a few
to bring indoors.

One of my dreams 
is to have a garden that has masses upon masses 
of snowdrops 
I plant them whenever I see them offered for sale
but they are difficult to find here

I am a victim of garden envy 
and my envy is a vivid shade of green

love to share
  to acquire
and often are secretive 
and smug 
and will not share their sources

some even resort to stealing...

remember hearing about 
The Orchid Thief
and later reading the book.

Driving on a shaded street nearby
I spied a profusion
en masse
of white wee poppets
the boulevards were overflowing 
littered with the tiny white drooping heads 

what a sight!

green and greedy
 my gardener's envy 
reared it's ugly head...

I remarked to my mother
that I might come back at midnight and dig up some of them
they have so many would they miss just a few?

I would never actually do this
but the thought did occur to me...

I can visualize the snowdrops in my minds eye...
unfortunately my eyesight is not 20/20

all kinds of activities
beyond reading
things near and far
require glasses

so the time has come...
 a magnifying mirror

eye make up
and dare I say it

8X magnification on one side 
an honest and true reflection on the reverse

Anything new that comes into the Bungalow needs to be inspected
as you can see
Pepper is on the job.

I was surprised at how expensive these mirrors are to purchase
I have been looking for a sale
and have had no luck

I gave up waiting
this is more of a need than a want.

my favourite magazine
recreational reading
and dreaming

at first glimpse 
I thought the flowers were snowdrops...
now glasses on
 I see they are muscari album!

Town and Country 
arrived in the post
looking at the cover image
I pondered who the target audience was...
funnily enough the issue is titled Spring Fashion
and flipping the pages I see that this image goes with the article
"What is a Socialite?"
not Spring Fashion after all!


my current bedside read is 
The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austin
by Syrie James

I'm hooked...

Mr. HB and I took in the film
The King's Speech and we both loved it...
Colin Firth's performance is superb
if you haven't yet seen it
I highly recommend it
and the book is available at the booksellers.

peeking inside these sweet snowdrops
can you see why I am infatuated with their beauty?

Galanthus atkinsii

there's so much detail
in such a small space

The Hostess has
an embarrassingly large punch
 of greedy gardener's envy!


  1. What beautiful flowers snow drops are!

    Thank you for sharing the magic of gardening, hostess. I am beginning to feel it too.

    Glad you both loved The King's Speech.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Lovely, lovely flowers. And your eyes are good! I've been magnifying for a few years now:).

  3. You can buy them by mail-order from a snowdrop nursery in the UK. Snowdrops can be quite difficult to get to 'take' by just planting bulbs outside, they need to be planted 'in the green'. I buy a packet each autumn, plant them into pots, keep them in a cook, dark place until they come through, then have them on a windowsill. When the flowers die back, they can then be planted outside successfully.

  4. You might try McClure and Zimmerman flower bulb growers for snowdrops. They have a catalogue and deal in unique items. Yes, they are very pretty and alas I can't grow them here at all...sigh.

  5. I have been similarly tempted by snowdrop clusters in other people's yards. I've never been successful in getting them going from bulbs. I've always heard what veg artist says here, that galanthus prefer to be planted green, generally after flowering, and I've never managed to muster time, energy, and the right gardener to get some into my garden in February. Every year at this time I wish again . . . thanks for sharing yours, if only in photo.

  6. Once again, Hostess, you did it. You manage to get so much interesting in your posts. Something for everyone. I used to buy several magazines, but nowadays-if choice given, I prefer books.

  7. Dear Hostess, Oh dear must NOT pick Snowdrops in the wild for otherwise they will not multply and they will not be there for others to see and marvel upon. They are such fleeting flowers that your joy of bringing them home would only be shortlived and then the guilt would set in. So, dear Hostess, do not give way to temptation......look at them on the pages of magazines instead! And, when your clump has finished flowering, divide it carefully and replant and you will be amazed how quickly one can create a drift!!

  8. Just took pics of mine for tomorrows post!

  9. Snowdrops....I love them too.....the more the merrier....xv

  10. Your Snowdrops look divine in your glass vase,Edith will have to smack my hand too!! I picked a few for my kitchen table....I do believe they must self seed themselves as we have far more in the garden,also loads more on the banks than last friend's orchard is one mass.
    She believes her's have doubled/trebled this year...maybe all that early snow in November helped (laughing)
    I have also the need of a magnifying glass now,yes they are very expensive Hostess. Ida

  11. The magnifying mirror is fabulous for grooming brows. A great purchase. I've never really fully appreciated snowdrops until reading your post, Hostess. Of course I've loved their beauty, but not their difficulty to grow. That's growing up for you.

  12. SSG- I wonder do you have snowdrops in Australia...?

    LPC- I have been struggling along for awhile, should have done this years ago :)

    the veg artist- Oh that's great information...I shall get right on that, thank you!

    La Vie Quotidienne- I will google that company Adrienne and merci.

    materfamilias- Sounds like we are partners in crime!

    metscan- I am so impressed with your jewelers shop...I'd also love to know what books you like to read.

    Edith Hope- I am a law abiding citizen so there are no worries that I'll be commiting a crime! I'll be researching sources and suppliers instead!

    Tabitha- Your snowdrop looks lovely, a harbinger of spring indeed.

    vickie archer- The French farmhouse would look even better if it had a sea of snowdrops in the garden...I still cannot get that home out of my mind!

    ida- your friend's garden must be heavenly...I hope that you are enjoying your windowsill bouquet....

  13. Fiona- It's interesting how we are influenced by inspire me in so many ways, I thank you.

  14. Your snowdrops are so beautiful...I think I took them for granted when we lived in a cold climate...I never thought to bring a few inside, but always enjoyed seeing them in the garden. Love your photos of them.

    also, I too was a little surprised by the cover of Town & Country...seems like a lot of changes at T & C.

  15. I stole some hostas and lily of the vally from an abandoned lot once. My logic was that they would be plowed under when the place was demo'd- which happened. My penance has been to divide them and give them to gardening neighbours. Enjoy your blooms.

  16. Annie- I live in a fairly cold climate...and I LUST for more snowdrops...not so for the T&C cover !!

    Duchesse- You are a hero for saving those plants...and for sharing!

  17. Some good advice says: dim the light in the bathroom and remove all magnifying mirrors - to keep your fingers off your face. As soon as there is light and one of this 8x or even 10x magnifying mirrors, my face turns into a field of ugly spots because I can't help but picking.

  18. Paula- Oh no Paula!
    I'd avoid those mirrors if that is the effect they have on you!