Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeing double...

I went shopping as I needed a quick fix post flu...
after spending 3 days in bed reading and surfing the net
I craved some retail therapy...
therapy that internet shopping could not satisfy.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular...
I was hoping that something would shout "buy me buy me"...
It's side of my self that I have not yet shared...
let me introduce this side now
"I need to shop"...
(don't be too shocked)
I need to eat
I need to sleep...
Today I woke up and said "I need to shop!"

Need might sound's only a word
don't be too bothered by it's use here I couldn't find a better one...

Mother used to say when she felt blue that a new hat was just what she "needed" to cheer her up...
I guess that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

I looked long and hard at handbags and found a very nice Nanette Lampore bronze mettalic cross body bag but after wearing it for half an hour and glancing in the mirrors as I cruised the clothing I decided it was too small...and at $250 reduced from $375 thought that the mettalic finish might date quickly.
You might ask why I tried this bag on and wore it so long...

I feel one needs to assess and scrutinize bags very carefully...they need to "fit my lifestyle".

Furthermore, I do not like to return merchandise...
I am lazy in that area and dislike any confrontation with clerks.
Some clerks can be rather tedious when dealing with returns...and it's not as if I have removed tags or forget my receipt...I have all that with me.
I have been known to donate things that I couldn't be bothered returning.
I digress...

I didn't find any garments that screamed out to me...lots of sale items that were odd or too trendy...and the basics are already in my closet.

Then I detoured through the shoe department and I found these...or rather they found me!

Hello Hostess...look over here...they practically waved at me.
Others waved too but for different reasons they did not come home with me.

Seeing double
not identical
not one pair but two
and two of the same style
one conservative and versatile
and the other purely for fun
I know this might seem odd 
the thought did cross my mind
I put it down to the effects of the flu 
which is still lingering 
ever so slightly

flats + comfort = Happy Hostess

I can see some of you fashionable high heeled devotees shaking your heads!
no apologies 
flats and kitten heels are me

MTNY Legend

I feel much better already
not sated 
but satisfied for the moment...
and tomorrow is another day...

Have you cruised the sales?
What did you find?
An investment piece
something cheerful and fun?


  1. I am quite terrible, as I am one of those people who often gives merchandise a little trip...either in the shopping cart, or sometimes I buy it and bring it home for a little visit, especially things from Marshall's. Put another way...if I think I like it, but I need to think about it, and if I change my mind it might be gone, it is easier to buy it, really take my time to decide and if it doesn't work, return it.(-: Cute shoes!

  2. Congratulations on deciding to leave the bag n the store, taking the trouble to really get the feel of a handbag really pays off doesn't it?

    I have a problem with large bags that hold too much and get very heavy on the shoulder after a while.

    I created a cyclone of my own on Saturday night - Tee hee.

    Does Pepper take an interest in your bags and shoes?

  3. Cute shoes...I like the hardware and the rounded toes. Good job on taking that bag for a test drive first.

  4. I bought two pairs of shorts and two tees today:). Those shoes are very Hostess. Of course two is the right way to go.

  5. cute shoes leslie. i bought a v cute dress from the goodwill for $6 this week and cannot wait to wear it this spring.


  6. I have been very good feeling the urge though! Certainly would have snapped up those two pair. Love them!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  7. I hate sales as you probably know by now and I never " go " shopping.
    I just " happen " to bump into something I can´t resist.
    I don´t feel bad about returning stuff, if it is ok with the shop.
    I have quit online shopping. The waiting and the returning stressed me.
    Comfort shopping is understandable. After all, we are woman ; )!!

  8. I wish you were one of my customers Leslie - the polite and lovely types with receipts and new merchandise. I had a lady today who wanted to return a pair of jandals (rubber Havaianas) that she said 'the straps fitted funny'. Naturally there was no receipt, no tag on, and food bits stuck in the bottom of them. Unworn? I don't think so. When I quizzed her (nicely) about them being not new she threw a fit and stormed from the shop saying she 'spent a fortune at this place and would never shop here again'. Le sigh.

    Your posts are like tonic to the soul. Love the way you write. And your two new pairs of shoes are fabulous!

  9. Lovely new shoes Hostess and I agree with you - I hate returning things - and I loathe any kind of confrontation too!! Hope you are feeling much better now - maybe you should get a hat and feel 100% better (am sure your Ma would agree!) XX

  10. Think you are caught in an in-between month. Here, mostly picked over sale racks, but by the end of Feb. stores will be full of new items. I used to shop seeking something for a lift, but that urge has subsisted- not sure why.

    I love to look, and see as my mother used to say, "what they are wearing".

  11. I love the shoes and when you've found a good thing why not double it? I often end up with variations on a theme. The key is knowing when you're 'on theme'.

  12. La Vie Quotidienne- I love that you take merchandise around in your cart for a ride!

    fromnorthqld- I hope that you are going to mend quickly...
    Pepper plays in my shoe bins in my closet...and I don't leave my bags open or she'd be in in a heartbeat!

    Adrienne- The hardware attracted me too...a little equestrian touch.

    LPC- Great! You do doubles too!

    the gardener's cottage- I'd like to see your dress...

    Karena- Will pop right over!

    Metscan- "comfort shopping" feels can see what you are buying and feel the fabric and try it much better than looking at a computer screen.

    Fiona- Oh dear your customer sounds very rude...hope that you can let that kind of negativity and let it go...
    Fiona, your comment is so sweet,
    thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Semi Expat-I have a few hats...bit I'd rather buy a scarf!

    Duchesse- You are right about the in between month...I used to eat chocolate for a lift...not anymore, and I don't know why either.

    L'age moyen- You have a really great eye for detail and a fun attitude..
    I perused some of your older blog posts last week.

  13. I'm with you on the flats. These are so cute and at that price, (I checked Zappos), why not buy two? I have to pretend I'm interested when my daughter is trying on or looking at heels with a 4 or 5" heel? It's just so not me...I'm tall enough.

  14. Annie- I am with you Annie! and I am not tall!