Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family fashion and flowers...

I attended a gathering of family and friends to celebrate our son's 30th milestone birthday...the event took place at  his home.
It was a sunny afternoon with crisp blue skies and not a cloud in sight and the heat of the sun streaming through the windows warmed not only our souls but our hearts.

Tears did not spill as I had anticipated...but there was no lack of love, emotion and hugs.
One never knows what might bubble up....sometimes it catches me off guard.

Their home is perched high up on a rocky outcropping replete with Garry Oaks. The panoramic view can been seen from it's many windows offering glimpses of the ocean and the snow capped mountains beyond. It has a large and open plan which makes it a great entertaining house.
It has several bedrooms and bathrooms...more than ample room for a growing family.

Flowers greeted us at every turn
the food was delicious and plentiful...

I enjoyed sipping my tea and perusing the assortment of tempting treats
I needed to exercise restraint...
I nibbled cheese, crunched veggies, ate a devilled egg and then...
I  enjoyed a few tasty cookies made by my DIL's mother...
 sweet buttery mounds sprinkled with butterscotch chips...yum!

So many rosy cheeked toddlers and wee ones were in attendance...we literally could have opened a preschool!

Try as not to steal the focus of the event (but how could she not)...the lovely Miss Isla tugged at my heart strings...
I held her for a bit, (not long enough) before she wanted her mommy back
Miss Isla and her Mom have a very close bond, serene and lovely...it's as it should be.

There was floor play with toys in a sun filled room. Isla flirted with another baby boy her age...her eyes lit up and she was definitely pouring on her charms, smiling broadly and tilting her head!

I had never seen this side of her before...as we usually see her with her parents.
She is crawling...crawling backwards and rolling over, and standing up at the coffee table.
Diminutive and gorgeous this little lady has harnessed beauty and it's all wrapped up in one cuddly package...

I wore basic black
top and bottom
right down to the toes.

a garland of pearls
to add length

The Burberry jacket came out too as it was not too cold

My hair has been in my face so much of late
I decided to go retro and put it half up the way I did when I was younger.
My cheeks are not thin so the look is...
the word matronly comes to mind
for want of a better word.

It shows my full face
a bold and brave statement!

I need to feel more confident about wearing my hair pulled back
and is matronly a bad thing when one is closing in on 56?

My Yoga practise has given me
 a renewed sense of energy.

Lululemon Yoga Gear
Privo shoes

Capris and a tank
Yoga mat

The Studio where I practise is very close to home.
a leisurely stroll.

I have been trying to watch what I eat 
ingesting more enzyme rich raw food.
Reading about the raw food movement has been quite interesting.
I could not embrace it in it's entirety but can adapt and adopt some of the principles.

Winter weight gain necessitates 
choosing food with mindfullness
and upping the exercise quotient.
I hope that I am up to the task.

Good Luck!


  1. I bet that the baby loved your shiny braclets. Being surround by children and grandchildren is the nicest way to spend a day.

    I love yoga too and go twice a week...I don't think I am as elegantly outfitted as you though...but I do have a wonderful mat...black with gold leopards marching around the border.

  2. Dear Hostess, Your son's house sounds to be in a most picturesque setting. How wonderful to have an ocean view!! And, what a day you had filled with fun and laughter...perfect!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day.

    I like your hair like that. I happened to wear mine half up, half down yesterday, but it did not look as pretty as yours - I used an elastic band instead of a pretty hair clip.

    Lululemon is the only active clothing brand I buy. They have talls which fit me perfectly. And the quality and cut is superb.
    I am wearing a pair of Lululemon draw string loungy pants as I type this - and as I think about it, I bought them on Robson street in your beautiful city a few years back!



  4. I love Lululemon. But hate paying the shipping and taxes to get it here.

  5. The birthday party sounds wonderful. So much fun when there are little ones in attendance!

  6. "a bold and brave statement" - could not have said it better. though I am in the state right now where my cheeks finally look more mature, slimmer, compared to the young fleshy chubby look I had in my face until my mid-30's. :-).

  7. The celebration sounds perfect and how lovely to cuddle Miss Isla.
    I think your hair pulled back with a clasp is pretty (I often sport the same 'do'). Then we have the best of both worlds Hostess, half up half down.
    Love your party outfit and admire how well you dress.

  8. I wear my hair back these days. I prefer to think of it as the 'wise woman' look:).

  9. La Vie Quotidienne- Ah! You are spot on...she loves the bangles!
    Your Yoga mat sounds very vivid...does it distract you at all?

    Edith Hope- I wouldn't mind having his view...just not all the cleaning!

    i think they have Lulu shops in California...Robson is quite the street...lots of shoppers and shops...a great place to people watch too!

  10. Tabitha- I understand your woes of shipping as it deters me from a lot of onine shopping.

    Deja Pseu- You are so right...children make parties much more fun!

    Paula- I am sure that your slimmer face has a more dignified appearance...
    i still have the chubby cheeks...i need to diet!

    Anne Marie- Half up, half down has been around since I was a girl and it is interesting how many women wear their hair in this style.

    LPC- Wise woman does have a better ring than matron!
    I feel that hair off the face shows a more efficient and serious...professional image.

  11. Like La Vie Quotidienne, I'm sure that Isla loves your bracelets and soon will be asking you to pull them off for her to play with. Such a delightful age!

  12. I love all your bracelets. I felt bold this past Sunday and wore 3 of my bracelets together. Made me feel oh so feminine!

    I have a yoga practice, too, and need to try the Lululemon brand as I've heard so many good things about it.

  13. hostess, maybe it is an upside, the chubby cheeks! my coworkes at the office who are above 50 quite look harsh when they lose weight.

  14. materfamilias- She already likes to hold them and put them in her mouth!
    As a grammy I feel it is my duty to provide her with "toys!"

    Cherie- Lululemon Yoga gear lasts forever if you launder them carefully...my capri and tank are several years old and look new...happy to hear that you are amassing your bangles and wearing them with pleasure!

    Paula- I have heard that weight loss can have a wrinkly effect on the face...as I have ample stuffing my skin it is on the smooth side...I figure a slow weight loss might be the way to go....and who knows if I will even be successful with my thyroid being so out of whack.

  15. Your Miss Isla sounds delightful & huggie...such happy family memories to look back on.ida

  16. ida- I feel very lucky ida...family means so much!