Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rain rain go away....colour me orange.

It's raining 
it's pouring

coming down in buckets
the gutters are gurgling

the windows
splattered and smattered with rivulets of raindrops

it's chilly
and the wind has come up

 skies are grey

snug and warm
inside today = domestics 
later errands = actioned

boots, brolly, beret
and a raincoat
kept the Hostess
I dodged some puddles but the drops
coated my specs
there's nothing like trying to read labels 
through a rain-dotted lens
is skewed

ducks must love it

starfish are at home in the wet

I refuse to feel sorry
 or entertain sad thoughts
they are party poopers
and who wants them to rain on a parade?

I will choose to dream in colour
day dream,
so I may remember
the colours
and vividly, if you please!

I rarely remember dreams
from slumber

I prefer to think that I must not dream
because if I do not remember 
and if I do in fact dream
 do I not remember?

dreams vividly
go visit
she knows a lot about dreams 

 Poppy blooms are dreamy
there's a patch of my garden where they have gone wild...
and grow like weeds

a very good friend has asked me
to paint some for her hallway...
long time friend
I hope that she likes what 
from the brush and the brain...

I am gathering ideas and inspirations
and given the fact that I love orange
 in nature...
I am well on my way...
take heart
harness some courage
and proceed....

Rothschild variety of Azalea
sweetly scented
perfuming the garden in the sunshine of summer

Abkhazi Gardens
and special place

David Austin summer blooming rose
rubbing shoulders with Lady's Mantle
a marriage
in a vase
I highly approve!

heirloom tomatoes
orange goodness
that one can eat

Cheddar Cheese
a long time love affair

Mac n' Cheese = Comfort Supreme

 in the signature luxe orange

Hermes scarf 
with a touch of orange

vitamin C
parcels of goodness

Collection d'orangerie...

painted in 2009
by the Humble Bungalow Hostess
 now hanging
in a retail shop
not far from the Bungalow
a gift to a friend

It's a wet weekend
the forecast is for a week of wind and rain
don't be surprised 
if by the end of the week

Sweet dreams to all....
from the Hostess


  1. But what does the glove say?:)

  2. Ah, yes. Orange, orange, orange. So lovely in gloomy weather. I also have a big bowl of mandarins in my kitchen and you saw the recipe I posted today :). Also found myself thinking of Hermes this afternoon... Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xo

  3. LPC- Glove says "Throw the towel in"

    sparrowsandsparkles- A very wet weekend but not untypical...I am feeling like being naughty and buying something cheerful...and not cheap!
    I love that we can see the different knots and ties of the Hermes scarves online....Mr. HB is watching Hockey so no worries!

  4. All of these tints of orange are perfect remedies for a cold, rainy day.(-: Great painting!

  5. Hostess,

    Your rainy days sound like mine. I blog and potter and look at my pot plants whilst Mr SSG catches up on the sport.

    I love the scarf! I need some orange in my wardrobe too.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. La Vie Quotidienne- I posted the painting with some trepidation...glad you like it!

    SSG- We could have an orange focus....I wonder what we might choose...

  7. Ok, orange seems to work for you, so you use it! For me, orange is an orange ( fruit ), no more, no less.
    Luckily we people are all different, enjoying different colors, different hues of different colors.

  8. You really captured the depressing weather. Here in Vienna rain turns into snow and it is the day where you should stay at home, de-clutter some drawers, wash your cashmere sweaters and eat lunch at 4pm since you got out of bed quite late. This was my day yesterday. Today I am off to work and enjoy all the orange in your house. Especially the Ranunculas which aren't at your house any more. Well, the photo is :-)
    You once wrote you wash your cashmeres with shampure. How often do you use it for your hair? Would it be a good idea to use it every week? (I always thought of it as a deep cleansing shampoo, that strips every residue off the hair).

    I would love to hear your advice on a question I posted yesterday- how to deal with a love letter that is out of proportion :-)

  9. I didn't know you were a painter, too! Like you, I am cheered by orange.

  10. Orange is such a happy color, and these are such lovely images, all captured with an artist's eye. I always find myself wanting to wear orange around this time of year to hasten spring.

  11. Love the boots, the ducks, the orange (especially the roses!), the writing, and Eric singing. Lots of beauty in this post.

  12. hi leslie,

    i'm back in utah skiing and the weather is for once this year, sunny and clear and quite warm, 40 degrees today so i'm quite happy.

    i love all the orange in this post. i've been thinking of adding orange or yellow this summer to our cottage decor. maybe some pillows or flowers.


  13. I never used to like orange but I've really come round to it. I really like your painting, I'd love to be able to make my own art but alas no

  14. I love your rain...I love your orange favourite colour too!! Great post...wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Jeanne xx

  15. metscan- I didn't always like orange, it's a recent foray into colour.

    Paula- Shampure is Aveda shampoo and I use it to wash my hair every other day...I find it gentle. I'll pop over to your blog in a bit...

    Duchesse- I paint...but for me it is a hobby and I feel that my paintings have a long way to go before they could be considered art!

    Mrs. M- Welcome! and I'm happy that you enjoyed the post.

    the gardener's cottage- Janet...I think you are becoming a ski bunny!
    Orange would look lovely with your black and white theme....there are lots of orange flowers you could plant in your garden too.

    Tabitha- I think anyone can do what they set their mind might like to take a course and give it a might be surprised.
    I am not an artist, I just play with paint.

    Jeanne- Happy Valentine's Jeanne...the sun came out today and I am loving it more than the rain!

  16. Very uplifting... all your oranges! Love the boots for stomping in the rain! Might as well do it in style... yes!

  17. mimi- Hi mimi,
    ....and the uplift credit goes to the colour orange...
    it would be fun to have an orange or yellow slicker for rain gear...

  18. Love your cheery orange colours and your painting - you are so talented Hostess! So much rain over the world at the moment - has it all gone crazy? XX

  19. Semi Expat- There is always lots of rain here in the Pacific Northwest...but for other parts of the world it does sound unusual...climate change has arrived as predicted.