Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sitting on the dock of the bay...

Glassy calm water
wind easy

We are snugged up to the dock and sitting aside our boating buddies...
we are a Chris Craft and they are a Monk!
Our days are spent in tandem
we get along so well
all 4 of us
the guys hunt and gather
crab and cod
the gals
we make salads
and spuds
we have our noses firmly planted into our books
the pool and hot tubs call
we beach comb
we kayak
we sleep late
we snore
(some of us!)

Mr HB gets his work emails
he's a partner and needs to keep in the loop
I am a WIFI Queen
(I wonder if they think I am mad!)
I spend at least an hour online
they humour me
no I am reading blogs!

We dined here...very tasty
I live in Hope...
for many things...
as I sit and type
there is a 75 foot Fleming next to us
very large and fine
it's called SILVERHEELS II
we are small and in it's shadow
Mr. HB chatted with the skipper
he's heading to Florida

I am in awe of these large expensive vessels
but am happy to be snug 
our boat is all it needs to be....
the heater is on
the bunk is ready
and I have half a book to read!

Calm Seas and Sweet Dreams
My WIFI signal
is strong tonight!


  1. How lovely to be where you are right now!! I can only dream!!

  2. What a lovely post, your hols sounds so relaxing and fun, enjoy! but please come back and blog some more soon! Bx

  3. Your '58 (or '59) Chris-Craft 31' Constellation is a beautiful Classic.

  4. Lucky you - what a heavenly place to be right now!

  5. Oh, I would love to change places with you! I am getting ready to start my shift at work....btw, thanks for your list of summer reading, I am thoroughly enjoying Mrs. Fytton's Country Life.

  6. Al Benton-Our Constellation is a 35 foot 1957 bullnose Chris Craft!
    I see that you are a wooden boat fan! They are a labour of love and a lot of fun.
    Welcome to the Bungalow Blog...it's boat style at the moment

    I appreciate how fortunate I am to be relaxing on board...many bloggers go to Europe and exotic locales...we are pretty happy just floating along.

    jenndon-Glad to hear that you are enjoying Mrs. Fytton's Country Life...so many great books out there.

  7. It looks lovely and relaxing, enjoy!

  8. Leslie, how I would love to have your boat, especially since it was crafted in the year of my birth!

    The building in the background of the marina, is it a hotel?