Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moments and musings...on the journey of life...

Setting sun

We are still bobbing about in our boat
watching the day turn to night
 sleeping long and deeply
I have been getting 10 hours of slumber
which is really quite remarkable considering that I have not been walking.
Maybe it's the salt air 
or the fact that we are away from it all
no demanding schedules
no chores
no daybook

I have lost track of the days

I would love to live my everyday life in this space
I am not too sure why I can't
what would it take to be in this head space
there must be a secret that I have yet to discover.

I met an interesting fellow at the laundromat
he's retired living aboard his 41 foot sailboat
he sold his home to finance his dream of getting away from the hustle and bustle
He is free to come and go as he pleases
he looked very relaxed
and he highly recommends this way of life!
It sounds like he has made the right choice and it suits him

There is something magical and restorative about holidays
I guess that's why we take them
to nurture our souls
and tend to the messiness that clutters and clogs our minds

I aspire to being joyful and happy wherever I am
because isn't it the moment, the right now, that is important when all things are said and done?

Lots of time to ponder more
I'll leave with this image from many moons ago
newly married
before kids
really just a kid myself!

Smiles all round!


  1. hi leslie,

    i envy this vacation you are on. i would love to live as the gentleman in the laundry.

    and you do look very happy with the mr and mrs.


  2. Yours is a REAL vacation, in my opinion. So many have to get home to rest AFTER their vacations! What's THAT about? Good for you...I don't have to tell you to relax and enjoy :)

  3. you look so cute with the Mouses! Mr B very impressed you have a Chris Craft - he is a devotee of Robert B. Parker detective novels and it was mentioned in one the other day!! Bx

  4. I am glad you are having fun! I, on the other hand, would be losing my mind lol!

  5. So cute. I love the juncture of these two photos.

  6. I need to be's a scorcher and I need to get in the shade!
    The WIFI signal is best on the back deck and right now it is in full sun!
    The cruise is almost done and i'll be back to reality and responsibility...

    Blighty -tell Mr.B there's a movie with a Chris Craft owned by Frank Sinatra...Assault on a Queen...his boat is in it and has been restored by a fellow in California! It is called Lodestar.

    LPC- Great observation...I totally missed that!

  7. LPC you have a sharp eye, and Leslie, maybe your subconscious recognised the juncture, and perhaps that's why you chose to post these photos .

    I love to be on the water, or at least have sight of it. Maybe because I'm a Cancer; but I've never felt at home, unless I can look out and see water; even if it's only a pool.