Thursday, August 19, 2010

Affordable Classics...(is there such a thing?) time will tell....

I recently went out shopping for some Alfred Sung white towels for the Bungalow bathroom and came home with a pair of Dark Denim skinny jeans by Canadian designer Alfred Sung.
He also has a Euro cut in the Fall Collection which I may go back and try on...I am surprised at how well made these jeans are and the fit is great. They were incredibly affordable...translation CHEAP.

I like to buy pieces that suit me and are classics in multiples
I like this rule of multiples because it is a timesaver and seems a sensible approach to the bare bones of wardrobing.
Have you ever gone shopping and fallen in love with a garment and didn't buy it only to return to the store and find that it has been sold?
Or maybe you've seen two items in different colours and only chosen one and then decide it would be wise to have it in the other colour...and when you return to the store...SOLD OUT!

I found myself at the local mall for an hour this afternoon...
I am still looking for white towels (none came home with me)

I found a new line of Classics from Alfred Sung called MOON...
they are carried at The Bay here in Canada.

There were a large group of well dressed "bigwigs"  walking around the store and making notes on clipboards, blackberries and some were taking photos with their IPhones. The staff were all on their toes, interacting with customers and going the distance to help us find garments...
A very cheerful salesgal recommended the MOON line to me and I had never heard of it before today.
I was carrying a Jones of New York 2 ply cashmere black and grey sweater at $300 and an INC grey cardigan for $175 one of which I thought might be my back to work basic to pair with my white tanks, shirts and Tees.
(they were not flattering on me)

I thought I'd at least try some of the MOON pieces on on....they are all in very classic basic colours and styles that are wardrobe basics. I noticed some of the stitching on the dresses was uneven and wavy so I put those back....too bad because for school they'd really work.
Most of the outer wear was exceptionally well made...I do not need outer wear as I have enough already. I perused the sweaters and found a cardigan in charcoal and one in black. The line reminds me of Club Monaco in it's approach to colour and form but the price point is significantly less....
I got both of these for under $100...they may not outlast my cashmere and only time will tell how they's an experiment...I am attempting to be frugal.
I've been having a little fun with my camera and my accessories as you will see...a cuppa tea is restoring me as I sit here and bang away on the laptop keyboard.
Basic Black
Elita cotton tank top
(I bought 2!)
I have forgotten the designers name who made this necklace, which I was fortunate enough to win.
I have the earrings as well.
(I never wear them both at the same time...too matchy matchy)
My lovely daughter worked at a local jewelry shop when she was at University and the shop had a fundraiser for The Heart and Stroke Foundation.
I had the winning ticket.

Introducing Charcoal

With Pearls
I also have several strands of natural baroque and freshwater pearls that I could layer on.

with my long scarf

with the necklace I made of pearls and Labradorite

the vintage eelskin clutch

Artisan Debra Kay necklace

Guy Vidal modernist necklace
side one

Guy Vidal modernist necklace
flip side

Modernist Swedish R. Tennesmed designed pin

Tiffany Heart

These two staples are going to be my go to classics for Fall
I can see them with dressy trousers, my black skirt,
black denim jeans, tweed pants and the list goes on...
I haven't even brought out the Hermes scarf collection...they'll work with those as well.
I think the secret to making a less expensive basic look better is to up the ante when it comes to accessorizing...

My new favourite scent
I'll be making a trip to Hermes sometime very soon
I hope they haven't sold out!


  1. Those are great classic pieces that look like they will be real wardrobe workhorses!

    I buy multiples too. I bought 3 pair of a favorite cut of NYDJ jeans. I put one pair aside in the drawer and am rotating between the other two so they don't wear out too quickly!

  2. I really like plain clothing in neutral colors--so I LOVE what you put together.

  3. Hostess: You have made some excellent purchases and your display of them is great. I´m here clapping my hands. Bravo!
    Nowadays, I buy doubles of the basics, if I can afford it! That´s why I have 2 pairs of the jeans, I showed yesterday. Mmm.. I especially like the simple white tank under the cardigans.

  4. Dear Hostess,
    what a great post! Yes, knowing the feeling of having seen something, and not buying it, and then to come back and it is sold - I went back to Max Mara yesterday (the day before I bought a stunning cap - when my husband comes back he'll have to take a pic with me under it - you'll see the "under" at a glance..will publish it maybe on 'youarewittyandpretty'), and at that time I saw a beautiful coat - and thought: I don't need a coat - I have more than one... and went.
    But I still saw it 'in front of my inner eye' - that's a sign - or an excuse- and so I went back yesterday - it was still there..bliss... because: now it is here!

  5. Great pieces Hostess - am sure they will serve you well - I also love that new Hermes scent - am sure they will not have sold out and you will be lucky! x

  6. Dear Hostess, Jean Muir dresses, timeless classics for me, but, alas, her company is no more. Still, I suppose that they are vintage now!!

  7. hi leslie,

    last summer i bought a pair of the most perfect white linen pants i have ever owned. but i didn't know they were going to be that great so i only bought one pair. i wish i had 6 pair. i treat them like an heirloom piece b/c i want them to last forever. i love all your pieces and i know you are going to look very chic in everything. the french have nothing on you!


  8. I love your look and accessory choices! You are going to be one stylin' girl at school!I am only 5'2" and when I find pants that fit properly, I always buy them in multiples in the colours that I like! I also look at the Alfred Sung line at Zellers often too...they are very stylish's just the workmanship sometimes that is not so great.

  9. Deja Pseu-Those jeans NYDJ, are quite popular here, but I have never tried them.

    Frugal scholar-Maybe some of your blog advice is rubbing off on me!

    metscan-Your comment made me smile!

    Britta-I feel that we instinctively know when something works for us we just don't always feel like spending the money...until after careful consideration.

    Semi Expat-Did you buy some Voyage d'Hermes?

    Edith Hope-Jean Muir I feel that I knew her name in the 60's...was she a contemporary of Mary Quant? I'll have to research her...and hope that you have held onto your Jean Muir's.

    The Gardener's cottage-Have you tried finding any of those coveted linen pants on the internet? You might just get lucky!

    Angie@Echoes of Laughter- I know what you mean about the's hit and miss, that's why I examine every seam in the change room with my glasses on! LOL.
    BTW I'm 5'1"...and it is a challenge finding pants that fit...last year I got an amazing pair of lined wool trousers from Precis the Bay in their more exclusive area where Windsmoor is well as Jaques Vert etc.

  10. Glad to know Alfred Sung is still around! I have one remaining piece of his, from my Ottawa days: a wonderfully knobby tweed pencil skirt. There was a matching blazer, but it didn't make it out of the 80s.

  11. I luv it, very stylish..