Friday, August 13, 2010

Berry, grape and Coco...maybe.

Berry tinted lip gloss from AVEDA
My new summer shade
it's full of moisture
from the sun with SPF
and easy to apply
small enough to pop in a pocket
mine goes into my cargo pant leg pocket and I reapply whenever I feel the need
soft smooth lips are mine

My newest read...
I love the luscious looking grapes

This story is about a couple who take up residence in the South of France in an old stone house
my idea of romance and fun!

The lovely Julianne Moore
such a beauty, poised, elegant and sultry.

Lighter reading and some ideas for Fall
it's windy and hot here
I am keeping hydrated with water
hard to concentrate on the Fall Fashion forecast!

Fabulous issue full of inspiration and charming decor
Run out and get a copy if you like the Country look.
This is a keeper!

My new journal
for jotting down notes and observations
Authors who visit our school Library 
recommend this as a valuable tool for writers and budding authors everywhere.

I am hoping to see this movie soon...

What are you doing with your weekend?
Wishing you fun from here.
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. Looks like you are all set for a relaxing weekend!

  2. Saw a gorgeous Chris Craft cruising out of our harbour this a.m. and thought of you -- enjoy your holiday! September will soon be here . . .

  3. meant to say a gorgeous vintage Chris Craft . . .

  4. hi leslie,

    we are leaving today for our week at the beach. love aveda berry tint. it's so creamy/moisturinzing and the color is perfect for summer. i've got those magazines packed and my journal. i did not care for that movie. but i hope you do!


  5. Suburban princess-It will be difficult leaving here...but duty calls!

    materfamilias-There are quite a few lovely CC still out there cruising must see lots of great boats from your waterfront home.

    Gardener's cottage-I hope to hear from you about the Beach holiday soon! Have fun!

  6. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing weekend to me Hostess... You've got it all!
    I am still thinking Scotland...and resting:)

    jeanne xx

  7. what kind of a journal is this?it looks like a moleskine but i love this colour..