Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too Much Cleavage? What do you think?

My new Mee Too ballet flats are sooo comfy...but they do reveal a bit of toe cleavage...
is it too much?
What do you think?
I welcome your comments

Here they are with my cargo pants
I have been wearing these pants quite a bit lately
they are perfect active wear
as they have little pockets and compartments
for cell phones, keys, lip gloss and whatever else you might need to take leaving your hands free to carry your water bottle.

a close up
I am pointing my toes as one does in ballet.

I took ballet as a young bride but never quite got the hang of it.
Those were the days when Mr. HB had a Fiat Sport Spider
and I drove across town to attend classes
 I needed to sit on top of a few pillows to drive it!
(Those Italian men must be very tall!)
I am very short at 5 foot 1 inch...
thank goodness my Volvo has adjustable seats
can you imagine my shame if I had to sit on a booster seat
at my age!

I do not usually do toe cleavage
do you?

The chest/breast cleavage is something
completely different
what's your feeling on that?

Personally I find it appropriate
in evenings
when dining by candlelight
or sipping a cocktail

Mother and I were out for lunch a few weeks ago and a woman in front of us had on the most shocking outfit.
(Who I might add, was accompanied by a refined elderly lady who was appropriately attired)

She was wearing teensy short shorts
(She did have great legs)
and a skimpy halter top which exposed most of her ample enhanced bosoms
cute Gladiator sandals
(I love shoes)
and a shock of bleached "within and inch of her life" hair
we couldn't help but notice
 as did all the other tea taking crowd
and the sound of whispers
and giggles
The beaudacious blonde was smiling and took delight in all the attention!
Any thoughts?


  1. I think a little toe cleavage is perfectly acceptable with summer and casual shoes/ensembles. It's kind of the nature of most ballet flats.

  2. Dear Hostess, The cut of a ballerina flat shoe is, for me, the defining factor in whether it is stylish or plainly ordinary. A little toe cleavage is a must as is a low cut side. I am a devotee of French Sole ballerina flats, especially patent leather ones with tiny bows.

  3. I agree, a little toe cleavage is a good thing. A wee bit. And in light of people who dress as you describe, the power to shock has long since departed.

  4. I too like some toe cleavage and the low cut side too. So cute!" People watching" is sometimes interesting. Actually if I have time, I redress and reshape these people- in my mind- to make them more pleasing to look at. I know that this sounds totally stupid; it is just a way to spend your extra time, when waiting for a bus, or caught in a traffic jam.

  5. I don't do any cleavage above the ankles. lol. I also don't do ballet flats in public; my legs are way too short for that look.
    I do wear flip flops, but try to avoid catching sight of myself in mirrors or glass doors.
    I'm glad I live in the 'Great White North' because I love boots, and pumps.

  6. Yes, I agree that toe cleavage in the summer is perfectly fine and dandy and rather fun too! Love the story about the bleached blonde taking tea!! Semi-Expat x

  7. Thank you all for the comments on toe cleavage...I was a wee bit concerned that this might be a fashion faux pas.

    Duchess of H-I am short too and wear flats for comfort...I am sure that you do not need to avoid mirrors...you are being much too hard on yourself.

  8. Cute shoes Hostess, you have lovely neat feet and the toe cleavage is nice on you! I am always sort of shocked and intrigued when I see chestal cleavage, as I have fried egg non-existent bosoms and forget that other women in fact have bosoms! xx

  9. Blighty-You are most kind! Genetics has played a huge role in my body type...I am built exactly like my grandmother who was short, curvy with an ample bosom...think of The Queen and you'll get the picture!
    (no offence intended HRH if you are reading my blog)