Monday, August 2, 2010

Partners in grime...saving $$

Meet the big guns
partners in grime...
they work for me
I employ them 24/7
and they perform
so well
that I am sharing them with you

Lovely scent
tough on grime and skin friendly
my gardening hands 
are a testiment to their tender ways

saves money
it's dispenses foamy soap
you mix 1/3 liquid soap 
then add 2/3 water
and voila!

I am saving money for pearls... :)


  1. Where did you find the "foam" dispenser???

    I LOVE it that you're saving for pearls!

  2. But what exactly is the mixture apart from soap amd water Hostess?! Have you added what looks like Olive Oil too or are my eyes deceiving me? All for saving up for pearls - or even for fearls' as FF would say! x

  3. I do this with VIM...I have a spray bottle I fill with water and add some straight VIM...mix it up and clean the kitchen!

  4. Good for you! It is the small choices which matter. I try to remember to ask for free examples, when I buy my face cremes. Sometimes they come for real, acute need.

  5. Great tip! Thanks for sharing, Hostess :-)

    I am a big fan of bicarb soda and vinegar to clean the bathroom.

    No fancy smell but to toxic fumes either. Plus, the bicarb really does keep things 'fresh smelling'.

    SSG xxx

  6. Dear Hostess,
    thank you for the tipp! My book "HomeBasics" (introducing young men to housework - often a present from their mothers or their girl friends;-) will in October go into the 3rd edition in Germany - I'm proud of that (and Random House is thinking about a translation into English).
    I got my first (double) string of beautiful pearls this way: every month my husband (we were both students then) gave me a pearl from a string the jeweler had reserved for him - as a celebration for the day we met - cute!

  7. Rebecca- I found it at a local kitchen shop...apparently they are very popular.

    Faux Fuchsia- I heartily agree! It's going to take me awhile as I have my eyes on some very large ones which have me salivating!

    Semi Expat-The soap has olive oil in the mixture already...All I do is mix the liquid soap and water.

    Britta-You are lucky to have so many pearls! Congratulations on the 3rd edition!