Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've seen fire and I've seen rain....

I've seen fire and I've seen rain... 
Sweet Baby James (Taylor)

The sunsets here have been crimson red, 
full of the fire particles
 There are over 400 forest fires burning in our province.
We have not had rain in many weeks....
until now
I hope that this will extinguish some of them.

It's pouring rain and a great time to cocoon
cook some chowder
and relax..
I have devoured Jen Lancaster's book...

I discovered at the end of the book that she is a blogger!

Mr. HB and I watched Up in the Air
It was not what I was expecting but I enjoyed it just the same
I was hoping for a happy ending...
George Clooney is handsome and is such a natural on screen 
the camera loves him.

Garden roses and Lady's Mantle my favourite combo.

In the torrential downpour and gloom of grey
 I have
self evaluations

 all have made their appearance in my dreams
both awake and asleep
I feel very quiet
as I listen to the raindrops

Flowers in any form sustain me
they enrich my every day life
jewels of the garden
they look even brighter in the gloom of grey.

What would you be found doing on a day full of rain?


  1. Bush fires terrify me. Their intensity and destruction.

    I hope there was no loss of life.

    With regard to the rain, I love staying in and reading. These days it's also blogging.

    Have a lovely day.

    SSG xxx

  2. hmmm, curling up with george clooney would be a nice rainy day activity. don't you think?

    i actually loved the end. i know it's weird but i don't love happy endings.


  3. It is blowing smoke from Moscow towards eastern and southern Finland. They are having massive terrain fires there. The amounts of smoke we get, are very small, but the news warned not to do heavy training and work outside. Thunderstorms are all over the country. We have yet not experienced those, but wow, it is hot, +33°C. I have stayed inside today, too hot to be outside. We have water in the small pool for the dogs to cool themselves. Rainy day? I´d probably surf in the net or do some polishing of silver or copper. Nothing dramatic ; ).

  4. I just read Bitter too - I laughed out loud so many time! She had 4 more books!

  5. SSG- Fires are truly terrifying as they are so unpredictable and fierce forces that destroy everything in their path....reading and blogging on rainy days seem without guilt!

    Janet- I am a sappy romantic so I always want a happy are much more of a realist.

    metscan-Polishing silver! Please inspire me, my family silver is in dire need of some mother would be most ashamed if she saw it right now...I need to get it done before next Thanksgiving when I bring it out for dinner!

    Suburban princess-I never knew that she had written 4 books! She's been very busy! I'll look for the others...thanks.

  6. Oh! A rainy day for me is definitely a day in my pyjamas and reading a book..if I can get away with that!
    I am hoping that the forest fires in BC are under control soon. I feel for the people of BC who are experiencing stress and worry.
    You have intrigued me to read Bitters.
    And I felt so unsatisfied with the ending of 'Up in the Air'.

  7. Angie@Echoes of Laughter-A PJ day reading is such a luxury! The rain almost gives us permission to relax and enjoy!
    There is rain again today so it will help with the fires that are still burning.

  8. I second metscan, for polishing silver! I use 'Hagerty Silver Foam' and it's as easy as washing dishes. I use it for large pieces, my sterling vermeil; or if I just need to polish something quickly.
    I put my sterling, and silver plate flatware in the dishwasher. It comes out just fine; really, and I've been doing it for years with no issues.
    I use powdered Cascade only.