Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home....

After 2 weeks on the Boat we have cruised home to the Humble Bungalow.
I still have my sea legs...the feeling that I am still bobbing and swaying on the water!

Walking in the front door I felt like I'd been away for much longer than 2 weeks.
I felt happy to be reacquainted with my household and all my bits and bobs.
I threw open the doors and windows wide as the air was stuffy and stale...the weather is hot!
I have unpacked the totes and stowed them for the next trip.

A mountain of dirty laundry has covered the floor and I am sorting, washing and looks like about 6 loads. I did spend several hours in one of those marina laundromats last week but I've taken off the bedding and all the towels which make up the bulk of the pile.

I had a walkabout in the Garden to familiarize myself with what is blooming and to check on the weeds...they have grown and spread...I'll be out there tomorrow to start to sort them out.
Climbing Royal Sunset
glorious and fragrant

These blooms are full blown and I'll be dead heading them soon

Sweet Peas
I picked a posy full and popped them in water to sweeten the air inside the Bungalow

If memory serves, this is Rosa Pink Fairy



I grow these for fillers in my flower arrangements
they last well into the fall outside
and can be dried inside for months.

I harvested some veggies for dinner
It's a scorcher here today
too hot to sit in the sun
Swiss chard, lettuce, new potatoes and green onions
all scrubbed and ready
I am going to pour myself a cold lemonade
and go and sit for awhile before I prep the dinner.

It's good to be Home
going away is divine 
when I return
I am delighted to be back.


  1. And what a wonderful garden to come home to..! Just beautiful.

    (And thanks for your kind words today - I appreciate them more than you can imagine.)


  2. Suburban Princess-Great to be back.

    Vintage Simple-Maria, you have the power...go with it!

  3. Your garden is DIVINE!!!! Jealous!xx

  4. Oh my, there is so much going on in your garden! Good to be back home. I know : )

  5. Your Royal Sunset is doing so well -- mine's tired out now, and, unfortunately, the deadheading that needs to be done is far beyond my reach. The silly thing needs some serious pruning, and a far more comfortable-on-a-ladder pruner than I am!

  6. Your garden looks amazing! Welcome home, say the flowers.

  7. Faux Fuchsia-It is summertime and the garden is a few months it will look like the dog's breakfast!

    metscan-The garden is overfull, I may be scaling it back a bit...lots of work needed to keep on top of it all.

    materfamilias-I have a few roses that are tall too and I never can get to the top of them so they just do their own thing!

    Deja Pseu-Your yard has really transformed...hope that you are enjoying it.

  8. I wanted thank you for visiting/commenting/following my blog. I am so glad I stopped by... your blog is lovely and you are a librarian! As a lover of books, I truly appreciate librarians. Looking forward to visiting often!

  9. Morisot-I love your Blog! I want to know more about you and your Inner French Girl. Thank you for stopping by and come back anytime!

  10. Leslie, I always love seeing pictures of your garden. You have such a green thumb! I keep meaning to tell you that we also have a Chris Craft. It's a Corsair (sp?)

    We used to have a 55' (Prime Time) Fleming that we kept in Stewart FL, at the Francis Langford Marina. That was a beautiful boat, and I would love to see the new 75' model.

    We haven't been out on our boat (Eau Donna) at all this summer.

  11. Blighty-Thank you, we have no deer in our yard, yet...
    I saw your munched Hosta...
    the deer obviously have good taste and know where to find a free meal.
    The deer are taking over our community...great gardens and few cougars!