Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blue skies and sunshine today....

The sun is shining down upon us and drying up the remnants of the rain.
The lawns and flowers have soaked their roots and seem very content
the blooms have not faded
they are smiling up at the sun.

I have picked up a new book from my summer read pile
 I am amused by the first few chapters
Sophie Kinsella is taking me away
with her words.

I've toyed with the idea of writing a book 
I was in the enriched English class at High School
I wrote poetry and was published in the School yearbook
My teachers encouraged me
and I blossomed
it has been years
and the niggling thought still has itself firmly lodged in the back of my mind.

Blogger, Jen Lancaster's book "Bitter is the New Black" has awakened that urge
...maybe I'll enroll in a creative writing class at college this fall?
I have been enjoying simple days
unfettered by bustle and demands
eating when hungry
sleeping when weary
keeping the small space tidy
Simple decor
from beaches near and far
combing the shores for their bounty
searching for treasure in any form

The laze of summer
days of rest
the time to think
and free
to savour the bounty 
of nature

Where do you find the peace and serenity to restore and rejuvenate?
Is it the Yoga studio, a cottage, a garden?


  1. I LOVED 20s Girl! Your dianthus is pretty special to.

    I put your Pho Fuchsia snap in my sidebar whatsy xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. sorry I meant to type "too" not to -oops.

  3. Absolutely take a creative writing class. It would be really fun.

  4. I just noticed your pram! How fun is that?
    You've inspired me to do some summer reading!
    My place to rejuvenate is actually at home...either in my favorite reading chair or my bedroom...I just need a quiet hour to myself and that does the trick!

  5. hi leslie,

    even if you never write a book, you always have us to entertain with your charm. love your writing.


  6. I would love to take a creative writing class!! I have dabbled and not really finished any of my writings!

    A New Giveaway is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  7. Faux Fuchsia-Left a comment...fun to see it highlighted!
    Halfway through the book...want to keep reading!

    LPC- I bought a blank journal...authors who visit our library write everyday tidbits so they remember.....a course might just be what I need to get me back on track.

    Angie- I am happy to hear that I have inspired you to read...that is what we librarians do...!

    Janet-Bless you!

    Karena-Champagne is divine....lucky you!

  8. "...simple days uncluttered" I almost FELT it just reading about it. Good for you. And talented you are in conveying the mood. Keep writing, indeed. And if the muse is calling, follow!

  9. Oh please write a book! I'm sure you could write circles around Sophie Kinsella (really, would it be difficult? Did I write that out loud?). It looks as though you are having an enviable summer. You should write about it (wait, you are!).

  10. Leslie, you should definitely take the writing course, and why not write a book?
    I have been toying with a children's book for fifteen years, and have never found the time to complete it.

    An author friend of mine is staying with me for a few weeks. and I'm hoping he'll give me some inspiration. He wrote a book about his experiences buying and selling Hermes items.