Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spa-cation Hostess Style...

I spent a well earned day at the Spa soaking in the Mineral Pool and soothing my garden weary muscles...
several 4 hour days of intense gardening had my body complaining.
I dream of a strong gardener they way some may desire a lover......

My toes touchdown on the infloor heated tile.

Peru B Ruby by OPI
(my summer go-to shade)

The SPA 
has water, teas, snacks, Bento boxed lunches,
 steam room, sauna, mineral pool, hot tub, pool,
plush terry robes, showers, and an assortment of comforts to meet every need.
I go there because I get the best treatment 
 it's not cheap
it's a luxe treat
I make it part of my routine
and I save in other areas 
to make this happen.

It's a great tonic !

I am planning some major changes in the garden and have committed them to paper
I have discussed these with Mr. HB and he says he will help me!
It involves sod, moving some established Agapanthus Alba plants, digging up 2 roses that I will be putting on the boulevard for FREE!
I want a chartreuse and white border in one area...
Lady's Mantle, White Agapanthus

I need a larger green space
for croquet and play
I chopped up too much for bedding...
what was I thinking?

I am loving my Limelight Hydrangeas
they are greedy with water 
I adore their hue
I bought 3 last year and they are divine in their grouping
nudging each other.

The Lilac Asters are a mess
but they are abuzz with honey bees
so I am keeping them until they wilt
there is a problem with bees and many hives have collapsed
(such a concern)
so I am being GREEN
keeping the bees happy
here in the Garden.
I'll dig them out in the Fall
no matter what season
or the weather conditions
there's a job to be done
if you have the pleasure of owning a garden.
(it's a life of work)
LOVE is more like it!


  1. Spa-Cation!

    I love that!

    Looks like it was fabulous. Good on you for treating yourself.

    SSG xxx

  2. I'm a huge fan of both spas AND gardens:).

  3. hi leslie,

    i really love that black and white floor. oh, yeah, that's my floor!

    i'm so glad you were able to take a day and rest/relax your weary muscles.

    what does a day at your spa run? curious b/c as you know i work in one. is this an aveda spa? if this is too rude, don't answer.


  4. Dear Hostess, How misleading the start of your posting for I was quite convinced that here was to be an account of simple, pure, unadulterated luxury - a day at the Spa - with a few idle thoughts attached. But not so. This was, and is, the reward for clearly several days of hard, physical work in the garden [dear Hostess, I do implore you, get a J] and some very serious and weighty thought to replanning certain areas, or large parts, of the garden. Wonderful. The chartreuse and white scheme will be lovely, maybe shot through with the teeniest bit of violet for that added wow factor. I do look forward to hearing more.

  5. I love your garden - and that you take such delight in it... And good for you for treating yourself to some pampering.


  6. you are so lucky to live in a climate so hospitable to gardeners. Here it is hot! hot! hot now - with very little blooming. I look forward to seeing the new plans for your garden even tho they will probably send me into unbelievable envy.(-:

    If you get a chance check out my recent post: The Garden in Yellow.

  7. SSG-Spa-cation is a holiday just for me!

    LPC-The post of your guest room has made me want to see more of your garden!

    The Gardener's Cottage-The Spa is not Aveda, it is in a large world class Hotel. Pedicures start at $79 but I get the deluxe which is $89.
    Facials are $145 and up, and a combination package can run $400 and up.
    I hope this helps Janet!

    Edith Hope I would very much love to have a "J" on my staff! I could certainly use the muscle...and I could spend more time planning the garden.
    I have erred in removal of most of the lawn and now I see that I need some play areas ( for grandbaby Isla when she visits!) and family games. I am taking steps to remedy this situation, but with just me and no J it is going to take longer!
    I hope that you will show us some of your garden on your blog which BTW, I truly LOVE!

    Vintage Simple-I do love the garden, and also pampering from time to time is good for my soul!

    La Vie Quotidienne- Lovely to have you visit!
    The recent post on your Yellow flowers is so cheerful.

  8. Infloor heated tiles. How exotic!

  9. As you have been so busy in your garden, on the boat, hostessing and all, I´m happy that you had a spa day. At one time I had a pedicure done monthly. It felt so good. Then I switched to weekly massages. It also felt more than good. I ended both of these treats quite suddenly. Probably, because I felt that us chatting during the treats, was useless. I wished for more privacy.

  10. Anne Marie-I know! They feel so great underfoot!

    Metscan-Massage is divine... I agree it should be a quiet experience.
    Maybe you could ask around and find a quieter masseuse?

    My summer has been a busy time and things will be much slower when I get back to school and the duties in the Library!

  11. leslie. i'd like to work there on commission!