Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The MOD POD...apartment of lovely daughter...Post #250

I cannot believe that I have arrived at my 250th post...in honour of this I am showcasing The Mod Pod.

Lovely daughter J lives in a 1940's apartment which she has decorated with mid century modern furniture and collectibles.
She has been collecting since she was a young girl and her art history background has given her a solid knowledge base and over the years has developed a keen and discerning eye.

Her furniture is made up of vintage Danish made teak pieces that she has bought before it was trendy.

Signed art glass and ceramics are from the 60's and 70's and were made in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Rosenthal white porcelain
and Timo Sarpaneva candle holders

Timo Sarpaneva candle holders come in many sizes
when I see these I buy them and tuck them away until a birthday or Christmas.

Kaiser and Thomas vases

I enjoy perusing her collectibles
I found the Kaj Bojesen monkey!

I find these arty metal sculptures a bit far "out there"
but they are enormously popular
proving that I know little about what's "hot" these days!

I have a few pieces of Austrian bronze figures by Baller and Walter Bosse
I find this pair very endearing
I would have purchased these for my own collection.

Tapio Wirkkala Pollo vase

A quick peek inside the apartment
a Modernist 
Mod Pod
courtesy of lovely daughter J

Thanks a bunch for sharing!
Hugs and love you lots!

 a classic touch of greenery
one can never go wrong with the best blooming orchid
these last for months
and cost just a wee bit more than a large bouquet of flowers from the shops.

Thank you for following along on my blog journey
I plan to be here for awhile
when I got started I had no inkling that this would become such a big part of my life!


  1. Quite an impressive collection of design over at your daughter´s! And all so well from the same era. I was actually surprised to see some Finnish design too.How long has she been collecting design pieces? Please pass my congratulations for her!

  2. She does have a good eye, and has collected some really great pieces! Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Dear Hostess, Congratulations on 250 postings. I sometimes wonder whether I will reach 50 myself.

    How generous of your daughter to invite us to tour her most interesting and beautifully presented apartment. She has done so well to be able to maintain the integrity of the period whilst adding small personal touches of the 21st century. Lovely!

  4. Wow, your daughter has the most amazing style. Her home looks so modern and chic. Some places you see with mid-century furniture, well, you expect a man with a pipe and thick black glasses to walk in the door, in 50s clothing. Not so here.

    She obviously got all this from you. I'm impressed that she started collecting when so young - not only from all the bargains she would have snagged, but having such a sure and unwavering sense of her own style. Bravo! Loved this tour.

  5. This was a really interesting post. Your daughter has a fine-tuned sense of style and it shows in her apt.

  6. So does this make you a Mod-Mom?;-) I love that clock. Your daughter had great style. She must get it from you.

  7. Metscan-She has been collecting since she was about 13 years of age!
    I apologize for not mentioning the Finnish items, I am happy that you recognized those.

    Deja Pseu-I felt like sharing her place, I am a fan of Mad Men and I feel she could decorate their sets!

    Edith Hope- I certainly hope that you keep posting, your writing is superb.

    Fiona-She has found many bargains and we stored them here for years before she even considered a place of her own!

    Rebecca-She commented that I had missed a lot of her teak furniture so I may go back and recap!

    La Belette Rouge-I just might be Mod Mom...or mom of a Moderne Girl!

  8. I heart the Mod Pod! And I miss it so... Thrifting/antiquing with J and yourself is always so much fun! xx