Friday, August 6, 2010

Technical difficulties...

Apologies all round...

I have been having some technical difficulties here and am going to sidelined for a few days of sporadic reading and posting...I'll try to check in as often as I can.
I have several days worth of blog reading to catch up on.
In the meantime...enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wonderful photo. And BTW, I answered your question about sunglasses on Privilege:).

  2. So happy to see you here again!

  3. Dear Hostess, Oh, how I dread 'technical' difficulties and I do hope that it is nothing too serious and that you will be restored to posting normally before too long.

  4. Welcome back! Was wondering where you had gone. Peonies, or cabbage roses?

  5. LPC-I saw your post and thank you for the info!

    Suburban princess- I am having a rainy weekend...homemade chowder and reading books!

    Metscan- I've missed you!

    Edith Hope- It's a WIFI, and dead battery that has been plaguing the laptop...better now thank goodness as it is utterly trying.

    Staircase witch- It's Abraham Darby...a David Austin rose.