Monday, August 23, 2010

Contemplating contentment...

My kitchen windowsill

This is my view 
which is above my kitchen sink

My Shaw country sink 
the company has been making sinks since 1897
I spend hours here

I tend to ponder
when I am engaged in dishwashing
 or when washing and chopping vegetables
it's a form of meditation for me
a quiet respite 
a place of great comfort
my heart feels full in the kitchen

The Bungalow kitchen is really the hub
 of my home
(some say it's the hearth)

where do you feel most at home?


  1. Soooooo beautiful! No wonder you spend so many contented hours in front of THIS sink!

    You've motivated me to Perk Up MY sink & windowsill area.... Currently I feel most comfortable in a certain chair in the the corner of our living room...

  2. These are such lovely and serene photos. They deserve to be framed! What a nice space; no wonder it beckons you.

  3. Dear Hostess, I should be lying if I were to say that I have no idea what the kitchen looks like for that is not strictly true. What is true is that when in Budapest T, my cook/housekeeper, would be shocked if I put in an appearance. And I am not one to shock her. In London Mrs. N, the daily, rules the roost but I do have to foray in the fridge from time to time. However, had I your lovely window and wonderful deep sink, then I should be permanently at it - albeit sailing paper boats!!

  4. Your sink looks familiar. Unfortunately, I don´t have mine in front of the window. Sigh. White is a great choice against the dark wood. Maybe the dining room in our house is one of the rooms I like to spend time in. Fire in the stove, dogs sleeping on the warm rug. Our first floor offers a free view all over, regardless which room you happen to be in.

  5. hi leslie,

    i want to see more images of your kitchen. love that sink.

    i'm most comfortable in the bathtub but i can't stay in there all day.


    ps - i want to be edith

  6. Oh, your sink is TO DIE FOR.

  7. Agree with everyone re : the sink - its beautiful! Funnily enough I seem to do my pondering at the ironing board and then I think of something else that I haven't done and rush off! (more procrastinating I am afraid!) x

  8. I've been lurking for ages and thought I should become a follower.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  9. Rebecca- I just went over and visited all 7 of your blogs....wherever do you get that energy?

    Deja Pseu-I think when I chose the sink I knew it would be my workstation!

    Edith Hope-You must tell me more...I love your comments and I have a vision of your life which is enchanting and I imagine somewhat Edwardian in heritage, and quite possibly a lady of peeress.
    I imagine my grandbaby Isla splashing about in the sink full of bubbles one day soon when she visits!

    metscan-I can see your dogs curled up by the fire...such a fine life!

    The Gardener's Cottage- Water logged! Baths are lovely until they go cold...I did post photos of the entire kitchen way back in the early days of the blog...I'll see if I can find the date and email you.

    Julie-Welcome! I popped over to visit your blog.

    Semi Expat- Ironing is another of my procrastinating problems!

    Anne-Marie-Thanks for following, lurking sounds like such fun...I should like to be a "lurker" too!