Sunday, August 29, 2010

Retro fashions...recycled and reworn today.

Lovely daughter J recently purchased a vintage retro coat from a local shop and was very excited to show me.
I had a shorter version of this in mocha shade...just seeing this coat took me back.
Oh those memories of wearing that jacket...I thought that I was pretty "Cool"
I can almost hear the music playing...that would be the late sixties!

Fashion and styles repeat and are reborn,
appearing fresh and new to the younger generation when launched...
Until they hear from a mother or grandmother...
"I wore one (of those coats) when I was young"

You may have had one of these too!

A great coat
in fabulous condition
fun to wear
she looks great in it!


  1. Dear Hostess, I think that the point that you make here, that everything comes around, is so very true. Do the younger generation, one wonders, wish to be reminded that what is new to them is, to us, old hat - or, in this case, old coat? I am sure that J will have enormous pleasure wearing her new find. I do hope so.

  2. Luff the coat!!!! Your daughter is gorgeous and so is her hair x

  3. Uh huh! I had a coat with a similar collar once. (Back when people only had 1 or 2 for "dress" and one for "casual"...)

  4. I don´t remember my daughters having gone through a retro phase at all. They have not shopped at secondhand shops either. I am actually glad, that I have not seen the clothes of that era closely later on. In general the supply was very small. Over here, I think that it is only a very small minority, who wears original 60´s, 70´and 80´s. But, your daughter does have a fine coat!

  5. What a terrific find! It looks fabulous on her.

  6. Dear Hostess,
    it's so lovely to see fashions coming back! Although it's always a little bit altered. And that is fine, too. I bought a jackett a bit like that coat your lovely daughter wears in London, at the beginning of the 70's, Biba? - have it still in the attic. Maybe the fiancé of my son will wear it? Mostly I take pictures of my 'Vintage", but some things I keep.Would you have believed, that Plateau soles came back? Now broader shoulders. Then Peep toes. ;-) Fashion is fun.

  7. Oh yes.. I most certainly remember and that collar..I used to love wearing mine. I bet she has the same great experience!

    Great taste...mother and daughter!

    Jeanne :)

  8. Edith Hope- Your comment made me smile...I do not know if she wanted to hear that I had one too...we do have lots in common.

    Faux Fuchsia-Thank you for complimenting on her hair...she'll appreciate that! (She does read the blog)

    Rebecca-I think there is a movement afoot for minimalist wardrobing so it might be that we all will return to this idea very soon.

    metscan-My daughter could be considered creative and her university major was art history...she does embrace vintage and modernist furniture and accessories...old fine jewelry and I plan to post on her apartment very soon!

    Deja Pseu-I see many interesting vintage garments in tiny sizes, so she can often find something to fit her tiny frame.

    Britta-Fashion is doubt about that, it's a huge industry...lucky that you kept your coat...I wouldn't be at all surprised if your son's fiancee would wear it....remember GoGo Boots and Mary Quant?

    Jeanne-The collar is sumptuous...worn up it will keep the chill away!