Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bathing beauty...taking the waters.

Taking the waters...
a prescription for relaxation...
women over the centuries have enjoyed this ritual.
I think of Cleopatra luxuriating in her bath
possibly nibbling peeled grapes and being fanned.

Showers are quick and convenient...
they do the job
but if I am weary 
I prefer to indulge with a soak in the tub.

Showers are the considered to be the "greener" option
from a water conservation perspective
and we all need to be mindful of our natural resources
so I opt most days to shower.

Sunflower in the Humble Bungalow

I dream of soaking in the tub 
especially after a long stint of gardening.
It's a great way to unwind 
reclining and enjoying the warmth of the water
soothing weary muscles

My roses love epsom salts and so do I!

Pour a few cups under running water
in a tub
mix well 
soak and detoxify.

In the evening if I have had a particularly stressful day
I will indulge in a before bed bath
infused with a few drops of lavender oil
I lie back, breathe deeply and 
I find it calming and it prepares me for slumber.

Towels are a bathtime necessity
and I choose white

Ralph Lauren Towels of Egyptian cotton
for everyday and affordable
I bought these at 50% off the regular price
they work 
but I do not LOVE them.

Abyss Egyptian cotton towels
also for everyday use
 the luxe option
see how much thicker and fluffier they are
that is why they are so coveted 
and command such a high price!
I LOVE these!

In floor heating
keeps the cast iron tub water stay warmer longer!

If you have the option of installing heated floors I would encourage you to do it
our bathroom has no heat other than the flooring
so in the winter
it's definitely a must.

After "taking the waters"
I slather on an emollient cream after soaking 
and I feel rejuvenated.

Pure Shea butter 
is the richest cream
and I am happy to report it works wonders on my dry skin.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

I'll be found toiling in the garden 
getting my patch ready for Fall,
and you can bet I'll be soaking
away those sore muscles
in salts!


  1. I favour a bath as well, 'tho like you I generally make do with a shower. But for days when some solace is needed, some tubtime is the answer!
    btw, I lucked out a few years ago and picked up some Abyss towels at 50% off -- in exactly the colours I'd been looking for!

  2. Dear Hostess, A bath all of the time for me! But that is largely on account of the fact that I do not have a shower, if you discount a shower attachment for hair washing, in either London or Budapest. That possibly may not be strictly true as I have a flat in Budapest which is let out to holiday visitors and that, if I recall correctly, does not have a bath - only a shower.

    As for white towels!! Are they available in anything else?! If so, I should not wish to know, and clearly you do not either! All well and good!

    I do not, I am afraid, run to underfloor heating - clearly a Canadian indulgence - but it sounds to be an absolutely perfect luxury. And I shall immediately start to add Epsom Salts to my bath water. What fun!!

  3. This post is like a little mini spa in itself:).

  4. Hostess, your bathroom is beautiful! What colour are the walls? The colour is just the right contrast to all the white.

  5. hi leslie,

    love your bathroom. i see we share the same tile except i have dark gray grout. love the white towels. only white towels will do. and epsom salts for my muscles and roses. we are birds of a feather.


  6. This post is almost as relaxing as actually taking a bath. Love your white towels and heated floors must be wonderful.

    Does anyone have any special tips on keeping white towels looking fresh? I wash them separately and add a little napi-san which is a non-bleach whitener.

  7. Love the tile. And the tub (used to have one just like it).

    Towels last a long time, so I think a splurge is OK.

  8. As I have read your posts, I am convinced that you are a person, who is able to enjoy all the small pleasures life offers. That is a great skill. I congratulate you!

  9. materfamilias-Oh my Abyss towels never seem to be 50% off...where did you find yours?

    Edith Hope-If you get a chance, tell me what you think about the salt baths.

    LPC- I must be in a spa zone these days!

    Patricia-The walls are an arts and crafts shade of green...sorry but I cannot remember the name of the paint.

    The Gardener's cottage-We do have many things in common!

    Fiona- I wash my towels every few days and if they have a spot on them I scrub the spot with detergent before laundering and I do not use bleach...I do find that I need to replace mine every couple of years.

    Frugal scholar-I agree with you about the splurge!

    metscan-Thank you mette! I try to savour the little things...