Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend and white lace....

The skies are blue and the clouds look like white cotton balls...
it's a gorgeous day for a brisk walk around the seafront.

Weekends are so precious.
If you work hard all week you might agree!

Before I started on this weight loss journey I was exhausted and slept in late on Saturdays and Sundays
lazed around in my robe...often until almost noon!
One change that I have noticed since joining Weight Watchers is that I have oodles of energy.
(it might be all the fresh fruits and veggies I am eating)

Last week at my weigh in I was down another 3 pounds.
I am seriously excited about the program.
It really does work if you don't cheat!
I thought my weigh in might be like the previous week where I had a half pound down as I really had not eaten much different than I did the prior week...if anything I had eaten a bit more. Still within my points allowance but I needed a wee afternoon snack around 4 pm with my cup of tea most days.

So I am encouraged and feel motivated to keep going...

Do you love blue and white?
There is something so crisp and clean about that colour combination.
I never tire of it.

My brain needs exercise too!
The Harumi Ota porcelain bowl is one of three that I own
this one is the smallest...
A long rectangular serving tray is at the Gallery in Oak Bay 
I have thought about it for several weeks now
 perhaps my next non food treat.

I love this almond milk cream...
it smells lovely and hydrates even the driest skin.
I use it after shaving my legs and slather it on my feet before putting my walking socks on...
my feet get a little pampering while they do the walking.

Our clematis is putting on quite a show in the garden.
The bees love it.
With so many blooms I am tempted to pick one and float it in a silver bowl.
It might be just too tempting for the cats though...they play with and rearrange all my bouquets.

This week I treated myself to a non food reward for my 10 pound loss.

It's a wee bit of lace and white...
a pretty little top that I will enjoy wearing for the summer season.

sheer sleeves

looks a bit retro
reminiscent of the "London Look" when Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton were modeling.
You know what they say...
everything comes around again.

There is a pair of tan capris' hanging in my closet that I will pair with this top.
and the new sandals from last weekend will complete the look.

Next time I get my toes painted I think I'll choose a bronze or gold shade of polish 
and bring out some of my gold jewelery which has been in hiding for the winter.
Gold looks so much better when one has a bit of colour...
silver seems to go better with my pale winter skin.

Do you have different jewelry for winter and summer?
Do you opt for fun faux, vintage or ethnic, or classic designer pieces?
~ ~ ~

This sapphire and diamond deco ring has been getting some wear this week.
Vintage pieces are often a great value.
I think you get more bling for your buck.
It's such fun shopping in antique shops for different and unusual gems.
Often they have layaway.

If you are fortunate you may have an elderly friend or family member who has left you a treasure...
make sure that the stones are secure and have it appraised...
before you start wearing it
you might be surprised how valuable it is.

Have some fun this weekend
and don't forget to be kind to others.


  1. Congratulations!
    I find it very hard to lose weight,the minute I stop moving, bang, I put it on. I am a bit wary of trying WW. Is it hard to count the points? And I find when I do try to restrict my food, I become food obessed! recipes etc and what I am going to eat seem to play around in my mind non -stop. I hate it!

    1. It's taken me 5 years of trying to lose weigh on my own before I decided to"try" Weight Watchers.
      I have a little calculator which WW sells and I take it with me to the grocery store so I can make wise decisions on what to buy based on their point count. I also have an IPhone app but the two shops that I like to buy my groceries at are in cell phone dead zones!
      I am kind of in that food obsessed pattern myself and hope it will ease as I become more familiar with the plan.
      I have spent years not thinking about food and all I did was get I am giving this a chance.
      I do understand where you are coming from though....and I empathize.

  2. Hurrah for the three pounds!! I adore that ring and the top is just darling! You must share a pic with us when you wear it!
    Hope your weekend continues to be a lovely one!

    1. I will take a picture when I get the chance Lily...
      another gorgeous morning here with more blues skies and white puffy clouds!
      Take care and have a fun weekend.

  3. Great news! Ten pounds in 3 weeks is wonderful.Your new top is very pretty. It will be exquisite with tan capris.
    Blue and white is always so fresh and spring-like. I have shelf of blue pottery in my kitchen.

    1. Oh please show us that shelf in a future blog post!

  4. Congratulations Leslie on your weight loss! It´s already quite an achievement. Worth a treat on yourself.
    Next time - maybe your desired serving tray?!
    To hold the pounds down, what if you´d do a closet downshift?
    Get rid of all the loose tops, tanks and waterfalls you have, either by selling them, giving them to the needy or restoring them in some box in a far, far corner of your garage?
    Keep only the clothes you " fit in "?
    What if you ´d go on a shopping ban of clothes until you reach the goal you have set for yourself?
    Would this sound too cruel, I hope not?
    Now that you have a perfect laundry room, you are able to wash and dry your clothes in no time, so not much clothing is even needed.
    In the meanwhile treat yourself with other luxuries, like the tray, etc,..

    I have reorganized my jewelry - wheeling and dealing - so that I have only a few favorite pieces left, which are wearable 12 months a year.
    These days, I wear very little of it; maybe even less in the summer.
    I have not inherited anything worth saving, I don´t like vintage or anything fake. I don´t wish to own classics either.
    So what´s left? Something unique. Less is more.
    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Good morning mette,
      I will be going through my wardrobe and trying everything on to see what fits and is not baggy or billowy...a style that I have embraced to cover up the wobbly bits!
      It is a hope of mine that this exercise will pare my basics down to a minimum...all my clothes fit into a very small closet but they do look a wee bit crowded! We have no garage so things that do not fit and are not prospects for alterations will be donated to the Hospice Thrift Shop.
      A complete shopping ban until I lose all the weight might be impossible as I do not want to be seen around in ill fitting would make me feel ugly and I might give up!
      Having said that there are many really cute things that are reasonably priced or perhaps I could find second hand ones to bridge the gap until I reach my goal.
      Thank you for your feedback, I always love hearing from you.

  5. Having major white lace envy - do you mind telling me the brand of the top? I absolutely love it and yes, it's very British Carnaby Street in style. Your ring is gorgeous, I love art deco jewelry and it's clean, architectural lines.
    And of course, big congratulations on your weight loss. Wow - 10 lbs. is so great, and you must feel so happy and motivated.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      We used to have a shop in town called Carnaby Street...I bought a white floppy brimmed felt hat there in the early 1970's! Very cool at the time and now I wish that I had kept it!
      This lace top is a brand that I am not familiar with "Solitaire"...I bought it a Winners which is like the US shop Marshalls. It reminded me of the Michael Kors one I had seen in Seattle but at a fraction of the price.
      Art Deco has a certain elegance, jewelry from that era really speaks to me.
      How is your daughter feeling these days? She must be close to her due date...please let me know when Pearl arrives.

    2. Turns out Ravi Khosla has his clothing company Solitaire in LA!
      Just googled it for you Kathy...hope that helps.

    3. Thanks, I'll google in now. My daughter is a few days short of her due date, so any minute. I'm on pins and needles!!!!

  6. I like that top, hostess, very pretty! Glad to hear you're doing well with the WW. I can't believe how much fruit I can eat and still lose weight. Also glad to hear your energy levels are up; I had the same experience.

    1. I know that fruit equals zero points is quite a surprise for me too...
      I had a few slices of fresh pineapple yesterday...and see that you are growing one in your garden. I don't think it is warm enough here to expect a crop but I am eager to hear how you enjoy that harvest!

  7. Three pounds ~ great! I know so many people that swear by the point system at Weight Watchers, it really seems to work. I think you are doing wonderfully and I love your new top.

    1. Your garden is looking wonderful...and when you mentioned that you buy your mulch and compost by the scoop I was perplexed thinking it was by a small scoop! I have never heard that term when used to describe bulk. We would say "yards" when measuring mulch and compost!

  8. Well done,you need to wear your pants pronto! once you start dropping sizes you will need new items,what fun that will be!

  9. So far everything fits but my clothes are looser through the middle...
    I have not noticed any significant change is size yet as the weight seems to be coming off trough my midrift first and the walking has firmed up my legs and is now affecting my "rear end!"

  10. WW absolutely works; weight loss is not a linear, predictable experience. Good for you, that's great progress! What a charming ring!

  11. Congratulations on all your hard work! Yes, to me it is WORK, but very worthwhile in the end... No pun intended! The white lace is lovely... Enjoy. Nothing prettier than blue and white. Hope you have a pleasant week!

  12. So many pretty things! And congratulations are in order. I am glad that you're moving forward like this. I hope WW really encourages and supports you.