Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple scarf ~ Stuffed eggs ~ and an Orchid

This post is not an upbeat one so you may want to click away...

It's been one of those weeks...
without getting into too much detail
work has been very tedious
so much so that it has reaffirmed my decision to retire!

On a cold grey and rainy day this week I wore all black...
RW and Co. black leggings (in their 3rd year and they still look great)
a Gilmour tunic top that swamps me a bit
and my Echo summer weight scarf.

~ So simple ~

take a rectangular long scarf
wrap it around your neck with the ends at the back
bring them around to the front and loop them loosely over the front of the scarf
one side gets looped a second time so the ends are at different lengths.
How easy is that?

I loosen it so that it sits lower rather than higher
in the summer when it is not chilly I do not like my neck to be warm.

I made my stuffed eggs with low fat mayonnaise.
(WW Point count friendly = savings of 2 points per tablespoon)
I use curry powder, pepper, a spoonful of green relish, a dash of worchestershire sauce 
 mix with the cooked yolks
stuff the eggs and top with chives or parsley.

The egg dish has a large center and I am always trying to figure out a way of making it look pretty.
This time I laid down a bed of greens and put some fresh radishes on top.
Appies in a flash and this one is a frugal favourite.

I felt drained when I left work today
I have a scratchy throat
and am feeling sick
and it was WW weigh in day...
I am down .8 of a pound
for a total of 12.2 pounds lost since I started....

I knew that tonight I was feeling weak and oh so vulnerable...
I needed to go grocery shopping
I remained strong and did not succumb to chips or chocolates
instead I bought this...

an orchid

So pretty...

I do hope that your work week has been better than mine...
and if you stayed here and read my sad sack post
I promise that I will rally and rise up again and deliver better chit chat soon!

~ ~ ~

"This Too Shall Pass."


  1. mine was a sadder than sad day at work today . corporate sent the word today my place of business to close . They cut from the top first and the little lambs to slaughter one by one came out of the office with their envelopes . Sadly for me I am a mere peon , my time will come. I am looking for the silver lining . Your posts are always lovely . Sorry your week hasn't been the best , only a couple more days for you. Donna xo

    1. Donna...
      that news is so difficult to digest.
      There is always strife in life...maybe not today or tomorrow but soon as you know so well...
      I wish for you that you find solace in the days to follow.

  2. I had no idea about your bad weather, as we have bathed in heat the past few days.
    Your sunny day will come, and then it´s me who mourns in the cold..
    You are not allergic to anything?

    Off topic. I have signed in with Bloglovin, all but one of the blogs I have on my current " list " are mentioned.
    However, I miss the Bloglovin tag, the one you have on the right side of your blog? Where to get on?
    What happens to the many followers? Do they just get erased away on Monday?
    I know that you have been reminding your readers to join Bloglovin, in order to write comments.
    Do the followers get a reminder from somewhere, or are we bloggers expected to do all the marketing?
    Waiting for your response, as time is running short..XX

  3. You need to add it to your side bar as a link...
    seriously mette google reader has served us well and they are done.
    If we do not transfer the blogs that we subscribe to they will be lost and our followers need to find us elsewhere. It is up to us to remind them...
    We do have blogspot addresses so they can find us if all else fails...

  4. I didn't think that was a down in the dumps post at all, you've kept your pecker up!
    I've neverhad a filled/stuffed egg before or even seen one, I'm too impatient when it comes to food, I just cram in what I can to assuage hunger.

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  6. I hate days or weeks like that Hostess, I sure know how you feel. Well done on the weight loss, it must feel awesome.

    Julie Q

  7. Oh I know about a week like that. This past week for me has been about last-minute chores connected to the kids finishing school. It has been endless and hectic! I love that scarf, I always love a scarf with a lot of black in it! I wouldn't say no to a stuffed egg either! Hang in there, I hope next week is better for you. XO, Jill

  8. Hostess,you have lost weight so quickly since you started,maybe with the added stress of retiring your body is going through changes,so lots of TLC like the treating yourself to the orchid.
    Let others' look after you for a time.

    Just back from the Dr's as my hay fever is worse this year,my eyes are swollen + infected.....this has made me one irritable/bad temper bitch,hopefully the medication prescribed will work soon.

    1. I hope that the meds will help you feel better. I empathize with you...

  9. Her Leslie, only a little bit longer. Hang in there!
    I will have to try the grilled romaine.

  10. I'm sorry your day at work was tedious and glad you are retiring! When is the last day?

    Lovely orchid.

    1. Yesterday was my last day!
      The new chapter is about to begin!

  11. I do hope you are feeling better today. I love the orchid. Bonnie

  12. If that's your version of down in the dumps you are one of the most cheerful people I've ever met!!!!

    And besides, we all get to feel down sometimes. Not realistic to be chipper every day:). xoxox.

  13. Dear Hostess, You've lost over 12 lbs, think of it! 12 lbs! That's awesome!
    AND you have a gorgeous orchid, You should be so proud of yourself. Well done!

  14. Not a downer post at all! I thought it was quite cheery except for work being tedious..but even that has a silver lining knowing you're retiring soon.
    So impressed with your weight loss! You lost it and I found it :/

    1. Oh my!
      You've been working so hard at boot camp so maybe it's muscle weight.
      It's official now...I am a retiree!

  15. Congratulations on the weight loss!! That's terrific.
    Junuary is driving me into the dumps too. I've found my predominantly black wardrobe is a mistake here. Your post wasn't a downer. As usual, you found the positive to highlight. That's one of the things that makes your blog such a fun place to be.

  16. Seems I emailed you by mistake Hostess. Sorry - still getting used to all this. Hope your last days are better than this last bit. You look fantastic and well done with the orchid! I hope I can find you when the blog moves or whatever. Love a retro curried egg. Kindly, Tonkath

  17. I love the way you styled your scarf. I have to try a few of your moves as I always end up wearing my scarves the same couple of ways. Congrats on the 12 lbs.

  18. I understand about that feeling low. You might find hoisting 12 lbs (or even a 10 lb bag of sugar etc) quite cheering as you feel how much weight you have lost. And deviled eggs are such a pleasure, the taste and texture.

  19. The weight loss is fantastic Hostess and no doubt you are feeling better in that regard. Perhaps you are so close now to retirement with farewell dinners etc done and dusted and your body and mind are ready to finish up.
    Can I share my cheery news! I bought another H scarf. That's enough to put a smile on my face, perhaps you should treat yourself to a new one in honour of your retirement.

  20. You so deserved that orchid-- good for you! Perhaps it's your last "kiddie" germ at your retirement?

  21. Sorry you've had a hard week. Mine hasn't been great either but I'm concentrating on enjoying a very relaxing long weekend.

    Love your little orchid, do your cats bother them? I always hesitate to get one for fear it will be an expensive cat toy!

    1. My cats sniff the orchids but so far no damage has been done to any of them...Bouquets are their "toys" and they rarely last long which is rather sad because I love bringing my garden roses inside the Humble Bungalow.